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September 6, 2012 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order.
II. Pledge of Allegiance.
III. Roll Call.
IV. Additions to the Agenda.
V. Special Presentations.
V.A. First Day of School- Welcome Back!
VI. Public Comment on Agenda Items.
VII. Report from Superintendent.
VIII. Routine Matters.
VIII.A. Report from Committees
VIII.A.1. Policy Committee- Secretary Nicole Armbruster
VIII.A.2. Finance Committee- Treasurer Guillermo Lopez
VIII.A.2.a. Treasurer Report June 2012
Attachments: (1)
VIII.A.2.b. June 2012 Expenditures Report
Attachments: (1)
VIII.A.2.c. Treasurer Report July 2012
Attachments: (1)
VIII.A.2.d. July 2012 Expenditures Report
Attachments: (1)
VIII.A.3. Personnel Committee-Vice President Dr. Nino Rodriguez
VIII.B. Action Items
VIII.B.1. Professional Service Contracts and Bids. Recommended motion: "that the professional service contracts and/or bids be approved as presented in the enclosures."
VIII.B.1.a. Eastern Clinic
Attachments: (1)
VIII.B.1.b. Hill Swimming Pool
Attachments: (1)
VIII.B.2. Approval of Personnel Items. RECOMMENDED MOTION: "that the Board of Education approve the Personnel Items for June and July 2012, as attached"
Attachments: (2)
VIII.B.3. Approval of Receipt of of Treasurer's Report. RECOMMENDED MOTION: "that the Board of Education approve receipt of the Treasurer's Report."
VIII.B.4. Contract Approval
VIII.B.4.a. Recess for Closed Session to Discuss Salary and Benefit Packages.  RECOMMENDED MOTION: “that the Board of Education recess into closed session for the purpose of discussing salary and benefit packages for AFSCME FSCMD and AFSCME Drivers as outlined in the attached documents."
Attachments: (2)
VIII.B.4.b. Motion to Approve Salary and Benefits Package for the AFSCME FSCMD and AFSCME Drivers. RECOMMENDED MOTION "that the Board of Education accepts, approves, and ratifies the 1-year Salary and Benefits package for the AFSCME FSCMD and AFSCME Drivers as presented in the attachments."
VIII.B.5. Consent Docket – The items listed below may be approved with one motion but any of the items may be questioned at any time. RECOMMENDED MOTION: "that the items listed on the consent docket, be approved.”
VIII.B.5.a. Approval of Minutes
VIII.B.5.a.1. 8/9 ISS Meeting, 8/16 Regular Meeting and 8/23 Special Meeting.
Attachments: (3)
IX. Discussion Items.
IX.A. Conference Attendance by Board Members.
IX.B. Evaluation Instrument and Timeline of Superintendent. RECOMMENDED MOTION: "that the Board of Education approve the enclosed evaluation instrument and timeline for the Superintendent's initial performance review."
Attachments: (2)
X. Public Comment.
XI. Report from Secretary and Announcements.
Attachments: (1)
XI.A. Secretary Report Summary
Attachments: (1)
XII. Additional Comments from Superintendent and Staff.
XIII. Other Business Deemed Necessary.
XIV. Adjournment.

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