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August 13, 2022 at 10:00 AM - Board Retreat

1. Zoom Link -
2. Welcome: Corinne Potts
3. Ratify Licensed Contract [requires motion]
4. Review Board Self-Evaluation: John Buckley
5. Board Goals
6. Review of Key Language in Selected Policies: Paul Peterson, Corinne Potts, and John Buckley
6.A. ESD Goals: Paul Peterson
6.B. Public Comment at Board Meetings: Paul Peterson
6.C. Evaluation of Board Operational Procedures: Paul Peterson
6.D. Board Member Development: Corinne Potts
6.E. Board-Staff Communications: John Buckley
6.F. Administrative Regulations: Corinne Potts
6.G. Policy Development: Corinne Potts
6.H. Board Work Sessions: Corinne Potts
6.I. Executive Sessions: Corinne Potts
6.J. Board Meetings: Corinne Potts
6.K. Board-Superintendent Relationship: Corinne Potts
6.L. Board Officers: Corinne Potts
6.M. Board Member Ethics and Nepotism: John Buckley
6.N. Board Member Standards of Conduct: John Buckley
6.O. Individual Board Member's Authority and Responsibilities: Paul Peterson
6.P. Board Legal Status: Corinne Potts
6.Q. Board Powers and Duties: John Buckley
6.R. ESD Board Goals: Paul Peterson
7. South Coast ESD School Board Operating Protocol: Corinne Potts
7.A. Discussion: What is the work of the board? What does it mean to be an "active working board?"
8. Board Superintendent Operating Agreement: Paul Peterson and Corinne Potts
9. Committee Assignments: Paul Peterson and Corrine Potts
9.A. Policy
9.B. Labor Management
9.C. Negotiations
9.D. Other: Governance, Sustainability, Communication, Technology, and Maintenance
10. Other:
10.A. Attending Component District Board Meetings w/Paul Peterson
10.B. Program Highlights at Board Meetings: Paul Peterson
10.C. Customer Service Survey Results: Paul Peterson
10.D. CIP Plans: Paul Peterson
10.E. Meeting Minutes: Barb Buckley
11. Stakeholders Report: Paul Peterson
12. Announcements: Barb Buckley
12.A. August 24-25 - New Employee Orientation
12.B. August 26 - All Staff Day
12.C. October 26 - OSBA Fall Regional Meeting
12.D. November 9-10 - OAESD 2022 Fall Summit, Portland
12.E. November 11-13 - 76th Annual Convention, Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront
12.F. May 10-12 - 2023 OAESD Spring Conference, Sunriver Resort
13. Adjourn

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