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September 13, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. South Coast ESD Commitment to Equity
2. Zoom Link -
Meeting ID: 870 7239 2821
2.A. Zoom Etiquette: Paul Peterson
Public meeting laws, board meeting laws, and policies apply the same to anyone participating remotely.
  • Board members will use their camera feature.
  • All microphones will be muted unless speaking.
3. Call to Order: Corinne Potts
    Flag salute: John Buckley
4. Introductions: Corinne Potts
5. Public input: Barb Buckley
The SCESD board meeting is a meeting of the board. Staff or visitors not invited to speak by the board must sign up to provide public input.
  • Public input is on the agenda for the public to give input to the board.
  • Please limit your remarks to 3 minutes.
  • We ask that you direct your input to the board chair.
  • We ask that you refrain from using names or inferring names.
  • If your input is a complaint, please contact the superintendent directly.
  • The remainder of the meeting will be a business meeting held in public for your information.
  • The public comment opportunity is not a discussion, debate, or dialogue between the speaker and the Board. It is a citizen's opportunity to express opinions on issues of School Board business.
5.A. Jenifer Bestevenn - In regard to the licensed CBA, thank you to the ESD Board of Directors.
6. Adoption of Agenda [requires motion]
7. Consent Agenda: Corinne Potts
7.A. Personnel
7.A.1. Hires
7.A.1.a. Rachel Amos - Chief Operations Officer, Fiscal
7.A.1.b. Allison Hebert - Nurse, Regional
7.A.1.c. Kate Aly-Brady - Autism Consultant, Regional
7.A.1.d. Anna "Katie" Waldmann - Behavior Consultant, Adaptive Life Skills
7.A.1.e. Joseph Hertz - School Psychologist, Regional
7.A.1.f. Stacey Evoniuk - Grants & Data Integrated Guidance, Curriculum
7.A.1.g. Deborah DeRuig - Part-time Instructional Assistant, Adaptive Life Skills
7.A.1.h. Kathleen Fox - ALS Instructional Assistant
7.A.2. Resignation
7.A.2.a. Loretta Alcala - EI/ECSE Instructional Assistant
7.A.2.b. Dorothy Maron - ALS Instructional Assistant
7.A.2.c. Wendy Moreiko - ALS Instructional Assistant
7.B. Minutes
7.B.1. July 12, 2022 - Board Meeting Minutes
7.B.2. August 13, 2022 - Board Retreat Minutes
8. Approval of Consent Agenda [requires motion]
9. Action Items
9.A. 2022-2023 Substitute Teacher Pay Rate Memo [requires motion]
9.B. 22/23 Board Goals [requires motion]
9.C. Board Operating Protocol [requires motion]
9.D. Board Superintendent Operating Agreement [requires motion]
9.E. OSBA Board of Directors Nomination [requires motion]
I move that the South Coast ESD Board of Directors nominate _____________ for the OSBA Board of Director Position #9.
9.F. Declare Board Vacancy, Position 7, Zone At Large - term ending 6/30/2023 [requires motion]
Anyone expressing interest should complete the board member application located on the SCESD website 
Attachments: (2)
10. Reports
10.A. Superintendent’s Report: Paul Peterson
10.A.1. 22-23 Proposed Superintendent Goals - no action required
10.B. Fiscal Report: Denese Hale
10.C. Legislative Report: Fred Brick
10.D. EI/ECSE Department Update - Allyson McNeill
11. Announcements: Barb Buckley
11.A. September 14 - Teacher of the Year Celebration, 3:00 pm at Pacific High School
11.B. October 13 - COSA Off the Record Regional Meeting, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
11.C. October 26 - OSBA Fall Regional Meeting, South Coast ESD
11.D. November 10 - OAESD 2022 Fall Summit, Portland
11.E. November 11-13 - 76th Annual Convention, Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront
11.F. May 10-12-2023 OAESD Spring Conference, Sunriver Resort
12. Executive Session: Based on ORS 192.660(2)(d) to conduct deliberations with persons designated by the governing body to carry on labor negotiations.
13. Adjourn

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