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May 10, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. South Coast ESD Commitment to Equity
2. Zoom Link -
Meeting ID: 870 7239 2821
3. Zoom Etiquette
4. Call to Order - Corinne Potts
    Flag Salute - Bruce Levy
5. Open Budget Hearing
6. Public Input - Barb
7. Introductions
8. Adoption of Agenda
9. Consent Agenda
9.A. Minutes
9.A.1. April 8, 2022 Special Meeting Minutes
9.A.2. April 12, 2022 Regular Board Minutes
9.A.3. April 21, 2022 Special Meeting Minutes
9.A.4. April 22, 2022 Special Meeting Minutes
9.A.5. May 4, 2022 Budget Meeting Minutes
9.A.6. May 9, 2022 Special Meeting Minutes
9.B. Personnel
9.B.1. Hires
9.B.1.a. Kayla Pancheri - Nurse
9.B.1.b. Debrah Smith - Accounting Tech III, Business Office
9.B.1.c. Kalinda Ingram - Full-Time Instructional Assistant, ALS
9.B.1.d. Mariah McGill - Full-Time Instructional Assistant, ALS
9.B.1.e. Skye Michelle - Full-Time Instructional Assistant, EI/ECSE
9.B.1.f. Candice Moore - Occupational Therapist, Regional
9.B.1.g. John DeLaRosa - Physical Therapist, Regional
9.B.1.h. Hallie Layton - Speech-Language Pathology Assistant, Speech
9.B.1.i. Alexis Stickroth - Full-Time Instructional Assistant, ALS
9.B.1.j. Dylan Bearden - Full-Time Instructional Assistant, ALS
9.B.1.k. Lorri Glenn - Nurse
9.B.1.l. Christy Shauer - TOSA, EI/ECSE
9.B.1.m. Ginny Prickett - Perkins Grant Manager, Grants & Data
9.B.1.n. Angela Milburn, Part-time Parenting Hub Facilitator, Curry County
9.B.2. Resignation
9.B.2.a. Joan Oakey - Autism Specialist, Regional
9.B.2.b. Lori Lisonbee - Part-Time Instructional Assistant, EI/ECSE
9.B.2.c. Emily Sherwood - EI/ECSE Speech-Language Pathologist, Speech
9.B.2.d. Kristen Johnston - Teacher, ALS
9.B.2.e. Cori Stark - Teacher, EI/ECSE
9.B.2.f. Dan Sterling - Online Learning Platform,  Administrator
10. Approval of Consent Agenda - Corinne Potts
11. Action Items
11.A. Vote on Board Candidate, Position 7 - At Large - Corinne Potts
11.B. Vote on Budget Committee Candidate, Position 4, Zone 1A, Port Orford / Langlois - Corinne Potts
11.C. Superintendent Short Term Agreement
11.D. Resolution 21-025, Reverse Transfers Agency, Deferred - Jerod Nunn
11.E. Approve 2022-2023 SCESD Calendar - Brandie Monroe
11.F. Board Evaluations, Due 6/30/2022 (does not require vote) - Brandie Monroe
12. Reports
12.A. Superintendent’s Report - Charis McGaughy
12.B. Fiscal Report - Jerod Nunn
12.B.1. Google Domain Merge - Justin Noah
12.B.2. March 2022 Board Report
12.C. Legislative Report - Fred Brick
12.D. Committee Report
12.D.1. Communication Committee - Charis McGaughy, Fred Brick
13. Close Budget Hearing - Corinne Potts
14. Action Items - Resolution #21-026 - Jerod Nunn
14.A. 21-22 Proposed Supplemental Budget 
15. Announcements - Barb Buckley
15.A. Board Meeting Logistics 
15.B. June 14 - Regular Board Meeting
15.C. July 7 -10 - OSBA Summer Conference
15.D. August Board Retreat
16. Executive Session, based on ORS 192.660(2)(e) - To conduct deliberations with persons designated to carry on labor negotiations.
17. Adjourn

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