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December 9, 2019 at 8:30 AM - Leadership Team

1. CIP Goals for Leadership Team
1.      The Organization’s leaders (Sup, Admin, and Board) will develop and implement the
continuous improvement plan, program improvement plan and board improvement
a.      The management team and board will conduct a data dive to evaluate data.
b.      The management team will draft the CIP, present it to the board, the board will adjust/adopt.
c.       The administrators will develop/implement a program improvement plan.
d.      The board will develop a board improvement plan (BIP).
e.      All plans will be implemented and reported on by August 2020 Board Retreat.

2.      Implement a District-Wide professional development plan that addresses the long range
plan needs, district survey data responses and local and state plan needs (e.g. title III, professional development survey, SSA plan etc.)
a.      Develop a professional development plan that addresses the core district needs by
August 30, 2019.
b.      Identify three training days, conduct training and evaluate their effectiveness by June
30, 2020.
c.       Identify the required trainings for all new staff and develop a strategy to ensure that new
staff in future years receive the training.

ACTION – Brandie to expand lactation location list, clean up Curriculum room and add a lock and sign by 11/18.  Rooms cleaned up, sign in house, waiting for last 2 school locations, - complete by 12/19 meeting
ACTION – The team approved the lactation draft,
ACTION – Brandie to update policy title in the draft, have Admin and HR sign as well.  Brandie to email final draft by 10/25, put in employee handbook, forms library, etc.  Kathy to complete by 1/2020 meeting/after Board approval in December.
ACTION - Visions portal training to be completed by Brandie by 10/30.  Brandie to add Visions timeline and new process (emergency/regular hires) to New Hire checklist by 11/22.  She will provide a copy to Tenneal to work with the Business Office for their input. 
ACTION - October hires will be completed by 11/26. 
ACTION – HR brain – Brandie will complete a name change process white paper by 1/31.
ACTION - PlanMember trainings – the team discussed when to offer again. 
Kathy to reach out for dates near the Jan PD date by 10/25.  Kathy will schedule with them for the week of 1/27/20
ACTION – Tenneal and Dave to work on a subcommittee for a Remind app.implementation by 10/30/19.  Remind going to Communication committee 10/14.  Giving a presentation at the Committee Get Together this afternoon.
ACTION – Brandie to work with programs for staff to log to Visions and will work with Dave to send communication by 10/30. Due by 12/9 meeting.
ACTION – Allyson and Brandie will provide a white paper addressing the reason why 2 sets of fingerprints and will train at the 12/9 meeting.
ACTION – Kathy to provide licensed sub list to Allyson by 11/19.
ACTION – Kathy M to set up meeting with Allyson, Brandie and Dave to work on EI/ECSE fingerprinting issues.
ACTION - The mid-year checklist will be updated with new ways to make on boarding more beneficial. 
Kathy to find where the midyear checklist is posted, have it removed and place the updated form on the Forms Library by 1/17.
ACTION – All main program web pages to be completed by 11/1. 
ACTION - Kathy to send all pictures to Dave by 11/19.  The team discussed pages submitted but not upload yet.
ACTION – Tenneal/Kathy will work to move forms on Business Office to Forms Library by 11/26.
ACTION – Need for a working intercom in IA workroom.  Add to Maint/Op and Safety Committee agendas
for Nov.
ACTION – Kathy to work on paperless Leadership meetings moving forward.  The team will review how Safety Committee does with their first paperless meeting.  Due 1/2020.
ACTION – Tenneal to ask questions at next tech meeting about .org, email addresses, and to use google or scesd email addresses. 
ACTION – Brandie will send the updated request for staff/PSF form to Kathy to create fillable pdf.  ACTION – Brandie to send form to Kathy M to make fillable.
ACTION – Kathy to put in Sysaid to install Adobe on Brandie’s laptop.
ACTION – Brandie will post completed request for staff/PSF forms on the Forms Library by 11/18. 
Due by 1/2020.
ACTION – Tenneal to work with Dave to send in house staff message to use the board room kitchen for events only and to use the staff breakroom downstairs or program space.
ACTION – Cynthia will follow up with ODE on requirements/need for trainings or
just a form and bring back 12/9
ACTION – Cynthia will bring the checklist to the 12/9
ACTION – Kathy to set up a webex training with program secretaries by 12/6.
ACTION – Leadership discussed and Cynthia and Allyson will follow up with their staff how to report in/out of the building.
ACTION – Leadership to have lunch on 12/9 to exchange socks.
ACTION – The business office will provide staff insurance rates for budgeting.
ACTION – Kathleen and Allyson can work with Linda on budgets, all administrators are asked to use the cost estimator.
ACTION – Brandie to provide a list of staff steps and levels to the team by 12/1.
ACTION – Brandie will check in with the mentors to see how the program is going.
ACTION - Brandie to post the nurse and speech mentor position.
ACTION – Kathy will add “staff will follow any additional state/federal fingerprinting requirements” to the first paragraph of policy GCDA/GDDA and resend to the policy committee for input/approval.
ACTION – Kathy will have AR’s for review on 12/9.
ACTION – Allyson to share the list of attendees to verify staff have had ACES trainings. 
3. New Business
3.A. Tenneal
3.A.1. Evaluation update
3.A.2. Discussion of new program offerings
3.A.3. Budget discussion
3.A.4. Parent engagement plan (due by 2/6 for committee meeting)
3.A.5. Holiday sock exchange
3.A.6. Leave update
3.B. Kathy
WebEx training
Review request of wording to Accident/801 white paper from Secretaries meeting
Policy review
3.C. Brandie
3.C.1. Type 10 drivers
3.D. Dave
3.E. Kathleen
3.F. Cynthia
3.F.1. QPR training update
3.F.2. Type 10 driver
3.G. Allyson
- January 24th PD day - what sessions is who doing and who needs to be planning what?
4. Future
ACTION – Tenneal to provide notes for program presentations about required trainings for 2020 All Staff Day.
ACTION – Managers need to continue to maintain web pages.  CHECK MONTHLY
ACTION – Brandie to update self-assessment after 6/30.

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