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May 13, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Budget Meeting

1.1. Call to Order
Presenter:  Dr. Mychal Amos, Chair
1.2. Roll Call
Presenter:  Dr. Mychal Amos, Chair
1.3. Public Welcome
Presenter:  Dr. Mychal Amos, Chair
Description:  The Board welcomes you annual Budget Message meeting.  All public comment has been previously  submitted digitally 
1.4. Introductions of Budget Committee Members
Presenter:  Dr. Mychal Amos, Chair
Description:  Zone 1 - Carol Usher, term expires 6/30/23 and Brienne Humphrey, term expires 6/30/21
Zone 2 - Lori Theros, term expires 6/30/23 and Wendy Clark, term expires 6/30/22
Zone 3 - Mychal Amos, term expires 6/30/21 and Eric Rose, term expires 6/30/22
Zone 4 - Dawn Albright, term expires 6/30/23 and Kathy Hewitt, term expires 6/30/21
Zone 5 - Trina Perez, term expires 6/30/23 and Keith Endacott, term expires 6/30/20
Zone 6 - Michael Moore, term expires 6/30/21 and Justin Rodriguez, term expires 6/30/22
Zone 7 - Carlos Soriano, term expires 6/30/21 and Ben Vallejos, term expires 6/30/20
1.5. Election of Budget Committee Chair
Presenter:  Dr. Mychal Amos, Chair
1.6. Election of Budget Committee Secretary
Presenter:  Dr. Mychal Amos, Chair
1.7. Budget Officer Message
Presenter:  Dr. Paul Hillyer, Superintendent
1.8. Proposed Budget Presentation
Presenter:  Daymond Monteith, Director of Operations
1.9. Public Comment
Presenter:  Community Members
Description:  Public input is welcome and encouraged during the Public Comment segment of this meeting.  If you wish to address the Board, please complete the “Intent to Speak”form and submit it to the board secretary.  When you address the Board please follow the procedures for doing so which are outlined on the Intent to Speak form under "Procedures for Public Comments at Meetings."  Are there any members of the audience who submitted an Intent to Speak form or still wish to do so?
Presenter:  Budget Committee Chair
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