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October 9, 2019 at 7:00 PM - Board of Director's Meeting

A. General Session-Call to order/Roll call/Pledge of Allegiance   7:00 p.m.
B. Adoption of Agenda 7:01 p.m.
C. Board of Directors Reports  7:02 p.m.
D. Strategic Plan Pillar Reports  7:15p.m
D.1. Student Success Report-Scott Sullivan
D.2. Inclusive Culture Report-Jason Hobson
D.3. Communication and Community Report-Maggie Kelly
D.4. Building and Facilities Report-Mike Waer
D.5. Finance and Accountability Report-Nick Hogan
E. Superintendent's Report   8:05 p.m.
F. Reports/Presentations   
G. Discussion   8:15 p.m.
H. Hearing of Citizens (Action Items Only) 8:30 p.m.
I. ACTION ITEMS:  8:33 p.m
I.1. Consent Agenda
I.1.a. Approval of September 11, 2019 School Board Meeting Minutes
I.1.b. Approval of Personnel Actions as presented in "Staff Reports"
I.1.c. First Reading of OSBA Policies
I.1.c.1. AC Nondiscrimination
I.1.c.2. AC AR Discrimination Complaint Procedure
I.1.c.3. EFAA AR Reimbursable Meals and Milk Programs
I.1.c.4. GBDA Expression of Milk or Breast-Feed in the Workplace
I.1.c.5. GCDA/GDDA Criminal Records Check and Fingerprinting
I.1.c.6. GCDA/GDDA AR Criminal Records Check and Fingerprinting
I.1.c.7. IGAI Human Sexuality, AIDS/HIV, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Health Education
I.1.c.8. IGBBA Talented and Gifted Students
I.1.c.9. IGBBC Talented and Gifted
I.1.c.10. IICC Volunteers
I.1.c.11. IKF Graduation Requirements
I.1.c.12. JED Student Absences and Excuses
I.1.c.13. JFCF Hazing, Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying, Menacing, Cyberbullying, Teen Dating Violence or Domestic Violence
I.1.c.14. JFCJ Weapons in School
I.1.c.15. JGAB Use of Restraint or Seclusion
I.1.c.16. JGAB AR Use of Restraint or Seclusion
I.1.c.17. JHFDA Suspension of a Students Driving Privileges DELETE
I.1.c.18. JHFDA AR 1 Request for Suspended Driving Privileges DELETE
I.1.c.19. JHFDA AR2 Notice of Student Withdrawal from School DELETE
I.1.c.20. KL Public Complaints
I.1.c.21. KL AR Public Complaints Procedure
J. Hearing of Citizens (Non- Action Items)  
K. Adjournment 8:45 pm 
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