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May 4, 2021 at 5:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call Budget Committee To Order
Presenter:  Board Chair
1.A. Welcome and Introductions
Presenter:  Board Chair
Description:  Welcome and Introductions
1.B. Election of Officers
Presenter:  Board Chair
Description:  The Lane ESD Board Chair will call for nominations for Presiding Officer of the meeting. 
1.C. Presentation of Superintendent Budget Message
Presenter:  Superintendent Scurto
1.D. Review of Proposed Budget Document
Presenter:  Dave Standridge
Description:  Dave Standridge will review the 2021-22 proposed budget document
Attachments: (2)
1.E. Committee Discussion
Presenter:  Budget Committee
1.F. Public Comment(s)
Presenter:  Presiding Officer
This is an opportunity for the audience to address the Budget Committee on topics related to the Budget Committee proceedings. 
Please send written public comments or testimony to to be included in the Board packet:
  • Clearly label the subject line as: “Budget Committee” or “Budget Committee Testimony” and include the topic. Example: “Public Comment: Funding.”
  • Public comments or testimony submitted the morning of the Board meeting or during the Board meeting will be posted within 48 business hours.
The Lane Education Service District Board and Budget Committee  values public input.
1.G. Committee Action
Presenter:  Presiding Officer
  • Motion to approve the budget and tax rate, -OR-
  • Continue to next scheduled Budget Committee meeting date of May 21, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.
  • Directions to superintendent and staff for information needed for next meeting.
1.H. Adjourn Budget Committee
Presenter:  Presiding Officer
2. Call Regular Meeting To Order
Presenter:  Board Chair
3. Welcome
Presenter:  Board Chair
Description:  Guests attending the meeting will be introduced.
4. Public Participation
Description:  This is an opportunity for the audience to address the Board on topics either on, or not on, the agenda.  There will also be opportunities for the audience to comment on specific agenda items as the Board addresses them.

Due to the emergency resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the District facilites are currently closed to the public and meetings are streamed electronically.  Emails from community members who would like to comment on non-agenda items will be read into record at this time.  Emails must contain the community member's name, address, and material that can be read within the three minute time limit.
5. Agenda Review
Presenter:  Board Chair
6. Presentation:  Sparklab
Presenter:  Heidi Larwick, Connected Lane County
Attachments: (1)
7. Action Items
Presenter:  Board Chair
7.A.  Consent Agenda
Presenter:  Board Chair
Description:  The Lane ESD Board of Directors has agreed to implement a consent agenda.  All items in the consent agenda are adopted by a single motion unless a member of the Board or the Superintendent requests that such item be removed from the consent agenda and acted upon separately.  

Generally, consent agenda items are matters which members of the Board agree are routine in nature and should be acted upon in one motion to conserve time and to enable the Board to focus on the other matters on the agenda.  

Back-up materials for consent agenda items are included in the agenda packet as needed.  Minutes of this meeting will reflect action on each item.  

If any board member wishes to withdraw any consent group item, it will be moved to the appropriate section of the agenda.   

BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors of Lane ESD adopts the consent group as submitted and listed below.
1. Lane ESD Board Meeting Minutes of April 6, 2021
2. Human Resource Report, dated May 1, 2021
7.B. Accept Financial Report
Presenter:  Board Chair
Description:  BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors of Lane ESD accepts the Financial Report for April 2021.
Attachments: (2)
7.C. Licensed Employee Appreciation Week
Presenter:  Board Chair

WHEREAS, teachers mold future citizens through guidance and education; and

WHEREAS, teachers encounter students of widely differing backgrounds; and

WHEREAS, our country’s future depends upon providing quality education to all students; and

WHEREAS, teachers spend countless hours preparing lessons, evaluating progress, counseling and coaching students and performing community service; and

WHEREAS, our community recognizes and supports its teachers in educating the children of this community.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Lane ESD Board of Directors proclaims the week of May 3, 2021 to be LICENSED EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION WEEK; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Lane ESD Board of Directors strongly encourages all members of our community to join with it in personally expressing appreciation to our teachers for their dedication and devotion to their work.

Adopted this 4th day of May, 2021.

7.D. Asian American Pacific Islander Month 2021
Description:  This year, the Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month theme is “Stop AAPI Hate: Solidarity, Community, and Celebration.”

Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month takes place every May in the United States.

AAPI Heritage Month, formerly Asian Pacific American Heritage Month until 2009, originated in 1992 when then New York Congressmen Frank Hortin introduced the bill that called for the month of May to receive that designation, which came from the idea of former Capitol Hill staffer Jeanie Jew in the mid 1970s – more than 15 years earlier.

Jeanie Jew witnessed the U.S. Bicentennial celebrations of 1976 and was concerned about the lack of recognition given to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. At the time, celebrations of Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage were already in place. While Black History Month was decreed by President Gerald Ford in 1976 to become a national observance, Hispanic Heritage Week was designated as a national celebration by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1968.

The month of May was selected for two reasons: First, to commemorate the arrival of the first known Japanese immigrant to the U.S. on May 7, 1843; secondly, to honor the completion of the transcontinental railroad on May 10, 1869, which upwards of 20,000 Chinese workers helped to construct. The month pays tribute to the generations of Asian and Pacific Islanders who have enriched the United State’s history and are instrumental in its future success.

Now, therefore, the Board of Directors of Lane ESD declares:

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in Lane Education Service District

WHEREAS: Asian and Pacific Americans have lived and worked in Oregon for more than 200 years, contributing to the state’s rich history, economy, and culture; and
WHEREAS: Asian and Pacific Americans have helped advance our community’s prosperity through their contributions to all fields of education, business, the arts, economic development, science, and technology; and
WHEREAS: Asian and Pacific American history is marked by a struggle for freedom, equality, and justice, prevailing over the adversity of exclusion, persecution, incarceration, and disparities; and
WHEREAS: The vibrant history and diverse cultures of Oregon’s Asian and Pacific Americans are here to be honored as a central part of our state’s story and shared across all Oregon communities; and
WHEREAS: The month of May is nationally recognized as a time to celebrate contributions of Asian and Pacific Americans to our society and collective history.
THEREFORE: The Lane Education Service District Board hereby proclaims May 2021 to be ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH in Lane Education Service District.

Adopted this 4thrd day of May, 2021.
7.E. Approve Tentative Agreement with Lane County Education Association
Presenter:  Board Chair, Superintendent Scurto
Description:  The Board of Directors of Lane ESD will vote to approve the tentative agreement with LCEA on salary and benefits.
8. Discussion/Reports
8.A. Legislative Update
Presenter:  Superintendent Tony Scurto
Description:  Superintendent Scurto will provide an update in legislative activities if there are any updates.
8.B. Superintendent Report
Presenter:  Superintendent Tony Scurto
8.C. OSBA Summer Conferences
Presenter:  Board Chair
Description:  Virtual workshops are planned for July 9, 10, 23 and 24th. 

Click here to learn more.

July 9, School Board Essentials: This conference is intended for new board members and superintendents. Experienced board members, superintendents and charter school directors are also encouraged to participate and learn how to support new board members during their first six months.

July 10, Empowering Student Voices: This adult- and student-led conference with REAP, a local multicultural youth leadership nonprofit organization, will prepare boards to expand their engagement efforts with students and the community. Attendees will learn to partner with the community to maintain meaningful and effective engagement.

July 23, Board Leadership and Administrative Professionals: This partial-day event is intended for administrative professionals and those in board leadership roles such as the board chair, vice chair and superintendent. Discover how these roles intersect and best practices for supporting each other with processes such as archiving board agendas and minutes, and public meeting lawas. Particpants will also get the opportunity to network and an overview of commonly used policies.

July 24, Raising the Equity Question: NEW! This conference is intended to help boards "raise the equity question." The Rev. Bryant Marks will provide a brief refresher on implicit bias, provide extensive guidance on how to start tough educational equity conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and focus on personal versus organizational equity issues and lenses.
8.D. 2021-22 Board Meeting Calendar
Description:  This is a first read of the 2021-22 Board Meeting Calendar.  This item will appear as an action item for approval at the June 2021 Board of Directors meeting.
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8.E. Board Self-Evaluation

Board self-evaluation provides more than just accountability and communication. It provides an opportunity for building the best possible leadership for the district and community. Commitment to quality, excellence, continuous learning, and local control of the educational system is demonstrated when boards lead by example.

Oregon School Boards Association's Board Self-Evaluation online survey is designed to provide both a clear objective system for board evaluation. It was developed by our colleagues in Washington, and is based on board standards that were identified through the Lighthouse Inquiries. This tool has also been validated in additional research asking about the relationship between boardsmanship as measured with this board self-assessment tool and student achievement. The initial research was conducted in Montana by Ivan Lorentzen, Ed. D. Click here for an executive summary.

This initial research from Montana has now been replicated in Washington and Texas. We hope to soon add Oregon to that list.

The survey measures 5 standards, 22 benchmarks, and 69 key performance indicators. It takes about twenty minutes to complete. It is designed to assess the board as a whole, not its individual members, and each question asks to what extent the board does the following statement or question. It is completely anonymous, however, it does ask a role question in case the board wishes to include its superintendent and board secretary. Their answers however are not individually identifiable.

Why evaluate?

The culture of an organization is set at the top, and it is no different for school and educational organizations. School boards must be strong, effective leaders to meet the challenges faced by public education today. School board members direct the affairs of the district by setting goals, developing policy, communicating and evaluating, all with a focus on the achievement and best interests of all students in the district. Self-assessment by the board provides valuable information, discussion and communication.

Self-evaluation by the board:

  • Holds the board accountable to themselves, the staff and the community.
  • Allows for reflection by board members on the board's behavior and performance.
  • Fosters open communication.
  • Improves decision making by enhancing a common understanding of philosophies and goals.
  • Resolves differences of opinion and challenges assumptions.
  • Provides insight into how and why decisions are reached.
  • Allows new board members an opportunity to understand board processes.
  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses of the board as a whole.
  • Holds the board accountable in its role as representative of the public.
  • Provides a starting point for effective goal setting and long range planning.

The OSBA online survey is available and free for OSBA member boards. Please reach out to the Board Development department to request the link. A summary report of the 5 standards will be provided free of charge. A more in-depth facilitated conversation of the survey's 22 benchmarks and 69 key performance indicators is provided to your board by a member of the OSBA Board Development team for a small fee and travel costs.

9. Information from Administrative Staff
Presenter:  Administrative Staff
The directors of Human Resources and Title Programs, Special Education, Business Services, Technology and School Improvement have submitted written reports  to the Board on matters of interest concerning his/her area of responsibility.
10. Board Member Reports and Comments/Agenda Planning
Presenter:  Lane ESD Board, Liaisons, Advisors
10.A. Agenda Planning
Presenter:  Board Chair
Description:  Board members are invited to send agenda items to be considered for the next board meeting.  Please call or email to the Board Chair or Superintendent.
10.B. Board Member Reports
Presenter:  Board, Advisors, Liaisons
Board members are asked to submit their reports in writing to be attached to Boardbook.  Reports can be sent to the Executive Assistant in advance of the meeting.
As Board Members prepare their reports, please consider  the following questions: 
1. What programs did I visit over the last month? What committees did I participate in?
2. What is the connection to the LESD services and programs to the component districts or community?
3. What significance or meaning does the activity have to the broader community?
4. What are the next steps or follow-up activities planned?

Sherry Duerst-Higgins
Linda Hamilton
Leslie Harris
Sydney Kissinger
Vanessa Truett
Rose Wilde

Johnie Matthews, Superintendents' Council Advisor
Emilio Hernandez, Community Advisor
Mike Anderson, Liaison, Creswell School District
Mark Boren, Liaison, Fern Ridge School District

11. Announcements/Correspondence
Presenter:  Board Chair
11.A. Acknowledgements and Recognition
Presenter:  Superintendent Tony Scurto
11.B. Kudos
Presenter:  Administrators

Kudos to:           Kevin Murray
Reported by:        Brandon Webb
Reason:             Passing along a Kudos we recieved.
Hi Kevin, I just got a phone call from a pair of Very Very Happy Teachers over at our Westmoreland building. They’re gearing up for some in-person teaching over there, and having reliable wireless access over there has made their lives ever-so-much better. They wanted me to be sure to let you and your team know how much they appreciate your support, it’s really made a difference for them.
Take good care, Andrea Hudson-Vaughn


Kudos to:           Jo Sparano
Reported by:        Rebecca Coon
Reason:             For coming in the middle of a transition and making a  positive impact on our classroom. Thank you for being willing to roll with the changes and stepping up with our students.  The team is happy to have you.

Kudos to:           Alexandra Richardson
Reported by:        Rebecca Coon
Reason:             For being such an unwavering support to students and staff. You make such a difference in our classroom.

Kudos to:           Niels Pasternak
Reported by:        Bob Uhler
Reason:             Niels continues to do a great job leading the team at SEHS. Whether it's moving to hybrid, welcoming a new student, or just continuing to be creative and supportive, Niels has been on top of it all year!


Kudos to:           Team CDL Lane School
Reported by:        Catherine OSullivan
Reason:             Shout out to Linden, Dustie, Ben on our CDL team at Lane School.  "Individually, we are one drop. Together we are an ocean."

Thank you to those who took the time to acknowledge co-workers/staff with kudos.  Employees and Board members can submit a "kudo" any time during the month.   To submit a kudo visit:
11.C. Announcements
Presenter:  Board Chair
11.C.1. Lane ESD Board Member Activities and Opportunities 
Description:  - OSBA Budget Committee Meeting, May 14, 2021
- NSBA 2021 Virtual Advocacy Institute, June 8-9, 2021
- OSBA Board of Directors, June 19, 2021
- OSBA Virtual Summer Conferences 2021, July 2021
- OSBA Board of Directors Retreat, September 17-19, 2021
- OSBA 75th Annual Convention, November 11-14, 2021 (in person)
- OSBA Webinar: Orienting New Board Members, May 6, 2021
11.C.2. Component District Board Meeting Dates
  Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April May June
Bethel 9/14/20
11/9/20 12/14/20 1/11/21
3/8/21 4/12/21
5/10/21 6/14/21
Blachly 9/16/20 10/21/20 11/18/20 12/16/20 1/20/21 2/17/21 3/17/21 4/21/21 5/19/21 6/16/21
Creswell 9/9/20 10/14/20 11/11/20 12/9/20 1/13/21 2/10/21 3/10/21 4/14/21 5/12/21 6/9/21
CAL 9/21/20 10/19/20 11/16/20 12/21/20 1/18/21 2/15/21 3/15/21 4/19/21 5/17/21 6/21/21
Eugene 9/16/20 10/7/20
1/13/21 2/3/21
4/21/21 5/5/21
Fern Ridge 9/21/20 10/19/20 11/16/20 12/21/20 1/25/21   3/15/21 4/19/21 5/17/21 6/21/21
Junction City                    
Lowell 9/28/20 10/26/20 11/23/20 12/14/20 1/25/21 2/9/21 3/8/21 4/5/21
Mapleton 9/16/20 10/21/20 11/18/20 12/16/20 1/20/21 2/17/21 3/17/21 4/21/21 5/19/21 6/16/21
McKenzie 9/16/20                  
Oakridge 9/14/20 10/12/20 11/9/20 12/14/20 1/11/21 2/8/21 3/8/21 4/12/21 5/10/21 6/14/21
Pleasant Hill 9/14/20 10/5/20
12/7/20 1/4/21 2/8/21
3/8/21 4/5/21
Siuslaw 9/16/20 10/14/20 11/18/20 12/9/20 1/13/21 2/10/21 3/10/21 4/14/21 5/12/21 6/16/21
South Lane 9/14/20
11/2/20 12/14/20 1/11/21
2/1/21 3/1/21 4/5/21
5/3/21 6/7/21
Springfield 9/14/20
11/9/20 12/14/20 1/11/21
3/8/21 4/12/21
5/10/21 6/14/21
12. Adjournment
    •    The next regular meeting is scheduled to be held Tuesday, June 1, 2021, at the Lane ESD Main Campus, 1200 Highway 99 N, Eugene.
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