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December 1, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call Regular Meeting To Order
Presenter:  Board Chair
Description:  The Board Chair will call the meeting to order.
2. Welcome
Presenter:  Board Chair
Description:  Guests attending the meeting will be introduced.
3. Public Participation
Description:  This is an opportunity for the audience to address the Board on topics either on, or not on, the agenda.  There will also be opportunities for the audience to comment on specific agenda items as the Board addresses them.

The Board requests that a public comment add information or a perspective that has not already beenmentioned previously, and that the patron refrains from repeating a similar point.

Please keep in mind that reference to a specific employee or group of employees, is prohibited as follows:Board policy BDDH - Public Comment at Board Meetings:"Comments Regarding Staff Members - Speakers may offer objective criticism of ESD operations andprograms. The Board will not hear comments regarding any individual ESD staff member. The Board chair will direct the visitor to the procedures in Board policy KL- Public Complaints for Boardconsideration of a complaints involving a staff member. The association contract governing the employee's rights will be followed. A commendation involving a staff member should be sent to thesuperintendent, who will forward it to the staff member, his/her supervisor and the Board."

This is an opportunity for the audience to address the Board on topics either on, or not on, the agenda.  The Lane Education Service District Board encourages public input. 

Due to the emergency resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, access to the District facilites are limited and Board meetings are being conducted virtually.  Emails from citizens who would like to provide comment  will be read into record at this time.  Emails must contain the citizen's name, address, and material that can be read within the three minute time limit.

Public comments can be emailed to the Superintendent's office,,  and must be received by 4:00 pm on Monday, November 30, 2020. 
4. Presentation: Comprehensive Distance Learning
Presenter:  Renee Beard, Special Education Teachers
5. Agenda Review
Presenter:  Board Chair
6. Action Items
Presenter:  Board Chair
6.A.  Consent Agenda
Presenter:  Board Chair
Description:  The Lane ESD Board of Directors has agreed to implement a consent agenda.  All items in the consent agenda are adopted by a single motion unless a member of the Board or the Superintendent requests that such item be removed from the consent agenda and acted upon separately.  

Generally, consent agenda items are matters which members of the Board agree are routine in nature and should be acted upon in one motion to conserve time and to enable the Board to focus on the other matters on the agenda.  

Back-up materials for consent agenda items are included in the agenda packet as needed.  Minutes of this meeting will reflect action on each item.  

If any board member wishes to withdraw any consent group item, it will be moved to the appropriate section of the agenda.   

BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors of Lane ESD adopts the consent group as submitted and listed below.
1. Lane ESD Board Meeting Minutes of December 1, 2020
3. Human Resource Report, dated December 1, 2020
6.B. Accept Financial Report
Presenter:  Board Chair
Description:  BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors of Lane ESD accepts the Financial Report for November 2020.
Attachments: (1)
6.C. Approve Policy Updates
Description:  Policy updates were first read at the November 3, 2020 meeting of the Board.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors of Lane ESD adopt policy updates as presented.
6.C.1. All Students Belong Policy and Administrative Rule
Presenter:  Board Chair

On September 17, 2020, the Oregon State Board of Education adopted a temporary Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 581-022-2312 - All Students Belong. This rule took effect the following day and takes an unprecedented step to protect some of our schools’ most marginalized students, as well as staff and others. 

This rule requires that districts, ESDs, public charter schools and others receiving state funding for education adopt a policy prohibiting symbols of hate and addressing bias incidents by January 1, 2021.  As a Division 22 requirement, districts will be required to verify that they are in compliance. 

This rule prohibits the “use or display” of symbols of hate, including the noose, swastika, and confederate flag. The policy that you adopt must reflect this prohibition. Before adoption, we recommend that you forestall potential legal challenges by documenting the following:

  • Previous incidents arising from the presence of these symbols or related issues;
  • Why the presence of these symbols would cause a material and substantial disruption to the educational environment; and
  • How these symbols interfere with other students’ right to be secure and let alone in their schools.

The rule also defines a “bias incident” and requires related procedures and requirements. Because these requirements are unique to bias incidents, there is a newly created  separate complaint procedure.

We expect that this temporary rule will be made permanent by the State Board of Education, and also that it could face legal challenges. OSBA will update the model policy and administrative regulation as needed.

This policy will also be included in our Policy Update later this month. Policy Plus subscriptions will be processed at that time. The Oregon Department of Education will also be releasing guidance to assist with implementation.
Attachments: (2)
6.C.2. Footwear Policy
Presenter:  Board Chair
Description:  Lane Education Service District is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment. As part of that commitment and due to the risk of slips, trips and falls resulting in personal injury, certain footwear is prohibited in the work environment. All footwear must be appropriate for the environment and the employee’s job requirements. For example, open-toe shoes or “flip-flops” are inappropriate for agency work environments and create safety hazards for the wearer. Therefore, Lane Education Service District reserves the right to determine whether a particular style of footwear is appropriate for the workplace and/or job requirements.
Attachments: (1)
6.D. Declaration of Board Vacancy
Presenter:  Board Chair
Description:  Erin Zygaitis has resigned from the Lane ESD Board of Directors due to a move of her primary residence outside of her elected zone.  The Lane ESD Board of Directors will accept Ms. Zygaitis' resignation from the Board and declare a vacancy for Position 1 Zone 1.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors of Lane ESD accept the resignation of Erin Zygaitis from Board Position 1 Zone 1.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board of Directors of Lane ESD declare a Board vacancy Position 1 Zone 1.
6.E. Appoint Audit Committee Member
Presenter:  Board Chair
Description:  The resignation of Board Member Erin Zygaitis has left an opening on the Lane ESD Audit Committee.  The Board of Directors will discuss and appoint a member to participate in the Audit Committee for 2020-21.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors of Lane ESD appoints a Board Member to serve on the 2020-21 Lane ESD Audit Committee.
7. Discussion/Reports
7.A. Legislative Update
Presenter:  Superintendent Tony Scurto
Description:  Superintendent Scurto will provide an update in legislative activities if there are any updates.
7.B. Superintendent Report
Presenter:  Superintendent Tony Scurto
7.C. Student Investment Account Funds
Presenter:  Superintendent Scurto
Description:  Superintendent Scurto and the Board will discuss Student Investment Account funds and how these dollars are spent in Lane County.

7.D. Complimentary Event: NSBA’s 2021 Equity Online Symposium

Presenter:  Board Chair
NSBA has officially changed the 2021 Equity Symposium to online and is "Complimentary".  The symposium will occur on February 10, 2021.  Registration opens this Wednesday, 11/18.  
The NSBA Equity Online Symposium provides a forum for school board members, public school advocates, and community leaders to examine and discuss the strategies, current trends, research, and best practices around equity in our nation’s public K-12 schools.
8. Information from Administrative Staff
Presenter:  Administrative Staff
The directors of Human Resources and Title Programs, Special Education, Business Services, Technology and School Improvement have submitted written reports  to the Board on matters of interest concerning his/her area of responsibility.

Special Education

To date most of our programs have provided exclusively Remote Learning in aligning with the practice of our host sites. An exception is our Life Skills classroom at Harrison Elementary in South Lane, which has been offering two hours per day of Limited In-Person Instruction, half of the class in the morning and the other half in the afternoon in order to keep group sizes small. Our plans to initiate a phased-in approach to Limited In Person Instruction at our Westmoreland campus have been postponed until late January in light of the upward-trending metrics in Lane County.  

Attachments: (1)
9. Board Member Reports and Comments/Agenda Planning
Presenter:  Lane ESD Board, Liaisons, Advisors
9.A. Agenda Planning
Presenter:  Board Chair
Description:  Board members are invited to send agenda items to be considered for the next board meeting.  Please call or email to the Board Chair or Superintendent.
9.B. Board Member Reports
Presenter:  Board, Advisors, Liaisons
Board members are asked to submit their reports in writing to be attached to Boardbook.  Reports can be sent to the Executive Assistant in advance of the meeting.
As Board Members prepare their reports, please consider  the following questions: 
1.    What programs did I visit over the last month? What committees did I participate in?
2.    What is the connection to the LESD services and programs to the component districts or community?
3.     What significance or meaning does the activity have to the broader community?
4.     What are the next steps or follow-up activities planned?

Sherry Duerst-Higgins
Linda Hamilton
Leslie Harris
Nora Kent
Vanessa Truett
Rose Wilde
Scott Linenberger, Superintendents' Council Advisor
Emilio Hernandez, Community Advisor
Mike Anderson, Liaison, Creswell School District
Mark Boren, Liaison, Fern Ridge School District

Attachments: (1)
10. Announcements/Correspondence
Presenter:  Board Chair
10.A. Acknowledgements and Recognition
Presenter:  Superintendent Tony Scurto
10.B. Kudos
Presenter:  Administrators
Description:  Kudos to:           Chris Antonetti
Reported by:        Glenn Stark
Reason:             For great effort and persistence in following up with WorkSource issues.  She has really be a lifesaver during these unique times.
Kudos to:           Jenn Davis, SaMara Evans and Deshonte Lomax
Reported by:        Sara Mansfield
Reason:             WOW!  Just wow!  Distance learning is so new and yet the three of you are make it look easy.  The way you support students and families is so impressive.  You remain positive, engaging, and interactive and your students are learning and making gains in this new venue.  I am particularly impressed with how you use a variety of AAC to support both individual students as well as the classroom as a group.  I feel very fortunate to be working with you.
Kudos to:           Kathleen Larsen, David Lanza, Lisa Baber
Reported by:        Dave Standridge
Reason:             Thank you for helping the McKenzie SD business staff in their time of need while they were displaced from their office during the fire.  
Kudos to:           Trace Mansfield
Reported by:        Niels Pasternak
Reason:             Trace is always there to help when students have technology needs and this year he has already helped multiple students in our class to get things like switch and appliance interfaces, larger monitors, and access to new educational programs online. Trace has shown me multiple helpful programs over the years such as, he is a valuable and insightful team member and he helps a lot of our students. Thanks Trace! 
Kudos to:           Denise Chase
Reported by:        Carol Knobbe
Reason:             Thanks for jumping right in, rolling up your sleeves and learning a ton of new processes and procedures.  We're glad you are here!
Kudos to:           Alia, Donna, and Kim
Reported by:        Jenn Williams
Reason:             Shoutout to the wonderful staff that are at Churchill High School! They make CDL go so smoothly and the students have so much joy working with them. I am so lucky that I get to work with them. Keep up the amazing work, ladies!  
Kudos to:           Brent Buckelew, Mercedes Long, Nicole Agosto
Reported by:        Cindy Johnson
Reason:             Brent, Mercedes and Nicole are working face to face with students in the classroom. They are meeting the academic, social emotional and lifeskill needs of the students in addition to keeping the classroom and materials sanitized. Additionally they are offering digital learning opportunities for the students with on line morning meeting, music, large motor and cooking activities. They are an amazing team!!  
Kudos to:           Caitlin Lyons
Reported by:        Randy Stark
Reason:             Caitlin really stepped up to the plate when her team needed her.  She ran the zoom class like a pro when the teacher was gone.  She helped provide a consistent learning environment for her students.  
Kudos to:           Erin White
Reported by:        Brittney Spencer
Reason:             Taking on Ma ndt scheduling/organization and helping things run much smoother!  
Kudos to:           Eileen Brixley
Reported by:        Crystal Feldt
Reason:             Eileen is always very helpful when someone needs a hand, she goes above and beyond in the classroom. Truly thankful to work with such a nice person that is willing to take extra time to teach and help others.

Thank you to those who took the time to acknowledge co-workers/staff with kudos.  Employees and Board members can submit a "kudo" any time during the month.   To submit a kudo visit:
10.C. Announcements
Presenter:  Board Chair
10.C.1. Lane ESD Board Member Activities and Opportunities 
10.C.2. Component District Board Meeting Dates
  Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April May June
Bethel 9/14/20
11/9/20 12/14/20 1/11/21
3/8/21 4/12/21
5/10/21 6/14/21
Blachly 9/16/20 10/21/20 11/18/20 12/16/20 1/20/21 2/17/21 3/17/21 4/21/21 5/19/21 6/16/21
Creswell 9/9/20 10/14/20 11/11/20 12/9/20 1/13/21 2/10/21 3/10/21 4/14/21 5/12/21 6/9/21
CAL 9/21/20 10/19/20 11/16/20 12/21/20 1/18/21 2/15/21 3/15/21 4/19/21 5/17/21 6/21/21
Eugene 9/16/20 10/7/20
1/13/21 2/3/21
4/21/21 5/5/21
Fern Ridge 9/21/20 10/19/20 11/16/20 12/21/20 1/25/21   3/15/21 4/19/21 5/17/21 6/21/21
Junction City                    
Lowell 9/28/20 10/26/20 11/23/20 12/14/20 1/25/21 2/9/21 3/8/21 4/5/21
Mapleton 9/16/20 10/21/20 11/18/20 12/16/20 1/20/21 2/17/21 3/17/21 4/21/21 5/19/21 6/16/21
McKenzie 9/16/20                  
Oakridge 9/14/20 10/12/20 11/9/20 12/14/20 1/11/21 2/8/21 3/8/21 4/12/21 5/10/21 6/14/21
Pleasant Hill 9/14/20 10/5/20
12/7/20 1/4/21 2/8/21
3/8/21 4/5/21
Siuslaw 9/16/20 10/14/20 11/18/20 12/9/20 1/13/21 2/10/21 3/10/21 4/14/21 5/12/21 6/16/21
South Lane 9/14/20
11/2/20 12/14/20 1/11/21
2/1/21 3/1/21 4/5/21
5/3/21 6/7/21
Springfield 9/14/20
11/9/20 12/14/20 1/11/21
3/8/21 4/12/21
5/10/21 6/14/21
11. Adjournment
    •    The next regular meeting is scheduled to be held Tuesday, January 5, 2021, at the Lane ESD Main Campus, 1200 Highway 99 N, Eugene.
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