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July 21, 2021 at 5:15 PM - Annual Organizational Meeting

Call Meeting to Order
Annual Organizational Procedures-Action (Enclosure #1)
Elect Board Officers

Establishment of Regular Meeting Dates, Times and Location

Designation of District Clerk and Chief Executive Officer (ORS 332.515)

Designation of Deputy District Clerk and Business Manager

Designation of Budget Officer (ORS 294.331)

Declaration of Vacancies (#) of District Budget Committee

Designation of Custodian of District Funds and Authorized Facsimile Signature (ORS 328.441; 328.445)

Designation of Depository of District Funds (ORS 328.441 and 294.805 and 328.465)

Designation of District Auditors (ORS 297.405, 327.137 and 328.465)

Designation of District Insurance Agent of Record

Designation of District Legal Counsel

Designation of Authorized Officers for Submittal of Federal Grants

Designation of School Board as Local Public Contract Review Board (ORS 279A.060)

Designation of Press Representative

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