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March 7, 2018 at 5:00 PM - Regular School Board Meeting

Call Meeting To Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Early Items
Celebrate Student Success
Kindergarten 100's Day
Student Representative Report
16/17 Audit Review
Citizen Input
Visitors wishing to address the board please fill out a blue card
Consent Agenda
Approve Minutes
February 7 2018 Regular Board Meeting Minutes
Approve Bills
Approve Certified Hire Recommendations
Temp .5 BHHS Little Bruin Teacher Jean Shearer
Temp 4th Grade Elementary Teacher Allison Manley
Approve Extra Duty Contracts
BHHS Head Football Coach Shaun Bavaro
BHHS JV Softball Coach Mark Matson
District Reports and Information
Superintendent Report
Building Reports
Finance Report
Enrollment Summary
Action Items
Approve Classified Employee Appreciation Resolution
17/18 Draft Calendar 2nd Reading
Approve Intent to Purchase Bus in 18/19
Approve BHSD 2017-2018 Resolution #4
Approve Board Policy 2nd Reading
DLC-AR Expense Reimbursements
AC Nondiscrimination
Attachments: (1)
AC-AR Discrimination Complaint Procedure
BDDH Public Participation in Board Meetings
BDDH-AR Public Participation in Board Meetings
CCG Evaluation of Administrators
EBBB Injury/Illness Reports
GBEB Communicable Disease- Staff
GBEB-AR Communicable Diseases- Staff
GBEB/JHCC-AR Communicable Diseases DELETE
GBEDA-AR Drug and Alcohol Testing-Transportation Personnel
GCDA/GDDA Criminal Checks and Fingerprinting
GCDA/GDDA-AR Criminal Record Checks/Fingerprinting
GCN/GDN Evaluation of Staff
IGBA Students with Disabilities- Child Identification Procedures
IGBAG-AR Special Education- Procedural Safeguards
IGBAH Special Education- Evaluation Procedures
IGBAJ Special Education- Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)
IGBAJ-AR Special Education- Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)
IGBBC Talented and Gifted- Programs and Services
IGBBC-AR Complaints Regarding the Talented and Gifted Program
IGBHE Expanded Options Program
IGBHE-AR(1) Annual Expanded Options Program Notification
IICC Volunteers DELETE
Attachments: (1)
Attachments: (1)
JEA Compulsory Attendance
Attachments: (1)
JEC- Admissions
Attachments: (1)
JECA Admission of Residents
JFCG-AR Discipline for Use, Possession, Distribution or Sale of Tobacco Products or Inhalant Delivery Systems
JFCG/JFCH/JFCI Use of Tobacco Products, Alcohol, Drugs or Inhalant Delivery Systems
JGAB Use of Restraint and Seclusion
JHCC Communicable Diseases- Students
JHCC-AR Procedures for Dealing with Students Having HIV, AIDS or HBV DELETE
JHCC-AR Communicable Diseases- Student
JHCC/GBEB-AR Communicable Diseases DELETE
JHCD Nonprescription Medication DELETE
JHCD/JHCDA Medications
Attachments: (1)
JHCD/JHCDA-AR Prescription/Nonprescription Medications
JHCDA Prescription Medication DELETE
JHF Student Safety
Attachments: (1)
JHFE-AR(2) Abuse of a Child Investigations Conducted on District Premises DELETE
JHFE-AR(2) Abuse of a Child Investigations Conducted on District Premises PROPOSED
JOA Directory Information
Attachments: (1)
KBA Public Records
Attachments: (1)
KBA-AR Public Records
Attachments: (1)
KL Public Complaints DELETE
KL Public Complaints PROPOSED
KL-AR(1) Public Complaint Procedure
KL-AR(2) Appeal to the Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction
KLD Public Complaints about District Personnel DELETE
KLD-AR Public Complaints about District Personnel DELETE
KN-AR(1) Relations with Law Enforcement Agencies
KN-AR(2) Abuse of a Child or Other Investigations Conducted on District Premises
LGA Compliances with Standards DELETE
LGA-AR(1) Public Appeals and Complaints about Alleged Violations of Standards DELETE
LGA-AR(2) Direct Appeals to the State Superintendent of Instruction about Alleged Violations of Standards DELETE
Board Functions and Comments
February Quarterly Policy Update
OSBA Training Discussion
Key Dates/Calendar Updates
April 4, 2018 Regular Board Meeting
April 24, 2018 First Budget Committee Meeting
May 1, 2018 Possible Second Budget Committee Meeting
Recess to Executive Session
Executive Session in accordance with ORS 192.660(2)(a) To consider the employment of a public officer, employee, staff member or individual agent.
Return to Regular Session
Action Item from Executive Session
Approve Recommendations for Licensed and Administrative Staff Renewals
Recess to Executive Session
Executive Session ORS 192.660(2)(i)To review and evaluate the performance of the chief executive officer or any other public officer, employee or staff member, unless the person whose performance is being reviewed and evaluated requests an open hearing.
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