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October 6, 2020 at 6:30 PM - Regular School Board Session

1. Call to Order / Pledge of Allegiance    6:30     
Presenter:  Autumn Chadbourne
2. Approval of Agenda - BDDB/BDDC     6:32     
Presenter:  Autumn Chadbourne
3. Public Response / Staff Comments / Presentations     6:35     
Presenter:  Autumn Chadbourne
3.1. Recognition of Guests and Public Comment on Agenda Items Only
Presenter:  Autumn Chadbourne
3.2. Student Representative - CL
Presenter:  Ellie Laws, CAHPS
Description:  Ellie will provide an update from the Crater Campus.
3.3. Employees' Representative - CL
3.4. Enrollment Report - CL
Presenter:  Samantha Steele
Description:  Samantha will provide an update on 2020-2021 enrollment.
4. Consent Agenda     6:50 pm
Presenter:  Autumn Chadbourne
4.1. Approval of Regular Board Session Minutes for September 15, 2020 - BDDG/BDDK
4.2. Board Policy Updates 2nd Reading/Adoption - BFG
GBEB - Communicable Diseases - Staff
JHCC - Communicable Diseases - Students
JHCC AR - Communicable Diseases - Students
4.3. Resignation Requests - GCPB/GDPB
Kacy Carlson, SMS
5. Items Removed from Consent Agenda     6:55 pm     
Presenter:  Autumn Chadbourne
6. New Business     6:55 pm          
6.1. Board Policy Updates First Reading - BFG     
Presenter:  Mike Meunier
Description:  This will be the first reading for the following policies:
GBL - Personnel Records
GBLA - Disclosure of Information
GBN/JBA - Sexual Harassment DELETE
GBN/JBA AR - Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure DELETE
GBN/JBA - Sexual Harassment NEW
GBN/JBA AR1 - Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure NEW
GBN/JBA AR2 - Federal Law (Title IX) Sexual Harassement Complaint Procedure NEW
JBA/GBN - Sexual Harassment DELETE
JBA/GBN AR - Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure DELETE
JBA/GBN - Sexual Harassment NEW
JBA/GBN AR1 - Sexual Harassment Compaint Procedure NEW
JBA/GBN AR2 - Federal Law (Title IX) Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure NEW
IICC - Volunteers
7. Unfinished Business     7:05 pm
7.1. OSEA / CPSD MOU and LOA - BBA
Presenter:  Mike Meunier
Description:  At the last meeting, Mike provided an update on an Oregon School Employees Association Chapter 47 (OSEA) and Central Point School District Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Letter of Agreement (LOA).
8. Announcements     7:10 pm    
Presenter:  Samantha Steele
8.1. The next Regular Board Session - Tuesday, October 20, 2020 at 6:30 pm in the District Office Board Room - Hanby Middle School Update
9. Adjournment     7:15 pm
Presenter:  Samantha Steele
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