August 5, 2019 at 7:30 AM - Board Work Session - Retreat

7:30 AM - Board Retreat
Executive Session
ORS 192.660(2)(e)—Real Estate
Time:  7:30 AM
Work Session
Time:  8:30 AM
Breakfast and Team-Building Activity 1
Time:  8:30 AM
Board Professional Development – Equity Discussion
Time:  8:45 AM
Planning Ahead
2016-2021 Strategic Plan 
Time:  9:45 AM
Year 3 Highlights (2018-19)
Year 4 Planning / Goals (2019-20)
Recess Meeting
Time:  10:25 AM
Time:  10:25 AM
Reconvene Meeting
Time:  10:35 AM
Planning Ahead (continued)
PERS Information and Update
Time:  10:35 AM
Gain Share Discussion
Time:  10:50 AM
Student Success Act Update
Time:  11:05 PM
Budget Update and Local Option Levy Discussion
Time:  11:20 AM
Budget Committee Roles and Responsibilities
Time:  12:20 PM
Introduction of New Administrators
Time:  12:35 PM
Recess Meeting
Time:  12:40 PM
Lunch Break
Time:  12:40 PM
Reconvene Meeting
Time:  1:05 PM
Team-Building Activity 2
Time:  1:05 PM
Planning Ahead (continued)
Vision for Alternative Education
Time:  1:15 PM
School-Based Health Center Discussion
Time:  1:55 PM
Board Discussion – Goals and Priorities
Time:  2:10 PM
Board Meeting Planning Document Review
Time:  2:25 PM
Community Outreach Opportunities
Time:  2:40 PM
Proposed 2020-21 Board Meeting Dates
Time:  2:50 PM
Board Professional Development Discussion
Committee Opportunities
Time:  2:55 PM
OSBA Summer Conference Reports
Time:  3:00 PM
OSBA and NSBA Conference Planning
Time:  3:10 PM
Recess Meeting
Time:  3:15 PM
Time:  3:15 PM
Reconvene Meeting
Time:  3:30 PM
Team-Building Activity 3
Time:  3:30 PM
Teamwork / Communication / Evaluations
Review Working Agreements
Time:  3:40 PM
Time:  4:00 PM
Evaluation Processes and Timelines
Superintendent Evaluation Process Changes and Timeline
Time:  4:15 PM
Board Evaluation Discussion
Time:  4:30 PM
Review of Board Budget
Time:  4:45 PM
Review of Expenditures
Information / Updates
Transportation Update
Time:  4:55 PM
Bond Update
Time:  5:10 PM
ACTION: Declare Surplus Property and Authorize Demolition or Sale
Time:  5:25 PM
ACTION: Declare Surplus Property and Authorize Demolition  of Obsolete Elementary School Playground Equipment
ACTION: Declare Surplus Property and Authorize Demolition or Sale of Obsolete Portable Classroom Buildings
Adjourn Meeting
Time:  5:30 PM
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