June 11, 2019 at 5:15 PM - Regular Board Meeting

5:15 PM - Work Session
Review Summer Retreat Agenda
Time:  5:15 PM, 10 minutes
Safety Update
Time:  5:25 PM, 10 minutes
HilHi Phasing Report
Time:  5:35 PM, 15 minutes
PERS Update
Time:  5:50 PM, 20 minutes
Policy Discussion
Time:  6:10 PM, 5 minutes
Discussion Time
Time:  6:15 PM, 15 minutes
Recess Board Meeting
Time:  6:30 PM
7:00 PM - Regular Session
Call to Order and Flag Salute
Time:  7:00 PM, 5 minutes
Recognition / Student Presentation
Student Presentation:  Baile Folclórico Dancers - Witch Hazel Elementary School, Grades 4-6
Time:  7:05 PM, 10 minutes
Recognition and Appreciation – Outgoing Student Representatives - Samanta Vega Contreras and Jessica Jose-Nickerson
(Comments from Board, Staff, and Audience Members)
Time:  7:15 PM, 10 minutes
Recognition and Appreciation – Outgoing Board Member: Kim Strelchun
(Comments from Board, Staff, and Audience Members)
Time:  7:25 PM, 10 minutes
Approval of Agenda
Time:  7:35 PM
Recess Board Meeting
Time:  7:35 PM
Hold Budget Hearing
Time:  7:35 PM, 10 minutes
Adjourn Budget Hearing, Reconvene Board Meeting
Time:  7:45 PM
Audience Time
Time:  7:45 PM, 10 minutes
Reports and Discussion
Announce Budget Committee Vacancies
Time:  7:55 PM, 5 minutes
Announce Community Curriculum Advisory Committee Vacancies
Time:  8:00 PM, 5 minutes
Communications Department Update
Time:  8:05 PM, 10 minutes
Financial Report (see written report)
Time:  8:15 PM, 5 minutes
Information - Administrative Regulation Updates
Time:  8:20 PM, 5 minutes
GBN/JBA-AR: Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure
IIA-AR(1): Core Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption
IIA-AR(2): Supplementary Materials Selection / Purchase
Consent Agenda
Consent agenda items are distributed to Board members in advance for study, and enacted with a single motion.
Time:  8:25 PM, 5 minutes
Approve Minutes of April 9, 2019, Board meeting
Approve Minutes of April 16, 2019, Board meeting
Approve Minutes of April 29, 2019, Board meeting
Approve Minutes of April 30, 2019, Board meeting
Approve Minutes of May 9, 2019, Budget Committee meeting
Approve Minutes of May 14, 2019, Board meeting
Approve Minutes of May 20, 2019, Board meeting
Approve Routine Personnel Matters
Approve Annual Depository, Auditor, Legal Counsel, Newspaper, and Agent Designations
Approve Annual Clerk / Officer Designations
Approve Crime Policy Coverage Limits to Comply with ORS 332.525
Establish Mileage Reimbursement Rate
Readopt Policy DFAA: Capital Project Fund
Readopt Policy IGBC: Title IA/Parental and Family Involvement
Establish Tuition Rates for Nonresident Students
Approve Workers’ Compensation Resolution Regarding Volunteers of Hillsboro School District
Approve Policy Revisions (presented for first reading on May 28, 2019)
Policies included in Annual Notifications to Staff, Students, and Families (part 3)
 - GBDA: Mother-Friendly Workplace (Delete, Adopt)
 - IF: Curriculum Development (Delete / Adopt)
 - IGBBC: Talented and Gifted - Programs and Services
 - IIA: Instructional Resources / Instructional Materials
 - IIABB: Use of Commercially Produced Feature Films and Other Digital Media
 - JGEA: Alternative Education Programs Following Expulsion
 - JHFD: Student Vehicle Use
 - KLB: Complaints about Curriculum or Instructional Materials
Action Items
Adopt Resolutions to Adopt the 2019-20 Budget, Appropriate the 2019-20 Budget, and Impose 2019-20 Taxes and Categorize the Tax Levy
Time:  8:30 PM, 15 minutes
Adjust Appropriations
Time:  8:45 PM, 5 minutes
Review Superintendent’s Performance and Approve Performance Evaluation
Time:  8:50 PM, 10 minutes
Approve Extension of Superintendent’s Contract
Time:  9:00 PM, 5 minutes
Approve Science Instructional Materials Adoption: Chemistry and Biology
Time:  9:05 PM, 5 minutes
Approve 2019-20 Board Meeting Dates
Time:  9:10 PM, 5 minutes
Elect Board Chair and Vice Chair
Time:  9:15 PM, 5 minutes
Oath of Office
Administer the Oath of Office to Elected Board Members
Time:  9:20 PM, 5 minutes
Appoint Student Representatives to the Board of Directors and Administer the Oath of Office
Time:  9:25 PM, 5 minutes
HCU / HEA Reports
Time:  9:30 PM, 5 minutes
Discussion Time
Time:  9:35 PM, 20 minutes
Student Representatives' Time
Superintendent's Time
Board of Directors' Time
Adjourn Regular Session
Time:  9:55 PM
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