March 12, 2019 at 5:15 PM - Regular Board Meeting

5:15 PM - Executive Session
ORS 192.660(2)(b)—Complaint Appeal Hearing
Time:  5:15 PM, 90 minutes
Recess Board Meeting
Time:  6:45 PM
7:00 PM - Regular Session
Call to Order and Flag Salute
Time:  7:00 PM, 5 minutes
Recognition / Student Presentation
Recognition:  Larry Brisbee, School District Legal Counsel
Time:  7:05 PM, 10 minutes
Approval of Agenda
Time:  7:15 PM
Audience Time
Time:  7:15 PM, 10 minutes
Reports and Discussion
Team-Up Data Sharing Report
Time:  7:25 PM, 10 minutes
Financial Report (see written report)
Time:  7:35 PM, 5 minutes
Administrative Regulation Updates
- EBBA-AR: First Aid - Infection Control
- ECB-AR: Murals and Artistic Displays on School Buildings and District Facilities (delete)
- EDC/KGF-AR: Equipment Checkout Form
- EDD-AR: Lost and Found Procedures (delete)
- EEAC-AR: Emergency Evacuation Drills (delete)
- EEACCA-AR: Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles and on District Property
- EGAAA-AR: Guidelines for the Use of Copyrighted Materials
- EH-AR: Records and Data Management
- FF-AR-1: Naming of School Mascots
- FF-AR-2: Naming of Memorials
- FK-AR: Athletic Field and Facility Enhancements and Renovation
Time:  7:40 PM, 5 minutes
Consent Agenda
Consent agenda items are distributed to Board members in advance for study, and enacted with a single motion.
Time:  7:45 PM, 5 minutes
Approve Minutes of February 12, 2019, Board Meeting
Approve Minutes of February 26, 2019, Board Meeting
Approve Routine Personnel Matters
Authorize Application for 2019 Migrant Education Summer School
Approve Policy Revisions (presented for first reading on February 26, 2019)
Policies in Section A-B: Board Governance and Operations; Section D: Fiscal Management; Section E: Support Services; and Section F: Facilities Development
Policies in Section A-B: Board Governance and Operations
• BHD:  Board Member Compensation and Expense Reimbursement
Policies in Section D: Fiscal Management
• DFEA: Admission to District Events
• DJFA: Procurement Cards
Policies in Section E: Support Services
• EA/EAA:  Support Services Goals (delete)
• EBA:  Buildings and Grounds Inspection (delete)
• EBAA:  Reporting of Hazards (delete)
• EBB:  Integrated Pest Management
• EBBA:  First Aid
• EBBAA:  Infection Control and Bloodborne Pathogens
• EBBAB/GBEBAA/JHCCBA:  Hepatitis B/Bloodborne Pathogens (delete)
• EBBB:  Injury/Illness Reports 
• ECACB:  Use of Drones on District Property
• ECB:  Buildings and Grounds Maintenance (delete)
• ECD:  Traffic and Parking Controls
• ECF/EDD:  Energy and Resource Conservation Management
• ECG:  Vehicle Idling
• ED:  Material Resources Management (delete)
• EDA:  Receiving and Warehousing (delete)
• EDB:  Maintenance and Control of Materials (delete)
• EDC/KGF:  Authorized Use of District Equipment
• EEA:  Student Transportation Services
• EEAB:  School Bus Scheduling and Routing
• EEAC:  School Bus Safety Program
• EEACA:  Bus Drivers
• EEACC:  Student Conduct on School Buses
• EEACCA:  Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles and on District Property
• EEACD:  Use of District Activity Vehicles for Student Transportation
• EEACE:  Loading and Unloading 
• EEAE:  Student Transportation in Private Vehicle
• EEBA:  District Vehicles (delete)
• EEBAA:  District Vehicles/Seat Belts/Child Safety System (delete)
• EEBB:  Use of Personal Vehicles for District Business
• EF:  Management of Food Services (delete)
• EFA:  Local Wellness Program
• EFAA:  District Nutrition and Food Services
• EFAA-AR:  Reimbursable Meals and Milk Programs
• EFD:  Food Preparation
• EGAAA:  Reproduction of All Copyrighted Materials
• EGAB:  Mail and Delivery Services (delete)
• EH:  Records and Data Management
• EIA:  Insurance Programs
• EIB:  Liability Insurance (delete)
Policies in Section F: Facilities Development
• FECBA/ECF/EDD: Resource Conservation Management (delete combined policy – replace with separate policies: ECF/EDD and FECBA)
• FECBA: Energy-Conserving Construction
• FF: Naming Facilities
Action Items
Accept Gifts and Donations
Time:  7:50 PM, 5 minutes
Approve Contract for Audit Services
Time:  7:55 PM, 5 minutes
Award Contract for Construction of a Satellite Transportation / Maintenance Facility
Time:  8:00 PM, 5 minutes
Award Contract for Lenox Elementary School Improvements
Time:  8:05 PM, 5 minutes
Award Contract for West Union Elementary School Improvements
Time:  8:10 PM, 5 minutes
Approve the Dedication of Deed and Right-of-Way Dedication between Washington County and the Hillsboro School District for the Ladd Acres Elementary School  / Johnson Street and Cornelius Pass Road Improvement Project
Time:  8:15 PM, 5 minutes
Adopt Resolution Suspending Limitations of Policy DJ: District Purchasing, and Authorizing the Chief Financial Officer to Enter into a Contract for Network Services
Time:  8:20 PM, 5 minutes
HCU / HEA Reports
Time:  8:25 PM, 5 minutes
Discussion Time
Time:  8:30 PM, 20 minutes
Student Representatives' Time
Superintendent's Time
Board of Directors' Time
Adjourn Regular Session
Time:  8:50 PM
Next Meetings of the Board of Directors
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