October 23, 2018 at 5:15 PM - Regular Board Meeting

5:00 PM - Board Member Technology Updates
5:15 PM - Work Session
Budget Committee Selection Process
Time:  5:15 PM, 5 minutes
Teaching and Learning Report:  Special Programs and Inclusive Schools
Time:  5:20 PM, 30 minutes
Bond Update
Time:  5:50 PM, 10 minutes
Discuss Intergovernmental Agreement with the City of Hillsboro
Time:  6:00 PM, 15 minutes
Legislative Priorities Input and Planning
Time:  6:15 PM, 10 minutes
Discuss 2018-19 Board Goals
Time:  6:25 PM, 5 minutes
Policy Discussion
Time:  6:30 PM, 10 minutes
Discussion Time
Time:  6:40 PM, 10 minutes
OSBA Conference Planning
Discussion Time
Recess Board Meeting
Time:  6:50 PM
7:00 PM - Regular Session
Call to Order and Flag Salute
Time:  7:00 PM, 5 minutes
Recognition / Student Presentation
OSBA Presentation of Scholarship Funds (Promise Scholarship Program)
Time:  7:05 PM, 10 minutes
Approval of Agenda
Time:  7:15 PM
Audience Time
Time:  7:15 PM, 10 minutes
Reports and Discussion
Time:  7:25 PM, 10 minutes
October 1 Enrollment Report (see written report)
Time:  7:35 PM, 5 minutes
Strategic Plan Goals Update
Time:  7:40 PM, 15 minutes
Financial Report (see written report)
Time:  7:55 PM, 5 minutes
Policies - First Reading
Policies that are scheduled for first reading are included in the Board meeting packet.  Staff members will not formally present the first reading of policies, unless the Board requests information that is not already included in the Board meeting packet.  If no public comments or questions are received regarding these policies during the review period, they may be placed on the consent agenda for approval during the next regular meeting.
Time:  8:00 PM, 10 minutes
Policy EHA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Policies Related to Safety and Security
EB: Safety Program
EBAC: Site Safety Committees
EBC/EBCA: Emergency Procedures and Disaster Plans
EBCB: Emergency Drills and Instruction
EBCC: Hazardous Threats (delete)
EBCD: Emergency School Closures
EC: Management and Inspection of Buildings and Grounds (delete)
ECA: Security of Buildings and Grounds (delete)
ECAA: Access to Buildings
ECAAA: Employee Identification Badge System (proposed)
ECAB: Vandalism, Malicious Mischief, or Theft
ECAD: School Resource Officer (delete)
EI: Risk Management (delete)
JFCJ: Weapons in the Schools
JFCM: Threats of Violence
JH: Student Welfare
JHF: Student Safety
JHFE: Reporting of Suspected Abuse of a Child
JHFE-AR(1): Reporting of Suspected Abuse of a Child
JHHA: Crisis Prevention and Response (delete)
KK: Visitors to District Facilities (delete current version; adopt proposed new version)
KN: Relations with Law Enforcement Agencies
Consent Agenda
Consent agenda items are distributed to Board members in advance for study, and enacted with a single motion.
Time:  8:10 PM, 5 minutes
Approve Minutes of September 11, 2018, Board Meeting
Approve Minutes of September 25, 2018, Board Meeting
Approve Routine Personnel Matters
Accept Gifts and Donations
Action Items
Proclaim American Education Week
Time:  8:15 PM, 5 minutes
Appoint Budget Committee Members
Time:  8:20 PM, 5 minutes
Adopt 2018-19 Board Goals
Time:  8:25 PM, 5 minutes
Award Security Systems Implementation Contract for Century High School, Hillsboro High School, Brown Middle School, Poynter Middle School, South Meadows Middle School, and Miller Big Picture to Reece Complete Security Solutions
Time:  8:30 PM, 5 minutes
Authorize the Approval of  Intergovernmental Agreement with the City of Hillsboro
Time:  8:35 PM, 5 minutes
HCU / HEA Reports
Time:  8:40 PM, 5 minutes
Discussion Time
Time:  8:45 PM, 20 minutes
Student Representatives' Time
Superintendent's Time
Board of Directors' Time
Executive Session
Adjourn Regular Session
Time:  9:05 PM
Next Meetings of the Board of Directors
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