September 25, 2018 at 5:15 PM - Regular Board Meeting

5:15 PM - Work Session
Discuss Budget Committee Applications / Introduce Applicants
Time:  5:15 PM, 10 minutes
Citizens’ Curriculum Advisory Committee Candidates - Selection Process
Time:  5:25 PM, 20 minutes
Erin's Law Update
Time:  5:45 PM, 10 minutes
High School Schedule Update
Time:  5:55 PM, 15 minutes
Middle School Redesign Update
Time:  6:10 PM, 15 minutes
Discuss Board Goals
Time:  6:25 PM, 15 minutes
Board Discussion Time
Time:  6:40 PM, 10 minutes
Recess Board Meeting
Time:  6:50 PM
7:00 PM - Regular Session
Call to Order and Flag Salute
Time:  7:00 PM, 5 minutes
Action Item
Appoint Student Representatives to the Board of Directors and Administer the Oath of Office
Time:  7:05 PM, 5 minutes
Student Presentation / Recognition
Recognition: Sharon Angal, Quatama Elementary School Teacher, Recipient of Presidential Award
Time:  7:10 PM, 10 minutes
Approval of Agenda
Time:  7:20 PM
Audience Time
Time:  7:20 PM, 10 minutes
Reports and Discussion
Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee Report
Time:  7:30 PM, 20 minutes
Hillsboro Schools Foundation - Annual Report
Time:  7:50 PM, 10 minutes
Present Superintendent's Goals for 2018-19
Time:  8:00 PM, 5 minutes
Financial Report (see written report)
Time:  8:05 PM, 5 minutes
Consent Agenda
Consent agenda items are distributed to Board members in advance for study, and enacted with a single motion.
Time:  8:10 PM, 5 minutes
Approve Minutes of June 26, 2018, Board Meeting
Approve Minutes of August 6, 2018, Board Meeting
Approve Routine Personnel Matters
Accept Gifts and Donations
Readopt Board / Superintendent Working Agreements
Approve Policy Revisions (presented for first reading on June 26, 2018)
Policy DN: Disposal of District Property
Policy EEACA: School Bus Driver Examination and Training
Policies Regarding Personnel
Policy GCA: License Requirements
Policy GCI/GDI: Assignments and Transfers
Policy GCPB/GDPB: Resignation of Staff
Policy ECG: Vehicle Idling
Action Items
Appoint Citizens’ Curriculum Advisory Committee Members
Time:  8:15 PM, 5 minutes
Appoint Audit Committee
Time:  8:20 PM, 5 minutes
Accept OSCIM Grant and Authorize Signing of Agreement
Time:  8:25 PM, 5 minutes
Award Contract for Construction Management / General Contractor Services for 2019 High School, Middle School, and Elementary School Projects
Time:  8:30 PM, 5 minutes
HCU / HEA Reports
Time:  8:35 PM, 5 minutes
Student Representatives' Time
Time:  8:40 PM, 5 minutes
Superintendent's Time
Time:  8:45 PM, 3 minutes
Board of Directors' Time
Time:  8:48 PM, 17 minutes
Executive Session
Adjourn Regular Session
Time:  9:05 PM
Next Meetings of the Board of Directors
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