October 2, 2018 at 6:00 PM - Board Work Session

6:00 PM - Joint Meeting - Hillsboro School Board and Hillsboro City Council
Partnerships and Collaborations Update
Community Access to Fiber Network
Economic Development and Career and College Pathways
Brainstorming Regarding Future Partnership Opportunities 
Recess Meeting
Time:  6:50 PM
7:00 PM - Hillsboro School District Board of Directors – Work Session
Discuss Relocation of 40-Acre Parcel of Land in South Hillsboro
Time:  7:00 PM, 10 minutes
Northwest Regional Education Service District (NWRESD) Update / Input
Time:  7:10 PM; 10 minutes
Discussion Regarding Political Activity Parameters
Time:  7:20 PM; 20 minutes
Equity Training
Time:  7:40 PM; 90 minutes
Discussion TIme
Time:  9:10 PM, 25 minutes
Student Representatives' Time
Superintendent's Time
Board of Directors' Time
American Education Week Brainstorming
Board Discussion Time
Recess Meeting
Time:  9:35 PM
9:35 PM - Executive Session
ORS 192.660(2)(d)—Labor Negotiator Consultation
Time:  9:35 PM, 15 minutes
Time:  9:50 PM
Next Meetings of the Board of Directors
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