August 6, 2018 at 8:00 AM - Board Work Session - Retreat

8:00 AM - Board Work Session - Retreat
Breakfast and Team-Building Activity 1
Time:  8:00 AM, 20 minutes
Recess Board Meeting; Convene Meeting of the Local Contract Review Board
Time:  8:20 AM, 5 minutes
Public Hearing Regarding Exemptions from Competitive Bidding Requirements
Public Testimony
ACTION:  Review and Approve Findings of Fact for Use of a Request for Proposal with Competitive Bid Process for the Security Systems in Buildings in 2018-2022
ACTION:  Review and Approve Findings of Fact for Special Procurements and Exception from Competitive Bidding, and Authorize a Specific Professional Services Provider
Adjourn Meeting of the Local Contract Review Board; Reconvene Board Meeting
Time:  8:25 AM
ACTION:  Approve Revised Agreement Regarding Easement for Turn Lane at NE Brookwood Parkway and NE 49th Place, Hillsboro
Time:  8:25 AM, 5 minutes
Board Professional Development – Equity Report and Discussion
Leading with Race Report – Presentation of Findings
Time:  8:30 AM, 45 minutes
Equity Discussion
Time:  9:15 AM, 45 minutes
Recess Meeting
Time:  10:00 AM, 10 minutes
Reconvene Meeting
Time:  10:10 AM
Team-Building Activity 2
Time:  10:10 AM, 10 minutes
Planning Ahead
2016-2021 Strategic Plan 
Time:  10:20 AM, 40 minutes
Year 2 Highlights (2017-18)
Year 3 Planning / Goals (2018-19)
OSBA Advocacy / HSD Local Option Levy Discussion
OSBA's Plans for the Upcoming Biennium
Time:  11:00, 30 minutes
Local Option Levy Discussion
Time:  11:30 AM, 60 minutes
Review Data Regarding Community Perception and Appetite for Local Option Levy
Strategy / Timing Discussion
Recess Meeting
Time:  12:30 PM
Lunch Break
Time:  12:30 PM, 30 minutes
Reconvene Meeting
Time:  1:00 PM
Team-Building Activity 3
Time:  1:00 PM, 10 minutes
Planning Ahead
Time:  1:10 PM, 55 minutes
Board Meeting Planning Document Review
Board Discussion – Goals and Priorities
2019-20 Board Meeting Dates
Board Professional Development Discussion
Committee Opportunities
Time:  2:05 PM, 10 minutes
OSBA Summer Conference Reports
Time:  2:15 PM, 20 minutes
NSBA Conference Planning
Time:  2:35, 5 minutes
Review of Board Budget
Time:  2:40 PM, 10 minutes
Review of Expenditures
Bond Update
Time:  2:50 PM, 15 minutes
ACTION:  Authorize Leasing of Warehouse Space for Bond Projects
Time:  3:05 PM, 5 minutes
Recess Meeting
Time:  3:10 PM
Time:  3:10 PM, 10 minutes
Reconvene Meeting
Time:  3:20 PM
Team-Building Activity 4
Time:  3:20 PM, 10 minutes
Teamwork / Communication / Evaluations
Superintendent / Board / District Evaluation Timelines
Time:  3:30 PM, 10 minutes
Board Evaluation Orientation
Time:  3:40 PM, 15 minutes
Review Working Agreements
Time:  3:55 PM, 20 minutes
Time:  4:15 PM, 15 minutes
Information / Updates
Dual Credit Report
Time:  4:30 PM, 30 minutes
Security Advisory Committee
Time:  5:00 PM, 45 minutes
Board Discussion Time
Time:  5:45 PM, 15 minutes
Final Team Builder / Adjourn
Time:  6:00 PM
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