July 11, 2017 at 5:15 PM - Regular Board Meeting

5:15 PM - Work Session
Bond / Budget Update
Review Summer Retreat Agenda
Board / Superintendent Advisory Team (BSAT) Update and Proposal – Student Representatives on the School Board
Superintendent's Committee Opportunities
Discuss 2017-18 and 2018-19 Board Meeting Dates
Board Discussion Time
Recess Board Meeting
7:00 PM - Regular Session
Administer Oath of Office
Approval of Agenda
Audience Time
Reports and Discussion
Curriculum Adoption Cycle: Postpone Selection of Instructional Materials
Financial Report (see written report)
Consent Agenda
Consent agenda items are distributed to Board members in advance for study, and enacted with a single motion.
Approve Minutes of June 13, 2017, Board Meeting
Approve Routine Personnel Matters
Accept Gifts and Donations
Establish Tuition Rates for Nonresident Students
Approve Annual Depository, Auditor, Legal Counsel, Newspaper, and Agent Designations
Approve Annual Clerk / Officer Designations
Approve Annual Crime Policy Coverage Limits
Readopt Policy DFAA: Capital Project Fund
Establish Mileage Reimbursement Rate
Approve Parent Organization Activities for Liability Insurance Coverage
Award Contract for Commercial Food Products
Approve Intergovernmental Agreement Between Hillsboro School District and the City of Hillsboro’s Parks and Recreation Department
Action Items
Elect Board Chair and Vice Chair
Declare Surplus Equipment and Authorize Disposal by Public Auction
NWRESD / HCU / HEA Reports
Superintendent's Time
Board of Directors' Time
Executive Session
Adjourn Regular Session
Next Meetings of the Board of Directors
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