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December 20, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Regular School Board Meeting

1. Call to Order
Discussion:  The regular board meeting was called to order by Chair Bredman at 7:18 PM
2. Roll Call
Discussion:  Members present: Dion Bredman, Marla Field, Ryan Lindbom, Greg Berg, Jacob Thompson, Leslie Shirek, Dave Herbranson and Superintendent Ellerbusch.
Guests present: Bryan Strand, Todd Henrickson, Jodi Samuelson, Brooke Fradet, Erin Ellingson, Michael Stein, Karen Lauer, Ryan Tonsfeldt, Joel Voxland, Dusty and Sara Hough, Jennifer Pickett, Andy Maier, Jason Rick, Britta Teeples, Holly Inniger, Susie Duval, Mariah Dant, Jennifer and Kyle Gylland, Erick Knudson, Jerry Feigum
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Approval of Agenda
7. Appreciation, Recognition and Presentations
7.A. Truth in Taxation Hearing
Presenter:  Jodi Samuelson
Discussion:  Presented by Jodi Samuelson
8. Recognition of Citizens for Input Purposes
Discussion:  Community members Dusty and Sarah Hough addressed the Board to discuss wanting a better system in place when choosing chaperones for the New York trip, as well wanting the Board to re-look at the SRO position. 
9. Reports/News
9.A. High School Principal's Report
9.D. Board Committee Reports
10. Removal of Consent Items for Discussion
11. Approval of Consent Items
Discussion:  Motion to approve item letters A-C of consent agenda.
11.A. Personnel
Description:  All hirings are based upon the findings of each individual's background check, licensure status, and discipline report from the Minnesota Department of Education.
11.A.1) Lane Change for Erin Ellingson from MA to MA +10
11.A.2) Lane Change for Nathan Strand from MA + 10 to MA +20
11.A.3) Resignation from Ruth Johnson as Cook
11.A.4) Resignation from McKinzie Solum's as Assistant Girl's Track Coach
11.A.5) Hire Jack Schaub as Assistant Girl's Track Coach
11.A.6) Hire Maizey Berg as Head Boy's Track Coach
11.A.7) Hire Scott Amundson as 7th Grade Boys Basketball Coach
11.A.8) Hire Lauren Swenson as Long-term Substitute Paraprofessional  
11.A.9) Hire Cora Sorenson as a Student Custodian
11.A.10) Hire Mya Askegard as a Student Custodian
11.A.11) Hire Aaron Baker as a Community Education Basketball Coach for 2021-22 Season
11.A.12) Hire Spencer Schumacher as a Community Education Basketball Coach for 2021-22 Season
11.A.13) Hire Joseph Torfin as a Community Education Basketball Coach for 2021-22 Season
11.A.14) Unpaid Leave of Absence for Ashley Schwartz
11.A.15) Termination of Probationary Custodian Jimmie Gant
11.B. Donations
11.B.1) $100 Donation from Karen and Gerald Lauer for Elementary Library Books
11.B.2) $1,725 Donation from Barnesville Booster Club for a Sideline Replay System for Football
11.B.3) $1,026 Donation from Barnesville Booster Club for Girls Track and Field T-shirts and Buses
11.B.4) $500 Donation from Barnesville Booster Club for Boys Basketball Summer Team Camps 
11.B.5) $4,400 Donation from Barnesville Area Community Fund for Kids Club
11.C. Seniority Lists
11.C.1) 2021-2022 Seniority List for Certified Education Minnesota Barnesville
11.C.2) 2021-2022 Seniority List for Paraprofessionals
11.C.3) 2021-2022 Seniority List for Custodians
12. New Business
12.A. Property Tax Abatement for Qualified Owners
Discussion:  Those in favor: Marla Field, Dave Herbranson, Dion Bredman and Ryan Lindbom
Those against: Jacob Thompson, Leslie Shirek and Greg Berg
12.B. Certification of Property Tax Levy 2021, Payable 2022
12.C. Appointment Ryan Lindbom to Region 1 Joint Powers Board
12.D. Full-time Cook Position
12.E. ESSER III Budget
Parent Feedback on Needs Assessment and ESSER III Funding
Teacher Feedback on Needs Assessment and ESSER III Funding

13. Addendum
13.A. Perham Holiday Basketball Tournament
14. Discussion/Information
14.A. Joint Powers Board Election
14.B. MREA Board of Directors Election
14.C. Construction Update
15. Enrollment Update
Discussion:  Kindergarten -6th Grade: 503, 7th Grade-12th Grade: 393, Total enrollment: 896
16. Dates to Remember
16.A. Organizational School Board meeting
16.A.1) Monday, January 3, 2022, 7:00 PM
16.B. Regular School Board Meeting
16.B.1) Monday, January 24, 2022, 7:00 PM
17. Closing Meeting for Negotiation Strategies
18. Adjournment

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