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December 14, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Regular Board of Education Meeting

A. Call to Order and Welcome
B. Silent Meditation
C. Pledge of Allegiance
D. Roll Call
E. Approval of the Agenda
F. Cavalier Recognition 
Employee of the Month for November-Mark Buckley
Employee of the Month for December-Dennis Braid
Description:  Kandi Rivette-November
Stacey Fulton-December
Lilly Evans-Cross Country Athlete
Alan Montgomery-Coach Honors
Steve Herrick-Assistant Coach Honors
Christine Barry-Board Member
G. Consent Agenda
G.1. Approval of minutes, consideration of bills and accounts:
a. General Fund/Athletic bills, as listed in the amount of $383,878.23
b. Lunch Fund bills, as listed in the amount of $78,707.67
c. Capital Projects $0.00
d. 2016 Bond Proceeds 5/3 $ 22,054.81
e. 2016 Debt Retirement Chemical $0.00
f. Approval of the minutes from the Board of Education's special meeting of December 8, 2020  
H. Student Report
I. Communications and Expressions from the Public:
The public is invited to ask questions or offer suggestions.  The board does reserve the right to limit the amount of time devoted to a specific topic (usually three minutes per person and thirty minutes total). Please complete and submit the Public Communication Form to the recording secretary prior to speaking.
J. Financial Report
K. Expenditure Report
L. Curriculum Report
L.1. December Curriculum Update
L.2. Corunna Public Schools Extended Continuity of Learning Plan (ECLP)
  1. November weekly interaction rate (# of students with 2-way interactions/# of students enrolled in district)

  2. November attendance percentage (# of students with one 2-way interaction November 2 - December 4/# of students enrolled - November 2 - December 4) 

  3. Health department metrics/Health department metrics and COVID-19 Status

    4. Parent feedback

    Full Board Action is Needed to Reaffirm the District's Extended Covid Learning Plan (ECLP)

M. Superintendent's Personnel Recommendations
Description:  Full Board Action is Needed.
M.1. A recommedation to acknowledge the resignation of Kyle Robinson as the head varsity football coach 
M.2. A recommendation to acknowledge the resignation of Holly Bauer as the competitive cheer coach.
M.3. A recommendation to acknowledge the resignation of Marjorie Westerlund as an office manager at Nellie Reed Elementary, due to retirement, effective January 30, 2021. 
M.4. A recommendation to hire Kyle Gregoricka as the varsity boys soccer coach through EDUStaff 
M.5. A recommendation to hire Kimberly Fauth-Newberry as a 1:1 paraprofessional at Elsa Meyer Elementary
N. Unfinished Business 
N.1. Policies for the Second Reading
Description:  1. Tuition Enrollment Program (TEP)
PO3120 Employment of Professional Staff
PO4120 Employment of Support Staff
PO2266.01 Non Discrimination

Full Board Action will be Needed.
N.2. A possible motion for the Board of Education to approve moving ahead with a bond proposal in May.
Description:  Motion to approve the scope of the project for the two bond proposals and submittal of PQA.
O. New Business 
O.1. Policies for the First Reading
  1. 4362.01 Threatening Behavior Toward Staff Members

  2. 5610 Emergency Removal, Suspension, and Expulsion of Students

  3. 5611 Due Process Rights

  4. 7440 Facility Security

  5. 6114 Cost Principles - Spending Federal Funds

  6. 6325 Procurement Federal Grants/Funds

    This is for discussion only.

O.2. A recommendation to approve the tentative agreement between the Corunna Public Schools' Board of Education and the Corunna Education Association 
O.3. Class Action Lawsuit
Description:  Full Board action will be needed.
P. Reports from the Staff
Q. Informational Items
Q.1. Food Service-Shared Office Manager
Q.2. Special Education Teacher(s)
R. Closed Session

(a) To consider the dismissal, suspension, or disciplining of, or to hear
complaints or charges brought against, or to consider a periodic personnel evaluation of, a public officer, employee, staff member or individual agent, if the named person requests a closed hearing. 
A person requesting a closed hearing may rescind the request at any
time, in which case the matter at issue shall be considered after the
rescission only in open session.

S. Adjourn
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