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November 16, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Regular Board of Education Meeting

A. Call to Order and Welcome
B. Silent Meditation
C. Pledge of Allegiance
D. Roll Call
E. Approval of the Agenda
F. Cavalier Recognition 
F.1. November Employee of the Month
G. Consent Agenda
G.1. Approval of minutes, consideration of bills and accounts:
a. General Fund/Athletic bills, as listed in the amount of $ 397,301.52
b. Lunch Fund bills, as listed in the amount of $ $123,692.41
c. Capital Projects $ 0.00
d. 2016 Bond Proceeds 5/3 $15,264.95
e. 2016 Debt Retirement Chemical $ 281,000.00
f. Approval of the minutes from the Board of Education's regular meeting of October 19, 2020 and the Committee of the Whole meeting of November 11, 2020.  
H. Student Report
I. Communications and Expressions from the Public:
The public is invited to ask questions or offer suggestions.  The board does reserve the right to limit the amount of time devoted to a specific topic (usually three minutes per person and thirty minutes total). Please complete and submit the Public Communication Form to the recording secretary prior to speaking.
J. Financial Report
J.1. Audit

The final 2019-2020 financial audit, which will be presented at the November Board meeting. This is for discussion only.

K. Expenditure Report
L. Curriculum Report
L.1. November Curriculum Update
L.2. Corunna Public Schools Extended Continuity of Learning Plan (ECLP)
Description:  As a Board you will once again this month reaffirm the district's Extended COVID Learning Plan (ECLP) and reviewed the components below as required by law for the 2020-2021 school year.

October weekly interaction rate (# of students with 2-way interactions/# of students enrolled in district)

October attendance percentage (# of students with one 2-way interaction October 2 - October 30/# of students enrolled - October 2 - October 30)

Health Department Metrics

Full Board action is needed.

M. Superintendent's Personnel Recommendations
Description:  Full Board Action is Needed.
M.1. A recommendation to acknowledge the resignation of Selena McCorkle as a custodian at Louise Peacock Children's Services
M.2. A recommendation to acknowledge the resignation of Blake Golab as the varsity boys volleyball coach
M.3. A recommendation to hire Holly McLaughlin as a Cook II at Corunna Middle School
M.4. A recommendation to hire Alicia Jones as a paraprofessional at Nellie Reed Elementary
M.5. A recommendation to hire Shonny Perez as a paraprofessional at Elsa Meyer Elementary
M.6. A recommendatio to hire Teresa Walter as a 1 on 1 paraprofessional at Corunna Middle School
M.7. A recommendation to hire Sarah-Eileen Miller as a paraprofessional at Elsa Meyer Elementary
M.8. A recommendation to hire Mindy Dunn as a middle school volleyball coach
M.9. A recommendation to hire Holly Bauer as the competitive cheer coach
M.10. A recommendation to hire Andy Zeeman as the middle school wrestling coach
M.11. A recommendation to hire Casey Smith as the 7th grade basketball coach
M.12. A recommendation to hire Zach Sawyer as the 9th grade boys basketball coach
N. Unfinished Business 
O. New Business 
O.1. Policies for the First Reading
Description:  a. Tuition Enrollment Program (TEP)
b. PO 3120 Employment of Professional Staff
c. PO4120 Employment of Support Staff
d. PO2266.01 Non Discrimination

This is for discussion only.
P. Reports from the Staff
Q. Informational Items
Q.1. Cares Funding
Description:  This is for discussion only.
Q.2. Bond Extension
Q.3. Board Pictures
R. Closed Session

Closed Session 15.267 Closed session; permissible purposes

(b) To consider the dismissal, suspension, or discipling of a student if the public body is part of a the school district, intermediate school district, or institution of higher education that the student is attending, and if the student or the student's parent or guardian requests a closed session.
(c) For strategy and negotiation sessions connected with the negotiation of a collective bargaining agreement if either negotiating party requests a closed session.

S. Adjourn
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