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October 12, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Monthly Committee Meetings

A. Buildings and Grounds
Presenter:  Bu
A.1. Maintenance/Technology Template

The committee will discuss the progress made on the Technology/Maintenance Planning/Inventory/Purpose spreadsheet to ensure we are meeting the short-term and long-term needs of our district.  This is for discussion only. 

A.2. Middle School Sidewalk
Description:  The committee will discuss the sidewalks on the east side of the Middle School.  Depending on how much money remains after the bus garage project, bond money would be used to help repair the concrete sidewalk.  At this time, we do not have estimates on what it would cost for the repair.  This will be for discussion only.
B. Curriculum
Presenter:  Bu
C. Policy
Presenter:  Bu
C.1. Title IX Regulations
Description:  The committee will discuss the following policies for a second reading.  It was suggested the Title IX Board Policy be reviewed annually at our organizational meeting.  Full Board action will be needed.
D. Personnel and Finance
Presenter:  Bu
D.1. A recommendation to acknowledge the resignation of Jeff Sawyer as the boys freshman basketball coach.
D.2. A recommendation to acknowledge the resignation of Kari Carnell as the 8th grade volleyball coach
D.3. Cheryl Kribs has asked to be transfered to Corunna Middle School
D.4. A recommendation to hire Teresa Walter as a one to one paraprofessional at Corunna Middle School.
D.5. A recommendation to hire LouAnn Hall as a Cook II at Corunna High School
D.6. A recommendation to hire Karrie Craddock as a Cook III at Elsa Meyer Elementary
D.7. Possible SEL paraprofessional at Elsa Meyer
D.8. Possible 8th grade volleyball coach
D.9. Possible 9th grade boys basketball coach
D.10. Possible general education paraprofessional
D.11. Possible middle school yearbook advisor
D.12. Bus drivers
Description:  The committee will discuss ways to attract and retain bus drivers.  every school in the county  (and perhaps the state and country) is struggling to find bus drivers.  Each county districts= is teetering right now and having to cancel a route on a certain day(s)  because there aren't drivers to pick up the kids. This will be for discussion only.
D.13. Monthly fFnancial Infomation
Description:  This will be for discussion only.
D.14. Audit
Description:  The committee was informed the final 2019-2020 financial audit will be presented at the November Board meeting.  This is for discussion only.
D.15. Negotiations

Full Board action will be necessary. The committee will discuss going into closed session at Monday’s Board meeting to discuss negotiations with the teachers’ and custodians’ unions.

E. Informational for All Committees
E.1. Corunna Public Schools Extended Continuity of Learning Plan (ECLP)
Description:  The committees will discuss the district's Extended COVID Learning Plan (ECLP). 
  1. September weekly interaction rate (# of students with 2-way interactions/# of students enrolled in district)
  2. September 1-3

  3. September 8-11

  4. September 14-18

  5. September 21-25

  6. September 28-October 2

    2. September attendance percentage (# of students with one 2-way interaction Sept. 1 - Oct. 2/# of students enrolled Sept. 1 - Oct. 2)

    3. Health department metrics

    Full Board action will be needed. And we reaffirming the District's Extended Learning Plan as required by law for the 2020-2021 school year. 

E.2. Schools of Choice
Description:  The committee discussed in detail ways to enhance our school of choice enrollment program by looking at a Tuition Enrollment Program (TEP) and made multiple language changes. The committee is hoping to have it ready for a first reading for the November Board meeting.  
E.3. Corona-virus Relief Funds (CRF)

We are looking at the following ways to use our CRF funds. Remember we need to have items/services invoiced, paid for, and on site by December in order to use these funds. And, we didn’t find out about this money until September. Additionally, there are only specific things we can use the funds for, and they must be Corona-virus related.  I have received input from staff on what they would need to be able to effectively deliver virtual instruction should we move to Phase 3, and have been working hand-in-hand with Josh and Lindsey from the RESD to ensure we are meeting all stipulations of the grant money we  have available. I did make a decision to purchase some laptops on Wednesday as the spot bid closed (which means we didn’t have to go out for bids). We were able to get touchscreen laptops for $614; beginning Thursday, the state price for the same laptop moved to $1,328.42. We ordered 100. The attached document is a draft of what we’re looking to use the grant money for. 

E.4. Budget Resolution
Description:  Each committee will discuss the upcoming budget resolution, planned for November 2020.  This is for discussion only.
E.5. Recognitions that we have missed
E.6. October Employee of the Month-Andrew Hudson
E.7. Superintendent Evaluation
E.8. Resolution to Grant Emergency Powers to Superintendent during the 2020-2021 school year.
E.9. Negotiations
Description:  The committee will discuss going into closed session at Monday's Board meeting to discuss negotiations with the teacher' adn custodians' unions.  Full Board action will be necessary.
E.10. Facilities Needs
Description:  The committee discussed the Facility Project List and Possible Bond Requests - Athletics and will continue to review and help prioritize items as we look for a potential bond extension and/or a sinking fund to be able to meet the district’s facility needs. If we are able to get a zero-mill increase extension, it could net us around $3.2 million in actual repair dollars. 
  • Building and Grounds Would like to investigate what it might take to get all students BK/K/Pre1st into Elsa Meyer and look at different ways we can use Nellie Reed. 

  • Policy Discussed presenting the idea to the community about putting nearly $2.6 million into the complete renovation of Nellie Reed vs. adding on to Elsa Meyer (for nearly $1 less).

This was for discussion only. 

E.11. Curriculum Update
Description:  Jamie has put together and update regarding items we have been working on in the area of curriculum. At Monday’s meeting, she will share the successes/challenges, and ask if there are other questions you may have.
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