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June 10, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Committee of the Whole Meeting

A. Call to Order and Welcome
B. Silent Meditation
C. Pledge of Allegiance
D. Roll Call
E. Approval of the Agenda
F. Communications and Expressions from the Public:
The public is invited to ask questions or offer suggestions.  The board does reserve the right to limit the amount of time devoted to a specific topic (usually three minutes per person and thirty minutes total). Please complete and submit the Public Communication Form to the recording secretary prior to speaking.
G. Bus Garage
Description:  The committee will discuss bids for the Bus Garage.  This was for discussion only.
H. High School Math
  1. The committee discussed a potential implementation plan (below) for the HS math department to use EngageNY as its curriculum source. 

    1. 2020-2021: Algebra I 

    2. 2021-2022: Geometry

    3. 2022-2023: Algebra II and Eighth-grade math (this will be the year that our 6/7th graders are 

coming from middle school to high school with EngageNY experience.)

This was for discussion only.

I. Next School Year
  1. he committee discussed the four options we will use to reopen schools next year. 1) "normal" school; 2) 100% virtual, 3) Innovation Academy for 8th-12th graders, and 4) Blended (online and in-person). This was for discussion only. 

J. Policies, Guidelines and Forms for the First Reading
  1. First reading of policies   

    1. 2210 curriculum development - approved courses

    2. 2412 Homebound Instruction Program

    3. 2414 Reproductive Health and Family Planning

    4. 3362.01 Threatening Behavior Toward Staff Members

    5. 4162 Controlled Substance and Alchohol Policy for Commerical Motor Vehicle (CMV) Drivers and Other Employees Who Perform Safety-Sensitive Functions

    6. 5200 Attendance

    7. 5335 Care of Students With Chronic Health Conditions

    8. 6107 Authorization to Accept and Distribute Electronic Records and to Use Electronic Signatures

    9. 8210 School Calendar

    10. 8400 School Safety Information

    11. 8462 Student Abuse and Neglect

    12. 8600 Transportation


We did not get to anything past the policies....

  1. First reading of administrative guidelines   

    1. 2412 Homebound Instruction Program

    2. 4162B Handling of Test Results, Record Retention and Confidentiality

    3. 5460.01 Graduation Requirements Career and Technical Education (CTE)

    4. 8431A Integrated Pest Management

  1. First reading of Forms 

K. MHSAA Resolution
Description:  This is for discussion only.
L. Personnel
Description:  Francis Osika
Lyndsay Harrison
M. Financial Reports
Description:  This is for discussion only.
N. 2019-2020 Budget
  1. This year’s budget was discussed. A special meeting will be 6:45 p.m., Monday, June 15. Full Board action is needed. 

O. 2020-2021 Budget
  1. Next year’s budget was discussed. A special meeting will be 6:45 p.m., Monday, June 15. Full Board action is needed. 

P. State Aid Borrowing Resolution
Description:  Full Board action will be needed.
Q. Professional Staff Negotiations
R. Custodial Agreement
  1. The committee will discuss a tentative agreement with the custodians. This was for discussion only. 

Description:  Full Board Action will be needed.
T. Informational Items
Description:  June Committee Board Meetings
 -Will be virtual

-Will need to do online training; will begin usin new format in July.
T.1. Graduation Update
T.2. Corunna Athletics Reopening
T.3. Title IX Policies
Description:  Must adopt new policies in August -- will be lengthy (first reading in July...)
T.4. FFA
T.5. Teacher and Employee of the Year Reception
Description:  (Kim Phillips) and Teacher (Robyn Lentz) of the Year Celebration Here is a link with responsibilities and roles for when we have the celebration.
U. Adjourn
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