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May 8, 2017 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

Description:  This meeting is called to order at __________ pm by ____________________.
Description:  Are there any items that should be added to the agenda at this time?
There being no additional items, we will move to the Consent Agenda.
OR Please note that the following items will be added to the agenda (list items):

Description:  (Enclosure for each item provided)
The following are offered as part of the Consent Agenda.  The motion noted will allow for the authorization of all listed items, without discussion, unless a member of the Board requests that any one of all be considered individually.
5.A. Secretary's Report
Description:  April 10, 2017 Regular Meeting Minutes
5.B. Consent Agenda Approval
Are there any additions or corrections to the Consent Agenda?
There being no changes (OR with the stated changes), DO I HEAR A MOTION regarding these items?

Suggested motion: I move to approve the Consent Agenda items as received (or corrected).
Motion by ___________ and supported by _______________ to approve the Consent Agenda items as received (OR corrected).
All those in favor say aye:
Al those in favor say nay:
Motion carries (is defeated)

Description:  Is there any public comment on the Consent Agenda & Regular Agenda items?
Hearing none, we will move on to Presentations/Reports.
7.A. EES Student Presentation - Maker Night
Presenter:  Nick Travis (Teacher)
Description:         Students: (6) Six 2nd grade Student Council members

Maker Night was the Student Council fundraiser for the 2016-2017 school year. This event hosted a variety of hands-on activities that catered to all ages. This event was well attended and operated
at a zero expense to the school. Profits will be used to purchase materials for the TECS program.
7.B. EES Student Presentation - Pike, The Therapy Dog
Presenter:  Nicole Vale (Owner/Handler)
Description:  My name is Nicole Vale and I am a parapro at the Mattawan Early Elementary.  I am part of the Intervention team at the EES.  One of the other members of this team is Pike, my two year old Newfoundland.  Throughout the school year Pike attends school on Mondays and Wednesdays. Pike provides an unmatched level of comfort, support, and connection that no human can provide.  Pike's presence is clearly felt by the entire school body.  Students see him in the hallways, in classrooms, and outside and when they do it puts a smile on their faces.  Pike provides breaks and sessions with students that have been identified by the building staff and intervention team, providing an additional level of support and care for our students at Mattawan EES.  Pike has captured the hearts of many students, not to mention staff, at Mattawan.  Pike provides a safe and calming presence for the students, promoting a safe and positive school climate.  If a student expresses enjoyment of Pike's presence, Pike can be utilized to help that student regulate when they become frustrated or sad during the school day.  We are so proud to say that Pike is part of our staff here at Mattawan EES.
7.C. LES Student Presentation - Peer-to-Peer
Presenter:  Jennifer Omo & Amanda Janowiak (Teachers)
Description:         Students:
  • Brett Crocker
  • Tanner Christensen
  • Holly Warner
  • Sydney Smullen
The Later Elementary has been piloting Peer to Peer within Mrs. Omo's and Miss Janowiak's third grade classrooms this year.  Peer to Peer is a volunteer program linking general education peers with students who have disabilities in order to support those students throughout day. I have 20 students without disabilities participating and 4 students with disabilities. Our students meet during lunch, participate in a lesson that builds disability awareness and then are joined by our students with disabilities for team building activities. Our students with and without disabilities both reap the benefits of promoting a move inclusive environment.
7.D. LES Student Presentation - Minecraft
Presenter:  Jason Osborn (Teacher)
Description:         Students (5th Grade):
  • Emery Clark
  • Sarah Hakala
  • Ava Brown
For the past three or four weeks, students have worked hard to make their Minecraft buildings as close to perfect as possible. They made teepees, longhouses, crops, and decorations, and set it up the same way our native tribes would have done it.  As you walk through the village, you will see signs with the
information that will guide your steps and help you understand what you are looking at.
7.E. LES Student Presentation - STEAM Maker Space Club
Presenter:  Tracie Osborn (Teacher)
Description:         Students:
  • Katie Leinwand
  • Jake Driscoll
  • Anna Williamson
  • Jack Nicey
The STEAM Club has been an absolute success so far! It's been amazing to watch these young 4th graders create, problem-solve, collaborate and build from their imagination. The Club is free from a
predetermined curriculum, and allows kids to take risks when inventing, building and bringing their ideas to life!
7.F. HS Student Presentation - Digital Media
Presenter:  Matt Boven (Teacher)
Description:         Students (Seniors):
  • Zach Crocker
  • Michael Robinson
  • Gabe Sulpizio
  • Nick Candey
This project-base class provides hands-on learning opportunities using digital media technologies.  The focus is digital storytelling with technology-related tools (i-movie, adobe premiere, etc.).  Also, students learn the basics of photography and create a digital portfolio that they will take with them in case they choose to pursue a career in photography.  In addition, students will investigate careers in digital media and they will interact with professionals currently employed in the industry.
7.G. MS Student Presentation - Severe Weather Awareness Video Winner
Presenter:  Melinda Boydston (Teacher) / Chip Schuman (Principal)
Description:         Students (7th Grade):
  • Charlie Isham
Charlie Isham received 1st place in the Michigan Committee for Severe Weather Awareness 2017 Video Contest.  The contest was open to any Michigan student in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade.  They had to create a video PSA that addressed what individuals and families should do to prepare for Michigan severe weather such as snowstorms, severe old, severe heat, tornadoes, thunderstorms, lighting, or floods.  Melinda Boydston introduced Charlie and his parents to the idea of entering the competition at fall conferences.  Charlie had done a really good job on his video projects in class so she thought this kind of competition would be something he might be interested in.  On April 18th, Charlie traveled to the State Capital to receive his award.  After the award ceremony, Charlie and his family toured the State‚Äôs Emergency Operations Center, followed by a luncheon at the Michigan State Police Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division.
7.H. MS Student Presentation - Salmon in the Classroom
Presenter:  John Ablao (Teacher) / Chip Schuman (Principal)
Description:         Students (6th Grade):
  • Eliana Ruhrup
  • Noor Alvi
Salmon in the classroom is a project by the Michigan DNR.  The students learn about salmon and their
fragility in their natural environment. Groups of students test the water throughout the time the salmon are in the classroom.  They were able to see the salmon grow from the egg stage to smolts.  The class then takes the Salmon to the Little Paw Paw River to release them into the wild. 
7.I. MS Student Presentation - Hometown Hero
Presenter:  Anne Weston & Laurie Hogan-McClean (Teachers)
Description:         Students:
  • Jenna Stout
  • Meghan LaBond
  • Genevieve Woodby
  • Anna Zepke
  • Riley Priest
Our eighth graders nominated community members for the first ever Mattawan Middle School Hometown Hero Award and created documentaries persuading audiences to vote for their hero. The students included persuasive writing elements such as claims, evidence, counterarguments, rebuttals, and thesis statements in each video.  They also learned about filming techniques such as the rule of thirds and
collecting B-roll footage.  Our students interviewed community members and even traveled to various locations where their heroes work or volunteer to get really great persuasive footage.  They used Wevideo, an online video editing software, and persevered through many technical glitches along the way.

At the end of the project, students presented their videos to the class, and each class voted for one winner.  Then, each class watched the top 5 videos, and our teams each nominated a hero to receive the MMS Hometown Hero Award. Team 8-1's hero is Scott Randolph, a Vietnam war veteran, and Team 8-2's hero is Scott Sanderson, a K-9 unit trainer for the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety.  We held an official award ceremony on January 13th and invited each hero to school to receive his award.  It was a very moving experience for the students - especially when Mr. Randolph spoke about his experiences in Vietnam.  Finally, as a surprise, Laurie and I showed our example video that we had created about Chip to honor him during the ceremony as well.
7.J. HS Student Presentation - WiredKats Robotics Team
Presenter:  April Turner & Jim Tully (Advisors)
Description:         Students:
  • Drew Bertoldi
  • Devin Tully (7th)
  • Zoe Turner (11th)
  • Morgan (11th)
  • Griffin McEvoy (9th)
  • Drew Seiser
  • Ayla Cross (8th)
  • Jacob Bodzianowski (10th)
  • Allah Lloyd (11th)
  • Matt Hummel (11th)
  • Logan Rosined (9th)
This year, the high school WiredKats have been awarded the Excellence in Engineering Award, Pit Safety Award, and the best Gear Bot Design Award and qualified for state championship in Saginaw, Michigan on April 12-15 and the World Championship in St. Louis, Missouri on April 26-29.  At the World Competition, the WiredKats ranked 19 out of 68 teams.
7.K. Superintendent's Report
Presenter:  Dr. Robin Buchler
7.L. School Board Report
7.M. Bond Report/Update
Presenter:  Russ Young, Director of Buildings & Grounds
10. 2017 School Building and Site Bonds, Series II
Presenter:  Bill Disch, Assistant Superintendent for Business Services
11. 2017-2018 VBISD General Fund Resolution
Description:  (Four minute individual limit)
Are there any visitors wishing to address the Board?
Description:  May 29th - No school, Memorial Day
May 30th - Senior Send-Off Assembly, 9:45am
May 31st - Graduation
                  WMU's Miller Auditorium, 7:00pm
June 6th - Educational Hero Awards Dinner
                 ISD Conference Center, 6:00pm
June 15th - Student's last day
June 26th - June Regular Board Meeting
Description:  * Did the Board take a recess?  If yes, Recessed at _________ pm and reconvened at _________ pm.
* Did the Board enter into a work session?  If yes, was any action taken?
   Actions taken:

DO I HEAR A MOTION to adjourn the meeting?
Motion by ___________________ and supported by ___________________ to adjourn.
Meeting adjourned at _________ pm.
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