March 12, 2015 at 7:00 PM - Regular Board of Education Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Routine
II.A. Roll Call
II.B. Approval of Financial Report and Pay March 12, 2015 Bills
II.C. Consent Agenda
II.C.1. Approval of Payment of Extra Bills - February 24, 2015
II.C.2. Approval of February 9, 2015 Committee of the Whole Meeting Minutes
II.C.3. Approval of February 12, 2015 Regular Board Meeting Minutes
II.C.4. Approval of February 26, 2015 Special Board Meeting Minutes
II.C.5. Approval of March 9, 2015 Finance Committee Meeting Minutes
II.C.6. Approval of March 9, 2015 Special Board Meeting Minutes
II.C.7. Approval of March 10, 2015 Special Board Meeting Minutes
II.D. Public Comments
III. Old Business
III.A. Approval of 2nd Reading and adoption of the following District Policy Amendments: 2:140; 4:10 (Footnotes updated in response to Legislation); 4:45;  4:110; 4:120; 4:130; 4:150; 5:10; 5:130 (Footnotes updated in response to Legislation); 5:185; 5:220; 5:250; 6:20; 6:60 (District Specific); 6:110; 6:280; 6:340; 7:50 (District Specific); 7:100; 7:220 (A Footnote is updated in response to an Illinois Supreme Court Decision); 7:270; 8:20 (Footnote is updated in response to Legislation).
III.B. Approval of 2nd reading of the 2015-2016 Public School Calendar
IV. Administrative Reports
IV.A. Mrs Borlin's Class Presentation on Landscaping the CIS Courtyard
IV.B. Washington Building Summary Report (February, 2015)
IV.C. Report from IASB CIV Regional Dinner Meeting
IV.D. Present K-8 Teachers Recommended for Tenure
IV.E. District Building Updates
IV.E.1. Central Primary School
IV.E.2. Central Intermediate School
IV.F. FOIA Requests (none to date)
V. New Business
V.A. Approval of Property Casualty, Workers Compensation Renewal at Cost not to Exceed $103,031 for the Year Commencing April, 2015.
V.B. Approval to Pursue Implementation of Skyward Student Management Software as a Cost not to Exceed $26,670 for the Remainder of this Year and $34,639 for FY16. Future Year Renewal is Listed at $13,025 Per Year. This Includes the Option (2,400 annually) of Cloud Server Storage.
V.C. Approval to Pursue Implementation of Versa-Trans Bus Routing Software as a Cost Not to Exceed $3,000 in FY15 and $11,315.75 in FY16. Renewal Service in Future Years is $3,555. (This Does Not Include Cost and Installation of GPS Hardware on Buses.)
V.D. Approval to Pursue Implementation of School-Guard Critical Incident Response Software at an Initial Cost of $2,500 for FY16 and $1,200 Per Year after that..
V.E. Personnel
V.E.1. Approval of Resignation of Certified or Non-Certified Employee
V.E.2. Approval of Retirement Notification of a Certified Employee
V.E.3. Approval of Employment of a Certified or Non-Certified Employee
V.E.4. Approval to Grant Tenure to Qualifying Certified Employees
V.E.5. Approval to Grant Unpaid Leaves of Absence to Certified Employees
VI. Closed Session
VI.A. Personnel - 5 ILC5 120/2 (c) (1)
VII. Other Business
VII.A. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Education is Thursday, April 16, 2015 at Central Intermediate School
VII.B. Items from the Board
VIII. Adjourn
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