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December 18, 2018 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Salute to the Flag
3. Reading of Mission Statement
Description:  "Community High School strives to promote and provide growth experiences in Learning, Leadership and Living."
4. Roll Call
5. Additions to the Agenda - (Voice Vote)
Description:  RECOMMENDED MOTION: That the Board of Education approve the addition of the topics shown above to this agenda.
1. Grecia Bahena
Presenter:  Katherine Doremus
1. Student of the Month:
Guadalupe Arriola
Attachments: (1)
2. Academic Achievement:
Gavin O'Keefe
Attachments: (1)
1. Superintendent's Report
Presenter:  Doug Domeracki
1.a. Student Representative Report - Olivia Bartler
1.b. FOIA(s)
2. Director of Building Operations Report
Presenter:  Gordon Cole
3. Director of Business Services Report
Presenter:  David Blatchley
3.a. Baker, Tilly Audit Report
4. Director of Human Resources Report
Presenter:  Cheryl Moore
4.a. Procedures for Salary Schedule Placement
Attachments: (1)
5. Principal's Report
Presenter:  Moses Cheng
Attachments: (2)
6. IASB-IASA-IASBO Joint Annual Conference Reports
Presenter:  Board Members
7. Student Services Report
Presenter:  David Pater
Attachments: (1)
8. Committee and Representative Reports
8.a. Communications
8.b. Education
8.b.1. RECOMMENDED MOTION: That the Education Committee approve the minutes of November 14, 2018.
Attachments: (1)
8.c. Facilities
8.d. Finance
8.d.1. RECOMMENDED MOTION: That the Finance Committee approve the minutes of December 3, 2018.
Attachments: (1)
8.e. Facility and Finance
Attachments: (1)
8.e.1. RECOMMENDED MOTION: That the Facility and Finance Committees approve the minutes of minutes of December 14, 2018.
8.f. Human Resources
8.g. Policy
8.g.1. RECOMMENDED MOTION: That the Policy Committee approve the minutes of November 27 and December 3, 2018.
Attachments: (2)
8.h. SASED
8.i. Other
9. Future Dates
9.a. Regular Board of Education Meeting - January 15, 2019
9.b. Regular Board of Education Meeting - February 19, 2019
10. Open Comment - Board Members
Presenter:  Board Members
11. Future Issues
1. Items Removed from Consent Agenda for Separate Action 
2. Consent Agenda Action for All Items Except Those Listed in 1. Above
1. Approval of Minutes
1.a. Regular Board of Education Meeting - November 13, 2018
Attachments: (1)
1.b. Closed Session Board of Education Meeting - At Table - November 13, 2018
1.c. Special Board of Education Meeting - December 4, 2018
Attachments: (1)
1.d. Closed Session Special Board of Education Meeting - At Table - December 4, 2018
1.d.1. RECOMMENDED MOTION: That the Board of Education approve the minutes of the meeting(s) as listed above.
2. Acceptance of Minutes
2.a. Education Committee Meeting - November 14, 2018
Attachments: (1)
2.b. Policy Committee Meeting - November 27, 2018
Attachments: (1)
2.c. Finance Committee Meeting - December 3, 2018
Attachments: (1)
2.d. Policy Committee Meeting - December 3, 2018
Attachments: (1)
2.e. Facility and Finance Committee Meeting - December 14, 2018
Attachments: (1)
2.e.1. RECOMMENDED MOTION: That the Board of Education approve the minutes of the meeting(s) listed above.
3. Approval of Financials
3.a. Approve Current Expenditures
Attachments: (2)
3.b. Imprest Fund Statement
Attachments: (2)
3.c. Treasurer's Report
Attachments: (1)
3.d. Statement of Position/Financial Report
Attachments: (1)
3.e. Statement of Revenue/Expenditures Year to Date Ending November 30, 2018
Attachments: (1)
3.f. 3-Year Budget/Actual Report
Attachments: (1)
3.g. Grant Reports
Attachments: (2)
3.h. Petty Cash Fund Report
Attachments: (1)
3.i. Student Activity Account Fund Balance
Attachments: (1)
3.j. New Vendors Monthly Report
Attachments: (1)
3.k. Quarterly Financial Reports
3.l. Referendum Revenue and Expenditure Report
Attachments: (2)
3.m. Board Expenses
Attachments: (1)
3.m.1. RECOMMENDED MOTION: That the Board of Education approve the expenditures from November 9, 2018 to December 13, 2018 and accept the financial reports.
Superintendent Search Discussion
1. Personnel Report
The Personnel Report consists of:
·The employment of 1 non-certified staff effective 11/27/18
·The possible employment of a Director of Student Services
·The termination of 1 non-certified staff effective 12/05/18
·The resignation of 1 administrator effective 06/30/19
·The leave of absence of 1 administrator
·The employment of 2 coaches effective 11/05/18
·The employment of 1 coach effective 01/14/19
·The employment of 1 coach effective 19/20 school year
·The resignation of 1 coach effective 11/08/18
·The resignation of 2 coaches effective the end of the 18/19 school year
Attachments: (1)
1.a. RECOMMENDED MOTION: That the Board of Education approve the Personnel Report.
2. Separation of Employment:
2.a. RECOMMENDED MOTION: That the Board of Education approve the termination of employment of Albert Buenrostro, Custodian/Building Operations, effective December 5, 2018.
3. Amended 2018-19 School Calendar - (Roll Call)
On November 26, 2018, an emergency day was used as a result of inclement weather. As a result, the current last day of attendance for students is moved from May 24, 2019 to May 28, 2019. The last day for staff attendance is moved from May 28, 2019 to May 29, 2019.
Attachments: (1)
3.a. RECOMMENDED MOTION: That the Board of Education adopt the Amended 2018-19 school calendar.
4. Phase Two School Addition Steel Bid - (Roll Call)
This is the part of the Phase 2 of the capital plan resulting from the 2017 capital referendum for work beginning in the Spring of 2019. This entails the steel bid package for the building addition on the west side of the school. The bid has been reviewed and recommended by DLA Architects and Pepper Construction. The recommendation is for the acceptance of the bid , not to exceed $2,245,500.
Attachments: (1)
4.a. RECOMMENDED MOTION: That the Board of Education approve the award of bid package 1 - Steel to Waukegan Steel from Waukegan, Illinois in an amount not to exceed $2,245,500.
5. Application for Tax Relief Grant FY 2019 - (Roll Call)
Beginning in FY 19, the State Board will provide up to $50 million in property tax relief grants to eligible school districts.  Eligible districts are those that exceed a threshold tax rate and that agree to abate a portion of taxes, up to a statutory limit, in the coming tax cycle.  In return, qualifying districts receive a state grant in an amount that is a proportion of the tax relief provided. 
Attachments: (1)
5.a. RECOMMENDED MOTION: That the Board of Education approve the application for the property tax relief grant for FY 19.  
6. Contract Approvals - (Roll Call)
For the last year, the Finance Committee has been collecting all relevant information related to contracts.  At the October Board meeting, the contract schedule was shared.  The Board asked the Finance Committee to bring forward a recommendation for the Board to consider.
Attachments: (1)
6.a. RECOMMENDED MOTION: That the Board of Education approve all contracts that are for more than one year, greater than $5,000, and not budgeted for.  Contracts that are for one year, $5,000 or less, and budgeted for may be approved and signed by the Director of Business Services.
7. Contracts - (Roll Call)
• Bull Valley
• Herff Jones
Attachments: (1)
EXECUTIVE SESSION - only if needed and with the understanding that possible action could be taken on matters discussed in closed session.
RECOMMENDED MOTION TO MOVE TO CLOSED SESSION: That the Board of Education hold a Closed Session at [Time] for the purpose(s) of [1 - 15 below].
1. The appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance or dismissal of specific employees.
2. Collective negotiating matters.
3. The selection of a person to fill a public office.
4. Evidence or testimony presented in open hearing, or in closed hearing, where specifically authorized by law, to a quasi-adjudicative body.
5. The purchase or lease of real property.
6. The setting of a price for sale or lease of property.
7. The sale or purchase of securities, investments, or investment contracts.
8. Emergency security procedures.
9. Student discipline.
10. The placement of individual students in special education programs.
11. Litigation has been filed and is pending before a court or administrative tribunal.
12. Establishment of reserves or settlement of claims as provided by local government and governmental employees Tort Immunity Act.
13. Self-evaluation.
14. Discussion of minutes of meetings lawfully closed under Open Meetings Act (P.A. 88-621, effective 1-1-95).
15. Considering meetings between internal or external auditors and governmental audit committees, finance committees, and their equivalents, when the discussion involves internal control weaknesses, identification of potential fraud risk areas, known or suspected frauds, and fraud interviews conducted in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards of the United States of America.

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