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June 7, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Awards Meeting

I. Call to Order - Scott Kartes, President  
I.1. Welcome
I.2. Mission Statement
I.3. Pledge of Allegiance
I.4. Board Roll Call ~ Kearns, Schaiberger, Withers, Kartes, Miller, Zettle, Stephens
I.5. Additions or Changes to the Agenda ~ Postponement of recognition honoring Stefan Orlando
II. Communication
II.1. Community and Public Comment ~
       Please state your name and city of residence for the record, and limit your comments to three minutes
II.2. Superintendent's Report ~ None.
III. Board of Education Awards and Recognition ~
Description:  Reception immediately following awards presentations
III.1. Years of Service and Retiree Awards and Recognition
Description:  1.  Years of Service Awards ~
     25 Years ~ Candy Everitt, Debra Marshall, Jon Scott
30 Years ~ Marilyn McCauley, Ann Rosebrugh

2.  Retiree Recognitions ~ 
     Debra Abraham, Dee Beehler, Lori Brindley, Kay Frank, Gayle Hughey, Kathleen Neddo, Kris Novak, Kathleen Palmer, Chris Powley, Dayna Reasner, Sandy Rosebrugh, Brenda Scott, Dawn Smith, Charles Wren
III.2.  Board Recognition Awards
Description:  1.  Appreciation Award ~ for outstanding contributions which reflect positively or enhance our school district:

2.  Outstanding Effort and Dedication Award ~ shown commitment and dedication by doing a combination of things on multiple occasions clearly beyond expectations:

3.  Above and Beyond Award ~ demonstrated years of outstanding merit and dedication contributing to the betterment of the school district:
IV. Comments from Board Members  

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