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February 13, 2020 at 5:00 PM - Regular Meeting of the Board of Education

A. Work Session (5:00 P.M.)
B. Opening Items (7:00 P.M.)
B.1. Call to Order - President Kim Harding
B.2. Prayer - Mr. Thacker
B.3. Pledge of Allegiance - Mr. Moon
B.4. Approval of Minutes
B.5. Recognition - E3 Awards
C. Administrative Reports
C.1. Duchesne Arts Council
D. Open Time
E. Action Items
E.1. School Fees
E.2. Travel Requests
E.2.a. ISC Conference, Las Vegas, for Technolgy
E.3. Trust Lands Plans
E.4. RJHS Administrative Steps for Student Behavior
E.5. Bus Driver Handbook
E.6. Policy - District Emergency Response Plan - 1st Reading
E.7. Policy - Awarding Contracts by Request for Proposals - 1st Reading
E.8. Policy - Contracts and Contract Limitations - 1st Reading
E.9. Policy - Use of School Property - 1st Reading
E.10. Policy - Nondiscrimination - 1st Reading
E.11. Policy - Board Powers and Duties - 2nd Reading
Attachments: (1)
E.12. Policy - Vacancies on the Board - 2nd Reading
Attachments: (1)
E.13. Policy - Public Hearing - Interference at Meetings - 2nd Reading
Attachments: (1)
E.14. Policy - Notice Requirements - 2nd Reading
Attachments: (1)
E.15. Policy - School Closures and Boundary Changes - 2nd Reading
Attachments: (1)
F. Discussion Items
F.2. Late Start
F.3. Donation of Mini Student Shelters at Bus Stops
F.4. District Crisis Response Plan
G. Executive Session
H. Adjourn / Future Planning
H.1.   Next Meeting:  Thursday, March 12, 2020, District Office, 1010 East 200 North, Roosevelt, Utah
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