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February 21, 2022 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Opening of Meeting
I.A. Chairman calls meeting to order
I.B. Roll Call of Board Members
I.C. Moment of Silence
I.D. Pledge of Allegiance
I.E. Mission Statement: "The mission of Byron Area Schools is to educate all students to become productive members of society."
II. Approval of Agenda
III. Presentations
III.A. Students of the Month - January 2022
III.B. Mr. Matt Kurta - Karoub Associates - Legal Topics
III.C. Budget Updates - Josh Beaver-Gallagher, Shiawassee RESD with Dr. Jan Amsterburg
IV. Consent Agenda
IV.A. Minutes - January 18, 2022 Regular Meeting
IV.B. General Fund Report - January 2022
IV.C. Expenditures Report - January 2022
IV.D. Child Care and Preschool Report - January 2022
IV.E. Food Service Report - January 2022
IV.F. Capital Projects Report - January 2022
IV.G. Sinking Fund Report - January 2022
IV.H. Trust and Agency Report - January 2022
IV.I. General Ledger Journal - January 2022
IV.J. Employment of Ryan Hendershot - 8th Grade Boys Basketball Coach (EDUStaff)
IV.K. Employment of Ashley Russell - Preschool Assistant
IV.L. Vol. 36, No. 1 Board Policy Update - Second Reading and Adoption
IV.L.1. po0100 - Definitions - Revised
IV.L.2. po0167.3 - Public Participation at Public Meetings - Revised
IV.L.3. po3120 - Employment of Professional Staff - Revised
IV.L.4. po5722 - School-Sponsored Publications and Productions - Replace
IV.L.5. po6114 - Cost Principles-Spending Federal Funds - Revised
IV.L.6. po6152 - Student Fees, Fines, and Supplies - Revised
IV.L.7. po7450 - Property Inventory - Revised
IV.L.8. po8310 - Public Records - Revised
IV.L.9. po8320 - Personnel Files - Revised
IV.L.10. po8330 - Student Records - Revised
IV.M. Acceptance of Consent Agenda
V. Public Input & Reports
V.A. Public Input
V.B. Board of Education Committee & Administrative Reports
V.B.1. Principals
V.B.1.a. Autumn McGuire - Byron Elementary Interim Principal
V.B.1.b. Olivia Lake-LoFiego - Byron Middle and High School Principal
V.B.2. Superintendent
V.B.2.a. Dr. Jan Amsterburg, Byron Area Schools Interim Superintendent
V.B.2.a.1. SRESD Coaching Team Highlight of Alison McCormick, Byron Preschool
V.B.2.a.2. COVID-19 Data Report
VI. Old Business - none
VII. New Business
VII.A. Sinking Fund Paving Project Expenditure Approval (FINAL)
VII.B. Field Trip Request - State FFA Convention
VII.C. Field Trip Request - FFA Reward Trip
VII.D. Field Trip Request - Byron Class of 2022 Cedar Point Trip
VII.E. Approve Hourly Non-Bargaining Unit and Substitute Pay Scale
VII.F. Approve 2021-22 Mid-Year Amended Budget
VII.G. Approve 2021-22 Amended Budget for School Food Service Fund
VII.H. Approve 2021-22 Amended Budget for School Student Activity Fund
VII.I. Accept Class of 2022 "Adopt-A-Senior" Donations
VII.J. Accept Class of 2023 Donation
VII.K. Accept Robotics Donation
VII.L. Accept Projector Donation
VIII. Discussion & Information Items
VIII.B. Upcoming Dates
IX. Other
X. Adjournment

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