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January 12, 2022 at 7:00 PM - Organizational Meeting

I. Opening of Meeting
I.A. Superintendent calls meeting to order
I.B. Roll Call of Board Members
I.C. Moment of Silence
I.D. Pledge of Allegiance
I.E. Mission Statement:  "The mission of Byron Area Schools is to educate all students to become productive members of society."
II. Election of Officers
II.A. President
II.B. Vice President
II.C. Secretary
II.D. Treasurer
III. Designation of Signatories
III.A. Payroll and School Lunch Fund
III.B. Activity Fund
III.C. General Fund bills and withdrawals from savings account
III.D. State Aid Note
IV. Designation of Depository for School District Funds
V. Setting Date, Time, and Place for Regular Meetings
VI. Legal Services
VII. Designation of Electronic Transfer Officer (ETO)
VIII. Designation of Person(s) Authorized to access Safe Deposit Box - not needed as District does not have a safe deposit box at a financial institution
IX. Establish Annual Fees
IX.A. Establish Annual Reimbursement Rate for Mileage
IX.B. Establish Fee Charged to Individuals Requesting Notice of Board Meetings
X. Board of Education Salaries
XI. Board Committee Appointments
XI.A. Policy/Guidelines Committee
XI.B. Shiawassee County School Board Executive committee (Shiawassee Regional Education Service District (SRESD) Designation of Representative and Alternate)
XI.C. Shiawassee Regional Education Service District (SRESD) Budget Review and Election
XII. Annual Updates
XII.A. Office of Civil Rights - Annual Update 2021-22
XII.B. Election Coordinating Agreements (Secretary of State/Shiawassee County Clerk) - not needed as agreement is valid through 2024
XIII. Adjournment

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