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January 18, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Organizational Meeting

I. Roll Call
II. Ceremonial Oath of Office-New Board Members
III. Approve Agenda
IV. Election of Temporary Chairperson
V. Election of Board of Education Officers
  • Board President
  • Board Vice President
  • Board Treasurer
  • Board Secretary
VI. Establish Dates, Times and Places for 2021 Regular Meetings of the Board of Education
VII. Depository of Funds
VIII. Authorization to Use Safe Deposit Box
IX. Authorization to Sign Checks
X. Electronic Funds Transfer Officers
XI. Treasurer and Secretary Responsibilities
XII. Retainer Contracts for Attorneys, Insurance and Auditors
XIII. Publishing of Legal Notices and Advertising
XIV. Designation of Person for Posting Public Notices of Meetings
XV. Delegation of Election Duties
XVI. Approval of Organizational Memberships
XVII. Approval of Board Members to Attend Classes and Conferences
XVIII. Communications and Public Comment
XIX. Consent Agenda
XX. Superintendent's Report
XXI. President's Report
XXII. Principals/Directors' Updates
XXIII. Old Business
XXIV. New Business
XXIV.A. Continuation of Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSLA) and Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion (EFLMEA) through March 31, 2021
XXIV.B. Middle School Track Coach Resignations (2)
XXIV.C. Amend Pine River Area Schools Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan
XXIV.D. Reauthorization of Amended Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan and Reconfirmation Meeting
XXIV.E. Adjust 2020-2021 School Calendar
XXIV.F. Thrun Law School District Policies 2501, 2501A and 2502: First Readings
XXV. Other
XXVI. Adjourn
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