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September 20, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Roll Call
III. Student Highlight
IV. 2020-2021 Audit
V. Public Comment (Policy 2.230)
VI. Motions from Closed Session
VII. Dismissal of Probationary Teacher for Cause
VIII. Consent Items (Policy 2.20)*
VIII.A. Minutes
VIII.B. Treasurer's Report
VIII.B.1. Fund Balances
VIII.B.2. Invoices Due
VIII.B.3. Invoice and Payroll Totals
VIII.B.4. Activity Fund Summary
VIII.B.5. Compensation Report for PA 96-0434
VIII.B.6. Enrollment Report
VIII.B.7. F.O.I.A Report
VIII.C. Other
IX. Administrative Reports
IX.A. S.E.F. Meeting
IX.B. I.V.V.C. Meeting
IX.C. Superintendent Reports
IX.C.1. COVID Update
IX.C.2. Curriculum Update
IX.C.3. Softball Co-Op
X. Old Business (Policy 2.20)
X.A. Consolidation Update
X.B. Resolution to Adopt the 2021-2022 Operating Budget (Policy 4.10)
X.C. Esports
X.D. Other
XI. New Business
XI.A. Lunch Prices for 2021-2022
XI.B. FMLA Leave Requests
XI.C. 2021-2022 High School Athletic/Extracurricular Eligibility
XI.D. Personnel Report
XI.E. Consolidated District Plan
XI.F. Other
XII. Public Comment (Policy 2.230)
XIII. Adjournment