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April 18, 2022 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

A. Introduction of Meeting and Pledge of Allegiance
B. Public Comments
C. Closed Meeting (TX Govt Code 551.071/551.072/551.074/551.082)
C.1. Personnel Concerns
C.2. Discuss Purchase, Exchange, Lease, or Value of Real Property
C.3. Safety/Security
C.4. Consultation with Board Attorney
D. Reconvene for Open Meeting
E. Information Items
E.1. Superintendent's Report
E.1.c. COVID Update
E.1.d. Announce Completion of Board of Trustees Training
F. Consent Items (All items listed under this subheading will be adopted with one motion unless they are removed from the Consent Agenda by a Trustee or the Superintendent for discussion.)
F.1. Approve Minutes of March 21, 2022 Regular Meeting
Attachments: (1)
F.2. Consider Monthly Expenditures for March 2022
Description:  The monthly expenditures is presented for the Board of Trustee review in the Revenue and Expenditures Report and the Check Register in the Financial Update Section.
F.3. Consider Approval of Amended Budget for the General Fund
Description:  The administration recommends amending the General Fund budget for the following:
Reverse amendment Emergency Connectivity - moved to new Fund 
Superintendent TRS Contribution $4,330
Increased Fuel Costs $100,000
Salary Adjustments  $17,540
ERate services for Emergency Connectivity  $26,475
Transfers between functions for health insurance costs
Turf Groomer & Tractor  $39,260
Transfer between functions for North & BHS
Chem Flush for Band Instruments $18,000
Headsets for football sideline $52,820
Travel for students beyond district (athletics, CTE & UIL) $23,000
F.4. Consider Approval of Amended Budget for Child Nutrition
Description:  The administration recommends amending the Child Nutrition Fund budget for the following:
Increase in revenues for Supply Chain Assistance Funds $143,797
Increase in expenses for allowable foods for Supply Chain Assistance Funds $143,797
Increase in supply and capital expenses for equipment needed for cafeterias $181,500 
F.5. Consider Approval of Amended Budget for the Debt Service Fund
Description:  The administration recommends amending the Debt Service Fund budget for the following:
Record refunding of bond costs.
Proceeds from bond issuance $4,596,880
Reoffering premium $891,974
Bond fees $130,570
Payment to Bond Escrow Account $5,358,284
F.6. Consider Approval of Audit Firm to Conduct the Annual Audit for 2021-2022
Description:  The District received an engagement letter from Pattillo, Brown & Hill, LLP for the financial audit year ending June 30, 2022. The firm is based in Waco, Texas. They have many years in school district auditing. The cost of the audit will not exceed $37,750. The District has been satisfied with their services.

F.7. Consider Approval of Vendor for E-Rate Management Services
Description:  The District was awarded the Emergency Connectivity Fund in the amount of $882,483.20 which was paid through the E-Rate system.  The district works with Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting. LLC for E-Rate Consulting and management services.  Kellogg is paid 3% of the total awarded amount. 

The Board is requested to approve payment of $26,474.50 to Kellogg & Sovereign.

This item will be paid with funds requested in April Budget amendment.

Attachments: (1)
F.8. Consider Approval of Instructional Materials Allotment and TEKS Certification for 2022-2023
Description:  Districts and open-enrollment charter schools are required to certify annually to the State Board of Education and the Commissioner that all instructional materials purchased or used by the District will assist in satisfying performance standards; will cover all elements of the essential knowledge and skills in required curriculum, other than physical education for each subject/grade level and will provide TEA with all enumerated information regarding instructional materials.
F.9. Consider Approval of Request for CDCN (County District Campus Number) for Full-Time Virtual Campus
Description:  The TEA will grant new CDCNs for full-time virtual or hybrid campuses that meet key criteria with CDCNs starting in school year 2022-2023. TEA defines a full-time virtual campus as one where 100% of instruction is provided via remote learning, whereas a hybrid campus provides instruction via a combination of both face to face and remote learning. Please note that the TEA is unable to grant these new CDCNs to be effective in school year 2021-2022 given the timing of the passage of SB 15 September 9, 2021.
Attachments: (1)
G. Separate Items
G.1. Consider Joint Election Agreement and Contract for Election Services with Tarrant County Elections for May 7, 2022 Election
G.2. Consider Approval for the Purchase of a Clean Sweep Machine and Tractor for Turf Grooming
Description:  The District received a bid from Hellas for a Clean Sweep Machine and tractor to groom the turf.  The Clean Sweep Machine is specialized from Hellas for their turf at the cost of $24,295.  Bids were received for the tractor.  Kubota had the best price of $ 14,965.

The Board is requested to approve Hellas at a cost $24,295 and Kubota at a cost of $14,965 as vendors for the Clean Sweep Machine and tractor.

These items will be paid with funds requested in April Budget amendment.

H. Consider Items Discussed in Closed Meeting Including Personnel
I. Adjourn

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