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February 21, 2022 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

A. Introduction of Meeting and Pledge of Allegiance
B. Public Comments
C. Public Hearing Over Texas Academic Performance Report
D. Closed Meeting (TX Govt Code 551.071/551.072/551.074/551.082)
D.1. Personnel Concerns
D.2. Discuss Purchase, Exchange, Lease, or Value of Real Property
D.3. Safety/Security
D.4. Consultation with Board Attorney
E. Reconvene for Open Meeting
F. Information Items
F.1. Superintendent's Report
F.1.b. Instructional Update

F.1.c. COVID Update
G. Consent Items (All items listed under this subheading will be adopted with one motion unless they are removed from the Consent Agenda by a Trustee or the Superintendent for discussion.)
G.1. Approve Minutes of January 24, 2022 Regular Meeting
Attachments: (1)
G.2. Consider Monthly Expenditures for January 2022
Description:  The monthly expenditures is presented for the Board of Trustee review in the Revenue and Expenditures Report and the Check Register in the Financial Update Section.
G.3. Consider Approval of Amended Budget for the General Fund
Description:  The administration recommends amending the General Fund budget for the following:

1. Transfer funds from function 23 to 11 for Virtual Academy supplies. $3,090
2.  Transfer funds from function 11 to 21,23,31,33,41,51,52, and 53 for Guardian stipends and new evaluations $18,000.
3.  Transfer funds from function 11 to function 23 for Fine Arts Academy training. $300
4.  Transfer funds from function 11 to 23 for technology supplies.  $7,876

The General Fund will be a deficit budget of $ 1,281,740 after this amendment is approved.  The net change in this amendment is $0.
G.4. Consider Approval of Additional Salary Adjustment for All Employees
Description:  With the passing of the TRE, the District is requesting the Board of Trustees to approve a one-time salary adjustment for all employees. Teachers would receive $1,200 and all other employees would receive 2% of their midpoint on the salary schedule. The salary adjustment would be paid in one lump-sum payment in June 2022.

The cost for this was included in the January 2022 amended budget.
G.5. Consider Approval of Vendor for Window Cleaning at the Facilities with Multiple Floors 
Description:  The District requested quotes for cleaning all including exterior  and interior windows.  We received 2 quotes.  This service is needed for the facilities with multiple floors.

The Board is requested to approve Fort Worth Window Cleaning for the vendor at a cost of $26,290.

This item will be paid with the current Facilities' budget.
G.6. Consider Approval of Vendors for Drainage Issue at Blue Haze Elementary
Description:  The District requested quotes for a concrete water flume to resolve the ongoing issue with drainage from intense rain at Blue Haze Elementary. Grading will also be performed to divert water to existing storm drain and creek.

The Board is requested to approve TXMC as the vendor at a cost of $29,883.

This item will be paid with the current Facilities’ budget.
H. Separate Items
H.1. Consider Resolution to Compensate Employees During COVID Closure
Description:  The District had a high number of staff absences due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the lack of substitutes to cover classes, all facilities were closed.  The District would like to continue to pay employees their regular salary for the days during the closure.
H.2. Consider 2022-2023 Academic Calendar
Description:  The WSISD District Planning Committee (DPC), which consists of teachers, administrators, parents, community members and other school employees, developed the Proposed 2022-2023 District Academic Calendar.  Parents and staff members were encouraged to provide input regarding the proposed calendar January 26th through February 2nd.  The District Planning Committee met Wednesday, February 9, 2022, reviewed comments/concerns and voted to present calendar "Option 1" as proposed.
Attachments: (1)
H.3. Consider Amendment to Superintendent's Contract
Description:  Address the salary and TRS compensation for the Superintendent and update the current contract.
I. Consider Items Discussed in Closed Meeting Including Personnel
J. Adjourn

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