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September 20, 2021 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

A. Introduction of Meeting and Pledge of Allegiance
B. Public Comments
C. Closed Meeting (TX Govt Code 551.071/551.072/551.074/551.082)
C.1. Personnel Concerns
C.2. Discuss Purchase, Exchange, Lease, or Value of Real Property
C.3. Safety/Security
C.4. Consultation with Board Attorney
D. Reconvene for Open Meeting
E. Information Items
E.1. Superintendent's Report
E.1.b. Instructional Update

E.1.c. COVID Update
F. Consent Items (All items listed under this subheading will be adopted with one motion unless they are removed from the Consent Agenda by a Trustee or the Superintendent for discussion.)
F.1. Approve Minutes of August 16, 2021 Regular Meeting
Attachments: (1)
F.2. Consider Monthly Expenditures for August 2021
Description:  The monthly expenditures is presented for the Board of Trustee review in the Revenue and Expenditures Report and the Check Register in the Financial Update Section.
F.3. Consider Approval of General Fund Amended Budget
Description:  Administration recommends amending the General Fund budget for the following:

1. Salaries for changes from May 31, 2021 to August 26, 2021.
2. Bleacher rental  
3. Desks
4. Soccer goals.
5. Election cost
6. Rebudget Capturing Kid's Hearts - new teachers
7. Cosmetology Room #2 renovation costs
8. Virtual Academy Teacher of the year
9. Rebudget Tannahill library books
10. E - Rate - access points and switches
11. Technology New License 
12. Industry Based Certifications for CTE program
13. Move Band Equipment from Function 11 to Function 36.
14. Move BMS Library Books to Instructional Misc Expenditures.

The General Fund will be a deficit budget of $ 2,443,338 after this amendment is approved.  The net change in this amendment increases the deficit by $764,605.

F.4. Consider Resolution With Tarrant County 4-H Organization as an Approved Extra-Curricular Activity 
Description:  Tarrant County 4-H membership is requesting all local school districts to adopt a resolution which sanctions 4-H as an extra-curricular activity. This will allow students who participate in the Tarrant County 4-H Program to attend the activities without receiving an unexcused absence. It is requested that the Board approve the Tarrant County Extension Agent as an adjunct faculty member, so that they may direct and supervise all activities and participation of students during 4-H activities. This appointment is solely for the purpose of complying with the new State Board of Education amendment, and the adjunct faculty member is not an employee of the district and does not receive any compensation as such.
Attachments: (1)
F.5. Consider Approval of Interlocal Agreement with the City of Fort Worth for the Blue Haze Afterschool Program
Description:  Since 2001, the City of Fort Worth and WSISD have entered into a Interlocal Agreement to provide an after-school program at Blue Haze Elementary.  The City of Fort Worth is providing a grant for  $57,500 to support this program. The program is a academic, sports/fitness and community service program.  The Westside YMCA has served as the third party provider for this grant.
F.6. Consider Approval of Vendor for Purchase of Student/Staff Laptop Computers
Description:  The District released a Request for Proposal (RDF #2021-001) for the purchase of Student/Staff Laptop Computers.  The recommended vendor is Dell Consulting at a cost of $779,000.

The computers are included in the budget for the ESSER III Federal Fund 282 grant.
F.7. Consider Approval of Vendor for Purchase of Smart Boards
Description:  The District released a Request for Proposal (RDP #2021-005) for the purchase of Smart Boards.  The recommended vendor is Piraino Consulting for an amount of $ 282,262.84.

This item is included in the approved budget for the Federal Program ESSER III funding.
F.8. Consider Update to Policy DEC (Local)
Description:  The update to DEC (Local) includes additions to the leave policy that allows for District peace officers to be granted 3 days of mental health leave for a traumatic event experienced during the scope of their employment. In addition, the update includes specifications for District peace officers to be quarantined when exposed to communicable diseases while at work without a loss of pay or leave days.
Attachments: (1)
F.9. Consider Update to Student Code of Conduct for 2021-2022
Description:  The Student Code of Conduct for the 2021-2022 school year needs to include the DAEP Placement Appeal Procedure.  The updated version includes this procedure on page 23.
G. Separate Items
G.1. Consider New Deadline Issued for Resolution for Alternative Graduation Requirements in Policy (Regulation) EIF Exhibit B
Attachments: (1)
G.2.  Consider Approval of COVID Salary Adjustment
Description:  Administration is requesting the Board of Trustees to consider approving a $1,000 salary adjustment for every full-time employee and $500 for every part-time employee employed by the District as of September 21, 2021.  The salary adjustment would be paid in one lump-sum payment on the employee's October 2021 regular paycheck. (pending TEA approval).  The purpose of the salary adjustment is to compensate employees for the extra duties and time worked and working during the COVID pandemic.

This item is included in the Federal ESSER II (Fund 281) grant application submitted to TEA in September 2021.
G.3. Consider Approval of Amendment to the 2021-2022 Compensation Plan for Homebound Teacher Hourly Rate
Description:  Administration requests the Board of Trustees to approve increasing the hourly rate paid to Homebound Teachers to $50 per hour (from $25). Due to the teacher shortage, it has been difficult to find teachers to serve our students in this area of need.

If approved, this change will be reflected in the Revised 2021-2022 Compensation Plan.
G.4. Consider Approval of Vendor for Purchase of Student Desks and Chairs
Description:  The District released a Request for Proposal (RDP #2021-006) for the purchase of student desks and chairs.  The additional desks and chairs are needed due to increased enrollment and to replace damaged items. 

Vendor recommendation to be provided at the board meeting.

This item is included in the proposed amended budget.
H. Consider Items Discussed in Closed Meeting Including Personnel
I. Adjourn

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