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April 27, 2022 at 6:30 PM - Regular Board Meeting

1. Call Meeting to Order and Establish that a Quorum is Present
2. Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance: United States and Texas Flag
3. Public Comment: Recognition of Visitors/All persons who wish to address the Board at this time MUST complete a registration form before 3:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting / Board President Reviews Open-Forum Regulations
4. Student and Staff Recognition and Presentation
4.A. Student Recognition (All Campuses)
4.B. Teacher and Staff Member of the Month (All Campuses)
5. Presentation and Discussion of Administrative Reports
5.A. Presentation and Discussion of Campus Reports
5.A.1. General Campus Announcements 
5.A.2. Badger Brags
5.A.3. Progress toward District and Campus Goals
5.A.4. Data/Benchmark/ETC
5.A.5. Upcoming Events
5.A.6. Other Information
5.B. Presentation and Discussion of the Athletic Report
5.B.1. Participation Numbers
5.B.2. All Sports Update
5.B.3. Staffing Update
5.B.4. Other Information to share
5.C. Presentation and Discussion of the Financial Report
5.C.1. Budget and State Funding Update
5.C.2. Discuss and Consider Budget Amendments
5.D. Presentation and Discussion of the Superintendent Report
5.D.1. Enrollment
5.D.2. COVID-19 Update
5.D.3. School Board Training 
5.D.4. Upcoming Events
5.D.5. Other Information
6. Discussion/Consideration/Action Item(s)
6.A. Discuss/Consider the March 30, 2022, Regular Board Meeting Minutes
6.B. Discuss/Consider the payment of the Monthly Bills for March 2022
6.C. Discuss/Consider a proposal for Asbestos Abatement at the MISD Child Care Center
6.D. Discuss/Consider Instructional Materials Allotment and TEKS Certification for 2022-2023 school year
Description:  The district superintendent, along with the president and secretary of the local board of trustees, or officers of the governing body of the charter school, certifies the following:

1) This district's instructional materials and technology allotment is used only for expenses allowed by the Texas Education Code (TEC), §31.0211.
2) For the current school year, this district has instructional materials that collectively cover all elements of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills of the required curriculum identified in the TEC, §28.002, other than physical education, for each subject and grade level (TEC §31.004).
3) Upon request, this district will provide to the State Board of Education the title and publication information for any instructional materials requisitioned or purchased by the district with the district's allotment (TEC §31.101).
6.E. Discuss/Consider the recommendation from the Student Health Advisory Council to utilize the Goodheart-Willcox sexual education curriculum.  
6.F. Discuss/Consider the addition of Volleyball to the MISD Athletic Program as a UIL Sanctioned Competitive Sport
6.G. Discuss School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) Annual Report 2021-2022.
6.H. Annual Announcement of Continuing Education of School Board Members
7. Executive Session
Description:  Description:

In accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, Government Code, Chapter 551, Subchapters D and E, the board went into closed session at ____________ pm.

Motion to come out of closed session at ____________pm. 

7.A. Deliberation Regarding Security Measures (Govt. Code 551.076)
7.B. Deliberation Regarding Personnel Matters (Gov’t Code 551.074)
7.C. Deliberation Regarding Real Property (Gov’t Code 551.072)
7.D. Consultation with Attorney (Gov’t. Code 551.071)
8. Open Session: Act Upon Items Discussed in Closed Session as Needed
8.A. Discuss/Consider possible action to adopt a resolution authorizing the donation of certain real property consisting of the surface only of approximately one acre of land adjacent to Badger Stadium located on the Corner of Lois and South 7th St, Merkel, Texas 79536, Taylor County, Texas, to the City of Merkel to establish a sports complex, pursuant to Texas Local Government Code Section 272.001(l)
9. MISD Personnel
9.A. Discuss/Consider approval to Accept Resignations/Retirements as Presented
9.B. Discuss/Consider Contract Offerings
9.C. Discuss/Consider Other Possible Contract Offerings
10. Discussion of Future Board Meeting Dates and Future Agenda Postings
11. Adjournment

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