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February 24, 2022 at 6:30 PM - Regular Board Meeting

1. Call  Meeting to Order and Establish that a Quorum is Present
2. Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance: United States and Texas Flag
3. Recognition and Presentation Item(s)
3.A. MES Student and Staff Recognition
3.B. MMS Student and Staff Recognition
3.C. MHS Student and Staff Recognition
3.D. AD Student and Staff Recognition
4. Open Forum / Board President Reviews Open-Forum Regulations
5. Presentation and Discussion of Administrative Reports
5.A. Elementary School Report
5.B. Middle School Report
5.C. High School Report
5.D. Athletic Report
5.E. Presentation and Discussion of the Financial Reports
5.F. Presentation and Discussion of the Superintendent Report
6. Discussion/Consideration/Action Item(s)
6.A. Approval of January 27, 2022, Regular Board Meeting Minutes
6.B. Approve Payment of the Monthly Bills for January 2022
6.C. Discuss/Consider Merkel ISD School Calendar for 2022-2023
6.D. May 7, 2022 Board of Trustees Election Certification of Unopposed Candidate
7. MISD Personnel
7.A. Staffing Update By Campus
7.B. Resignations
7.C. Contract Offerings
7.C.1. Consider and take possible action to employ MISD Campus Principals
7.C.2. Consider and take possible action to employ MISD Athletic Director
7.C.3. Consider and take possible action to employ MISD Assistant Principals
7.C.4. Consider and take possible action to employ MISD Non-Certified Administrators 
7.C.5. Consider and take possible action to employ MISD Chief Financial Officer
7.C.6. Consider and take possible action to employ MISD Technology Director
7.C.7. Consider Other Possible Contract Offerings
8. Executive Session
Description:  Description:

In accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, Government Code, Chapter 551, Subchapters D and E, the board went into closed session at ____________ pm.

Motion to come out of closed session at ____________pm. 

8.A. Deliberation Regarding Security Measures (Govt. Code 551.076)
8.B. Discussion of Employment of Administrative Personnel (Gov't. Code 551.074)
8.C. Deliberation Regarding Personnel Matters (Gov’t Code 551.074)
8.D. Deliberation Regarding Real Property (Gov’t Code 551.072)
8.E. Consultation with Attorney (Gov’t. Code 551.071)
8.F. Return to open session and take any action deemed necessary in closed session discussions
9. Discussion of Future Board Meeting Dates and Future Agenda Postings
10. Adjourn

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