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June 22, 2021 at 11:00 AM - Regular Called Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Invocation
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Public Comment
5. Administration of the Oath of Office to Elected and Appointed Board Members
6. Re-Organization of the Board of Directors
7. Presentation of Recognition Award
Presenter:  Dr. Eduardo Cancino
8. Executive Director's Report
8.A. PATHS: Junior Clinical Research Internship Program with DHR 2021
Presenter:  Dr. Eliza Alvarado
8.B. Return to the Work/Office Task Force Recognition
Presenter:  Dr. Eduardo Cancino
8.C. Region One ESC Information Security Program Annual Update:  Cybersecurity Prevention, Mitigation, and Organizational Training Progress
Presenter:  Ali Kolahdouz
8.D. Region One School Board Association Conference and Superintendent Conference
8.E. Facilities Utilization
Presenter:  Dr. Eduardo Cancino
8.F. Executive Director Search Timeline Update
8.G. 2021-2022 Proposed Budget
Presenter:  Connie Lopez
8.H. Personnel Matters - New Hires, Resignations, Retirements
8.I. Check Register
9. Consent Agenda Items (Items marked with an asterisk are considered consent agenda items).
9.A. *Minutes of the May 20, 2021, Board of Directors Meeting
9.B. *Minutes of the June 1, 2021, Special Board of Directors Meeting
9.C. *Budget Amendments for May 2021
9.D. *Expenditure Reports as of May 31, 2021
9.E. *Quarterly Investment Report Ended May 31, 2021
9.F. *Resolution for Review of Public Funds Investment Policy and Strategies
9.G. *Independent Auditor Services RFQ 20-AGENCY-000074, Extension 2 of 4
9.H. *Virtual Library Cooperative RFP 22-AGENCY-000093
9.I. *Library Services and Instructional Resources Library and Technology Purchasing Cooperative RFP 21-AGENCY-000079, Extension 1 of 3
9.J. *Region One Purchasing Cooperative Audiovisual (AV) Contract Services RFP 20-AGENCY-000067, Extension 2 of 3
9.K. *Region One Purchasing Cooperative Decor Services and Merchandise RFP 20-AGENCY-000068, Extension 2 of 3
9.L. * Region One Purchasing Cooperative Facility Products, Services and Rentals RFP 19-AGENCY-000058, Extension 3 of 3
9.M. *Region One Purchasing Cooperative Fire Suppression and Vent Hood Installation, Training, Parts and Repairs RFP 19-AGENCY-000056, Extension 3 of 3
9.N. *Region One Purchasing Cooperative Fire Suppression and Vent Hood Scheduled Maintenance, Inspection and Cleaning RFP 19-AGENCY-000057, Extension 3 of 3
9.O. *Region One Purchasing Cooperative Maintenance Department Building Material, Hardware, Supplies, Equipment and Repairs RFP 20-AGENCY-000069, Extension 2 of 3
9.P. *Region One Purchasing Cooperative Meal Catering and Services RFP 19-AGENCY-000047, Extension 3 of 3
9.Q. *Region One Purchasing Cooperative Promotional Bottled Water RFP-21-AGENCY-000085, Extension 3 of 3
9.R. *Region One Purchasing Cooperative HVAC Equipment, Supplies, Installation and Repairs, RFP 22-AGENCY-000097
9.S. *Child Nutrition Program-South Texas Cooperative Bread & Tortilla Product RFP 21-AGENCY-000080, Extension 1 of 3
9.T. *Child Nutrition Program - South Texas Cooperative Cafeteria Dining Decor RFP 21-AGENCY-000078, Extension 1 of 3
9.U. *Child Nutrition Program - South Texas Cooperative Dairy & Juice Products RFP 20-AGENCY-000071, Extension 2 of 3
9.V. *Child Nutrition Program - South Texas Cooperative Dairy & Juice Products RFP 19 AGENCY-000051, Extension 3 of 3
9.W. *Child Nutrition Program - South Texas Cooperative Dairy & Juice Products for Edinburg CISD RFP 19-AGENCY-000061, Extension 3 of 3
9.X. *Child Nutrition Program - South Texas Cooperative Dispensed Products RFP 21- AGENCY-000081, Extension 1 of 3
9.Y. *Child Nutrition Program - South Texas Cooperative Equipment & Small Kitchen Wares, Repairs and Preventative Maintenance RFP 20-AGENCY-000073, Extension 2 of 3
9.Z. *Child Nutrition Program - South Texas Cooperative Emergency Supplemental School Nutrition Program RFP 21-AGENCY-000087, Extension 1 of 3
9.AA. *Child Nutrition Program - South Texas Cooperative School Nutrition Program Food Items RFP 19-AGENCY-0000049, Extension 3 or 3
9.AB. *Child Nutrition Program - South Texas Cooperative Manufacturer Direct Ship to District Warehouse Commercial Products RFP 19-AGENCY-000050, Extension 3 of 3
9.AC. *Child Nutrition Program - South Texas Cooperative Frozen Dessert Products RFP 22-AGENCY-000091
10. Bank Depository Services RFP 22-AGENCY-000095
11. Proposed Pay Plan Adjustment & Salary Increases for 2021-2022 School Year
Presenter:  Brenda Balderaz
12. Region One ESC Employer Contribution to TRS Active Care for 2021-2022
13. Announcements
14. Adjournment
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