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May 17, 2021 at 5:00 PM - Education/Operations Committee Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Approve the Minutes
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III. Public and Student Comment
IV. Recommendation for Preliminary 2021-22 Budget (Action Requested)
Description:  The initial version of this year's budget is based on assumptions presented in November and the budget reconciliation plan approved by the Board earlier in May.  The current version of the budget does include a few recent changes that lead to a deficit budget in the amount of approximately $150,000.
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V. WIAA Membership Renewal for 2021-22 (Action Requested)
Description:  Dr. Rauscher will preview the WIAA Membership renewal.  The documents are expected to be sent to the District the first week in June in time for formal approval at the June Regular Board meeting. 
VI. Approve 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan (Action Requested)
Description:  One of the requirements to establish and maintain a Long Term Capital Improvement Trust Fund (Fund 46) is Board approval of a capital improvement plan that is at least ten years in duration. The following motion and presented capital improvement plan fulfills this obligation and offers desired flexibility that will enable the district to leverage this tool to maintain and improve District buildings and grounds.
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VII. Transfer from Fund 10 to Fund 46 (Action Requested)
Description:  The District’s Long­-Term Capital Improvement Trust Fund (Fund 46) may only be funded through transfer from the General Fund. Following establishment of such a trust fund in 2016, transfers may be made from the General Fund to Fund 46. With the understanding that any such transferred funds would become available five years from the creation of this fund (during 2021-22), administration recommends an amount of $1,000,000 to be transferred. This amount will be considered a shared cost for 2020-21 for purposes of calculating equalization aid for 2021-22. This will effectively increase shared costs for 2020-21 in a year when shared costs are lower because of the increased dependence on ESSER funds.
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VIII. Various Group Wage/Salary Increase (Action Requested)
Description:  Tabatha Gundrum will present recommendations for a 2021-22 base wage adjustment of 2.15% for the Administration, Administrative and Educational Support Group, Maintenance & Custodial Group, School Nutrition Services Group, and Municipal Group. 
IX. School Forest Storage Facility (Action Requested)
Description:  As part of continued School Forest capital improvements, administration seeks approval for replacing several smaller storage sheds at the School Forest with one larger, more functional building.  Funding for this capital improvement would come from the regular capital improvement budget along with the long-term capital improvement trust fund (Fund 46).
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X. Project Relaunch (Action Requested)
Description:  The Committee will discuss the proposed motion that was tabled at the May Regular Board meeting.  

"Effective immediately, to allow students and staff who have potentially been exposed to COVID-19 into schools for in-person instruction if the following is met. 
  • Close contacts remain symptom-free and agree to self-monitor for symptoms a full 14 days following exposure (close contact).
  • Close contacts will immediately remove themselves from the school facility if symptoms develop. 
  • Close contacts are strongly encouraged to get tested on day 6 or 7 after exposure to help identify asymptomatic spread."  
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XI. Possible Restructure of Board and Education/Operations Committee Meetings (Possible Action)
Description:  The Committee will discuss the possible restructuring of the Regular Board and Education/Operations Committee Meetings. 
XII. Adjourn
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