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June 8, 2020 at 5:00 PM - Regular Meeting

III. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Tricia Zunker, President
VI.A. Additional Staff / Replacement Staff
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VI.B. Contract Increases / Decreases
VI.C. Contract Renewals / Non-renewals
VI.D. Leaves of Absence
VI.E. Resignations
VI.F. Terminations
VI.G. Voluntary Retirements
VI.H. Minutes: Regular Minutes of May 11, 2020
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VI.I. Payment of Bills/Budget Status and Investment Report
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VI.J. Donations to the District
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VII.A. Education/Operations Committee Meeting
VII.A.1. Referendum Proposal Update 
Description:  At the May Education/Operations Committee Meeting, Dr. Hilts provided an update on the referendum proposal.   He reviewed considerations and opportunities at the elementary and middle school level with the proposal.
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VII.A.2. Recommendation for Preliminary 2020-21 Budget (Action Requested)
Presenter:  Bob Tess

A summary of budget assumptions and the associated fiscal projection model are included in BoardBook documents from 1/27/20.  Additionally, the most recent budget reconciliation plan documents are available in BoardBook from the 4/27/20 meeting.  These documents represent the development of the District budget up to this point.  Subsequent to the approved budget reconciliation plan, further necessary adjustments are being presented for consideration following the impact of projected reduced State revenue and associated reduced District revenue.  One significant development since the May Ed/Ops meeting is the guidance received from the DPI in spending federal Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief funding.

VIII.A. Education/Operations Committee Meeting 
VIII.A.1. Presentation of Parent, Staff, and Student Survey Results

At the May Education/Operations Committee Meeting, Sue Peterson from School Perceptions presented and discussed results from the recent Staff Engagement, Parent Engagement, and Student Engagement and Feedback surveys.  

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VIII.A.2. Whole Child-Whole Wausau Short Cycle Report on Goals S1. Perceptions, S2. Awareness, and S3. Partnerships

The Wausau School District is continually improving service to our students, families, community and each other.  At the May Education/Operations Committee Meeting, Amy Arlen presented a short cycle report on Service goals. 

  • S1: MARKETING. Increase awareness and positive perceptions of the District as measured by an annual increase of 5% in Facebook fans and followers and an annual increase of 5% in positive media stories. 

  • S2: PROGRAMS AND OFFERINGS. Increase awareness of District programs and offerings and optimize experiences for students, families, staff, and the community as measured by a brief feedback tool with a baseline determined by June 2020. 

  • S3: PARTNERSHIPS. Attract and strengthen partnerships and optimize their mutual value as measured by quantitative and qualitative feedback at the conclusion of the partnership or at least on an annual basis.

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VIII.A.3. 2020-2021 Wausau School Calendar Revisions (Action Requested)

Administration recommends that the inclement weather make-up day on May 7 be changed to reflect a full day of instruction. Should inclement weather prevent students from attending school, virtual learning will take place. By adding this additional day of instruction, we will return to 175 student contact days.

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VIII.A.4. Expansion of WAVE to K-12 for Fall 2020 
Description:  At the May Education/Operations Committee Meeting, administration presented a proposal to expand our current 6-12 Wausau Area Virtual Education (WAVE) school to serve K-12 students beginning in Fall of 2020.
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VIII.A.5. Modified Teacher Compensation Transition Plan (Action Requested)

On September 9, 2019 the Board took action to officially adopt the Single Lane teacher compensation model and corresponding transition plan.  Considering reductions in anticipated revenue following the novel coronavirus pandemic, the following adjustment to the current teacher compensation transition is being proposed.  Teachers, along with all District employees would participate in a salary freeze for 2020-21.  Matrix locations would remain as they were for 2019-20 and the matrix would also remain unchanged.  All teachers being initially placed for 2020-21 would be placed on the new Single Lane model which has been modified to include a Step 100 ($41,098), previously the Single Lane Model started at Step 101 ($43,000).  Beyond that, all elements of the transition plan would be pushed back one year.

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VIII.A.6. One-Time Payments to All Staff in Lieu of Salary/Wage Increases for 2020-21 (Action Requested)

Considering reductions in anticipated revenue following the novel coronavirus pandemic, along with an associated pay freeze for 2020-21, a one-time payment for all regular employees is being proposed.  This one-time payment is offered in an effort to reduce the impact of a pay freeze.  This one-time payment would be determined by applying all regular employees’ primary assignment anticipated earnings for 2020-21.  That amount would be used to separate employees into fifths, or 20 percentile bands.  The one-time payment would be made during 2020-21, in lieu of a salary/wage increase for 2020-21, based on the following scale.

  • 1st 20 percentile of employees would receive $500 (an average of 2.8% of annual salary/wage)

  • 2nd 20 percentile of employees would receive $600 (an average of 1.8% of annual salary/wage)

  • 3rd 20 percentile of employees would receive $700 (an average of 1.3% of annual salary/wage)

  • 4th 20 percentile of employees would receive $800 (an average of 1.2% of annual salary/wage)

  • 5th 20 percentile of employees would receive $900 (an average of 1.0% of annual salary/wage)

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VIII.A.7. Meal Price Recommendations for 2020-21

The USDA continues to mandate the Paid Lunch Equity requirement as follows:  Only a school food authority that has a negative balance in the nonprofit food service account as of December 31, 2019 shall be required to establish or increase a price for paid lunches.  The Wausau School District Nutrition Services Department did have a positive fund balance in Fund 50 (Food Service Fund), as of December 31, 2019 and therefore, will not be increasing meal prices for the 2020-2021 SY.

The recommendation is that there should not be a paid meal price increase for the 2020-2021 SY, no action is necessary.

VIII.A.8. Approve 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan (Action Requested)

One of the requirements to establish and maintain a Long Term Capital Improvement Trust Fund (Fund 46) is Board approval of a capital improvement plan that is at least ten years in duration. The following motion and presented capital improvement plan fulfills this obligation and offers desired flexibility that will enable the district to leverage this tool to maintain and improve District buildings and grounds. 

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VIII.A.9. Transfer from Fund 10 to Fund 46 (Action Requested)
Presenter:  Bob Tess

The District’s Long­-Term Capital Improvement Trust Fund (Fund 46) may only be funded through transfer from the General Fund. Following establishment of such a trust fund in 2016, transfers may be made from the General Fund to Fund 46. With the understanding that any such transferred funds would become available five years from the creation of this fund (during 2021-22), administration recommends an amount of $450,000 to be transferred. This amount will be considered a shared cost for 2019-20 for purposes of calculating equalization aid for 2020-21. This will effectively increase shared costs for 2019-20 in a year when shared costs are lower because of the fluctuations in spending as a result of the pandemic.

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VIII.A.10. Employee Handbook Updates for 2020-21
Description:  There will be no changes to the Employee Handbook for 2020-21.
VIII.B. WIAA Renewal for 2020-21 (Action Requested)
Presenter:  Paul Weber
Description:   Paul Weber will present the annual renewal of the affiliation WSD has with the WIAA.
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VIII.C. Wausau School Board and District Position Statement Regarding Equity and Social Justice (Possible Action Requested)
Description:  The Board will discuss and potentially approve a joint statement from the Board of Education and the District regarding equity and social justice. 
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VIII.D. Reopening Options Considerations for 2020-21 School Year
Description:  Administration will present reopening options that are currently being considering.  The accompanying document explains the two reopening options and a possible addition to the options.  

Two disclaimers:
1. At this point there has not been a decision made on which option the District will utilize.  This document is informational only.
2. Things are changing daily.  The District may have to adjust the reopening plan before the school year starts.
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IX.A. Middle School Schedule Presentation
Presenter:  Paul Weber
Description:  Mr. Weber, Mr. Mancl and Dr. Phelps will present a review of the data related to the current middle school schedule.
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X.A. Board Member Professional Growth & Development Report
X.B. Legislative Liaison Update
X.C. Superintendent Commentary
X.D. Presiding Officer Commentary

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