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January 11, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting of the Governing Board

Description:  Members of the Board
Linda Yazzie - President
Claudia Jackson- Vice-President
Olivia Jaquez  
Ferral Knight
Craig Stuart

Robbie Koerperich, Superintendent
Casey Hancock
Janelle Chee
Jeri McKinnon
Kevin Fosburgh
Andrea Tomlin
Cheri Grau
Ryan Fraley
Shawn Tow
Victor Padilla
Jacob Baker
Jesus Luna
Ray McLaws
Consider approval of the minutes as submitted.
Description:  Approve the minutes of the December 15, 2021 regular Governing Board meeting as presented.
Description:  Recommendation:  Approve the agenda for the January 11, 2022 Governing Board meeting as presented.
V.A. Pursuant to Federal Public Law 103-382, Title 8 (Impact Aid), and the District's Indian Education Policy (IGAK), this call is for any member of our district. Those wishing to address the board are requested to email the executive secretary by 10 am on Tuesday, January 11, 2022  at  The public is cautioned about making statements against employees of the District that may be considered slanderous. A further reminder, the minutes of this meeting are public record and may be used in other proceedings. This is the time that the public may speak to the Governing Board on any issue including agenda items. Action taken as a result of public comment will be limited to directing staff to study the matter, or to reschedule the matter for further consideration and a decision at a later date if it is not already on the agenda. Comments under Call to Public will be limited to four minutes.
  • Grow AZ Presentation- Kathleen Smith and Linda Kor
  • Holbrook Junior High Student Council
    • Cocoa Sales
    • Holiday Competitions
    • Talent Show
    • Monthly Class Competitions
VII. PRINCIPALS' REPORTS- motion to approve the Principals' Reports as presented.
IX.A. Annual Review of Policy KF, KF-RA, KF-RB, KF-EA,KF-EB, KF-EC, and KF-ED Community Use of School Facilities-  Dr. Koerperich
Description:  Holbrook Unified School District Policy KF pertains to community use of school facilities. Annually, the Governing Board is to approve the fee schedule and usage policy for school facility use. The district is recommending to continue the policies and fees as presented. The policies and exhibits are included in the back-up materials.

Recommendation: Discussion and consideration to approve Policy KF, KF-RA, KF-RB, KF-EA, KF-EB, KF-EC and KF-ED as presented.
IX.B. Policy GCH Professional/Support Staff Orientation And Training First Reading- Dr. Koerperich
Description:  The Arizona School Board Association has recommended a new policy revision to Policy GCH Professional/Support Staff Orientation and Training.  The policy revision outlines the requirement that school districts may not require an employee to engage in and shall not use public monies for training, orientation, or therapy that presents blame or judgement on the basis of race, ethnicity or sex.  The policy is included in the back-up materials.

Recommendation: Discussion and consideration to approve Policy GCH Professional/Support Staff Orientation and Training for first reading as presented.
IX.C. Final Mile Facility Use Agreement- Dr. Koerperich
Description:  Holbrook USD #3 is participating in the Final Mile Project that will bring affordable, educational use internet to students in our district through Triad Wireless.  Triad Wireless is requesting the use of our facilities, specifically the tech center for server space and the tower at the District Office to install devices to reach the home.  Triad Wireless is requesting a Site Lease Agreement as presented in the back-up materials.  The Site Lease Agreement has undergone legal review.

Recommendation:  Discussion and consideration to approve the Site Lease Agreement with Triad Wireless as presented.
IX.D. HUSD #3 English Language Learner Assessment and Programs Administrative Procedure- Dr. Koerperich
Description:  The Holbrook School District is requesting Governing Board approval of an English Language Learner Assessment and Programs administrative procedure that outlines procedures for assessing English language learners and programs for students identified as English language learners.  The plan has been reviewed by the Arizona Department of Education.

Recommendation:  Discussion and consideration to approve the English Language Learner administrative procedure as presented.
IX.E. GoZen Social And Emotional Learning Program- Dr. Koerperich
Description:  Hulet and Park Elementary Schools are requesting a 60-day review of the social and emotional learning online subscription program GoZen.  This online social and emotional learning program will be used with individual students in grades K-5.  The 60-day review proposal is outlined in the back up material and will be posted on the HUSD #3 website under 60-day review materials.

Recommendation: Discussion and consideration to approve GoZen for a 60-day review as presented.
IX.F. Grow AZ College And Career Readiness Service Center Approval As Sole Source- Dr. Koerperich
Description:  The Holbrook School District is requesting Governing Board approval to designate Grow AZ as a sole source for providing college and career readiness services in the form of a college and career center at HHS.  Grow AZ will provide services during the spring semester two days a week for 4 hours a day.  The college and career services provided will include career exploration, interview prep, scholarship assistance, communication skills, resume writing, job search assistance and other college and career skills for HHS students.  The scope of work and contract proposal are included in the back-up materials.

Recommendation:  Discussion and consideration to approve Grow AZ as a sole source provider to develop a college and career center at HHS to provide college and career services as presented.
X. Consent Agenda
X.A. Personnel
X.A.1. Support Staff Employment- Hiring
Description:  Salazar, Felice - Hulet/Park A-Team
X.A.2. Support Staff Resignation/Retirement/Termination
Description:  Banford, Amy - Hulet/SPED Resignation
LaRose, Aaren - HJHS/SPED Paraprofessional Resignation
Straw, Lhindah - HHS Aide last day of employment Dec. 17, 2021
X.A.3. Certified Employment-Hiring
Description:  Adams, Nathan - HJHS Reduction in hours from full time to part-time.
LaRose, Aaren - HJHS Resident Sub
Liddle, Monica - HHS Substitute Teacher
Smith, Jennifer - IWES Teacher on Assignment
X.A.4. Certified Resignation/Retirement/Termination
Description:  McKinnon, Jeri - HHS Retirement
X.A.5. Extra Duty
Description:  Grau, Cheri - HJHS Daytime Custodial Supervisor
Haussman, Charles - HHS Daytime Custodial Supervisor
LaRose, Aaren - HHS Athletics Game Worker - Basketball
Tomlin, Andrea - IWES Custodial Supervisor
Tow, Nichole- Park Elementary Daytime Custodial Supervisor
Hollins, Rasheed- Hulet Elementary Daytime Custodial Supervisor
X.A.6. Volunteers
Description:  Baker, Scott - HJHS Sports Official 
Brown, Katy - Park/Hulet Parent Volunteer
Hager, Connor - HHS Basketball Coach / Driver
Moyte, Nicholas - HHS Volunteer Wrestling Coach
Self, James - HHS Musical Volunteer
Self, Kevin - HHS Musical Volunteer 
X.B. Professional Leave
Description:  Orton, Roni - Foundations in Reading Dyslexia Training, Virtual, Jan 19-20, 2021. No cost to the district. 

Koerperich, Deb - Foundations in Reading - Dyslexia Training, Virtual, Jan. 19-20, 2021. No cost to the district.

Layden, Laura - LETRS, Effective Literacy Instructions, Flagstaff, 01/08/22, 02/26/22, 04/30/22. Cost to the district, use of school vehicle.

Austria, Aira / Liddle, Monica - ACT Training - Reading, Tucson, AZ, Jan. 12-13, 2022. Cost to district $800.00.

Jackson, Sylvia - DBOSDA Winter Conference, Albuquerque, NM, 12/19/21 - 12/22/21. Cost to district $550 plus lodging. 

Hunsaker, Heidi - AMEA Conference, Mesa, AZ, Jan 28-29, 2022. Cost to district, $320.00.
X.C. Vouchers
X.C.1. Expense and Revolving Fund vouchers:
Description:  #2236    $69,402.11
#2237        7,557.33
#2238      77,896.47
#2239    132,708.85
#2240    229,268.65
#2241      42,518.52
#2242      69,600.74
Total     $628,952.67
X.C.2. Payroll and Expense vouchers:
Description:  #14            $676,113.51
#15              710,120.20
#16              153,205.83
#17             634,174.77
Total      $1,386,233.71
X.C.3. Personnel Pay
Description:  Nava, Angie - HJHS 301 Stipend $1,000.00

Bus Driver Attendance Dec. 2021 - $3820.00
X.D. Fundraisers
Description:  Football                Chris Starkey                 Feb. 1-18, 2022
Prepackaged Cinnamon Rolls    Estimated Earnings $3,000.

Baseball           Kendal Bakurza         Feb. 18 - March 4th, 2022
Hat/T-Shirt Sales                                Estimated Earnings $600.00

Baseball          Kendal Bakurza        Feb. 11-21, 2022
Cheesecake Sales              Estimated Earnings $2,000.

HJHS Student Council         Beth Plumb        Jan. 12 to Feb. 11, 2022
Valentine Sales, to be delivered on 02/14/22      Estimated Earnings $180
X.E. Gifts and Donations
Description:  Taylor, Chantelle - Hulet - Received from Donor's Choose, 1 Oculus Quest 2 128GB 3D virtual reality, 1 Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap, 1 Oculus Quest 2 Carrying case, 2 Cricut Transfer Sheets, 1 SGHUO 30 pcs Faux Leather Sheets, 1 YRYM HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl, 1 HTVRONT HTV Vinyl Rolls Heat Transfer Vinyl and some additional requested resources
X.F. Policy Adoptions
  • IJJ Textbook/Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption Final Reading
  • GDB Support Staff Contracts and Compensation Final Reading
X.G. Superintendent Performance Pay- no action necessary
Description:  Recommendation:  Approve consent agenda items and expense vouchers in items A, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, B, C, 1, 2, 3, D, E, F, and G as presented.  Detailed information for all District expenditures may be obtained by contacting the School District business office located at 1000 North 8th Avenue, P.O. Box 640, Holbrook, AZ 86025.  Phone 1-928-524-6144.
XI. Administrative/Board/Staff Report
Description:  ASBA Annual 
  • Dr. Koerperich, Member Jackson, Member Yazzie
XII. Executive Session
Description:  The Governing Board may enter into executive session pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431.03. The Governing Board may vote to enter into executive session on any item on this agenda for which an executive session is allowable.

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