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June 15, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting of the Governing Board

Description:  Members of the Board
Olivia Jaquez - President
Linda Yazzie - Vice President
Claudia Jackson
Ferral Knight
Craig Stuart

Robbie Koerperich, Superintendent
Casey Hancock
Janelle Chee
Jeri McKinnon
Kevin Fosburgh
Andrea Tomlin
Cheri Grau
Brian Gohl
Shawn Tow
Victor Padilla
Consider approval of the minutes as submitted.
Description:  Approve the minutes of the May 11, 2021, regular Governing Board meeting and May 25, 2021 special meeting as presented.
Description:  Recommendation:  Approve the agenda for the June 15, 2021 Governing Board meeting as presented.
V.A. Pursuant to Federal Public Law 103-382, Title 8 (Impact Aid), and the District's Indian Education Policy (IGAK), this call is for any member of our district. Those wishing to address the board can email the executive secretary by 10 am on Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at or can speak virtually and/or in person.  The public is cautioned about making statements against employees of the District that may be considered slanderous. A further reminder, the minutes of this meeting are public record and may be used in other proceedings. This is the time that the public may speak to the Governing Board on any issue including agenda items. Action taken as a result of public comment will be limited to directing staff to study the matter, or to reschedule the matter for further consideration and a decision at a later date if it is not already on the agenda. Comments under Call to Public will be limited to four minutes.
  1. Student Presentation on Summer Garden- Mrs. Peters and students
  2. Impact Aid Action Research- Mr. Hancock
  3. Parental Involvement Action Research- Mrs. Fields
  4. School Survey Results- Principals
Description:  No action necessary
IX.A. Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funding (ESSER III)- Dr. Koerperich
Description:  The Holbrook School District has been allocated ESSER III funds from the federal government to develop a safe return to school for SY 21-22.  The funds are allocated based on the school district's Title I status.  The funds are available until September 30, 2024.  We are requesting public input for the use of these funds to address a safe return to school and to address academic learning loss for HUSD #3.

Recommendation:  Discussion and consideration to take public comment for the use of ESSER III funds at HUSD #3.
IX.B. Indian Community Participation- Dr. Koerperich
Description:  Policy IHBJ outlines our District's responsibility to give tribal officials and parents of Indian students the opportunity to comment on the participation of Indian students on an equal basis in the school program. In addition, Policy KJG requires our District give an annual status report based on public school performance measurements to each Indian Nation with tribal lands located within district boundaries and governed by the Arizona Department of Education.  We are requesting to act upon these actions at this time.

Recommendation: Discussion and consideration to take public comments from the Indian Community according to Policy IHBJ. In addition, provide Governing Board recommendations to the district administration team based on public comments.
IX.C. Arizona Department Of Education 4-Day Week Letter For Indian Wells Elementary School Approval- Dr. Koerperich
Description:  HB 2862 repealed A.R.S. § 15-861, which authorized schools to operate on a 4-day week after two public governing board hearings.  Schools that previously approved and intend to operate on a 4-day week in FY 2022 without any other changes to the instructional model may provide the Department with a governing board-approved statement indicating that the governing board previously held two public meetings to adopt the 4-day week and plans to use a 4-day week as an instructional model going forward. We are requesting Governing Board approval to submit the governing board statement for Indian Wells Elementary School to operate on a 4-day school week as presented.

Recommendation: Discussion and consideration to approve the Governing Board statement pertaining to Indian Wells Elementary School operating on a 4-day week schedule to be sent to the Arizona Department of Education School Finance Department.
IX.D. Governing Board Meeting Dates For The 2021-2022 School Year - Dr. Koerperich
Description:  The Holbrook Unified School District Governing Board meets once a month to discuss and act upon school district business. We would like to recommend a schedule for meeting dates each month which generally fall on the second Tuesday of each month. A detailed list of meetings dates is included in the back up materials.

Recommendation: Discussion and possible action pertaining to approval of Governing Board meeting dates for the 2021-2022 school year.
IX.E. Governing Board Conferences for 2021-2022 Dr. Koerperich
Description:  The Arizona School Board Association offers training throughout the school year. We would like Governing Board approval to allow our Governing Board members, Superintendent and our Board Secretary to attend the ASBA conferences during the 2021-2022 school year as outlined in the back-up materials.
Recommendation: Discussion and consider to approve all Governing Board Members, Superintendent, and Executive Secretary to attend all ASBA sponsored conferences during the 2021-2022 school year.
IX.F. Out Of State Travel West Ed Board Meetings- Dr. Koerperich
Description:   Dr. Koerperich is requesting out of state travel to attend West Ed Board meetings in California during the months of October, January, April and July.  All reimbursable expenses will be paid through West Ed.

Recommendation:  Discussion and consideration to approve out of state travel for Dr. Koerperich to attend West Ed Board meetings in October, January, April and July.
IX.G. Superintendent Performance Pay- Dr. Koerperich
Description:  Arizona Revised Statute 15-341 A. (40), added a performance pay element to all Superintendent’s contracts requiring up to twenty percent of the Superintendent’s salary to be classified as performance pay. I would like to recommend a review of this year's Superintendent's performance pay.

Recommendation: Review Dr. Koerperich's performance pay goals and consideration of performance pay outcomes.
IX.H. Special Services Consortium (SSC) Agreement To Accept Services Addendum- Dr. Koerperich
Description:  The Holbrook School District is recommending an addendum to increase the Special Services Consortium Agreement with Navajo County to provide services at HUSD #3.  The Holbrook School District is requesting to increase Physical Therapist days by twenty-six (26) additional days due to caseload. This will be an increase of $17,030. The addendum is included in the back-up materials.

Recommendation:  Discussion and consideration to approve the Special Services Consortium Agreement addendum as presented.
IX.I. Holbrook High School Handbook Addendum For SY 21-22- Dr. Koerperich
Description:  Holbrook High School is requesting an addendum to the SY 21-22 HHS handbook.  The handbook addendum includes classroom use of cell phone guidelines and an addition of a parking lot policy which requires all drivers that uses the high school parking lot to possess a valid Arizona driver's license.  The handbook addendum items are included in the back up materials.

Recommendation:  Discussion and consideration to approve the SY 21-22 HHS handbook addendum items as presented.
IX.J. School Counseling Services Request For Proposal (RFP) #21-04-26 Approval- Dr. Koerperich
Description:  The Holbrook School District solicited bids for counseling service for Indian Wells Elementary School and Holbrook Junior High School. The request for proposal is completed with one respondent, Arizona Psychological Services.  The RFP is renewable each year up to five years.  We are requesting Governing Board approval to award the proposal to Arizona Psychological Services for SY 21-22 counseling services.  The bid proposal is included in the back-up materials.

Recommendation:  Discussion and consideration to award RFP #21-04-26 to Arizona Psychological Services for SY 21-22 with the option to renew annually.
IX.K. IFB 21-05-22 For Air Quality Devices HUSD #3 Bid Selection Approval- Dr. Koerperich
Description:  Holbrook USD #3 has submitted an Invitation for Bids (IFB) for air quality devices.  The IFB was submitted on Friday, June 4th via a sealed bid process.  HUSD #3 is requesting the Governing Board authorize Superintendent Koerperich to award the bid, to be opened on June 17, 2021, to the lowest-responsive bidder.  The authorization will allow HUSD #3 to order the devices to be received by July 19, 2021

Recommendation:  Discussion and consideration to approve Superintendent Koerperich to award the bids for IFB 21-05-22 For Air Quality Devices to the lowest-responsive bidder aligned to the Invitation For Bids as outlined in the back up materials.
X. Consent Agenda
X.A. Personnel
X.A.1. Support Staff Employment- Hiring
Description:  Horacio Luna - Computer Specialist I
Velma Winslow - Cafeteria Substitute Worker
Debbie McKee - Cafeteria Substitute Worker
Teri Tafoya - Retiree Work for Insurance, Cafeteria Substitute Worker
Patricia Moore - Cafeteria Substitute Worker
Theresa Fewell - Cafeteria Substitute Worker
Shivanna Jake - Cafeteria Student Worker
Maxine Tsosie - Cafeteria Substitute Worker 
Amanda Terry - Park / Hulet Temporary Summer A-Team 
Ernest Ross - Transportation Driver Training Class
Jonathon Jensen - Transportation Driver Training Class
Jennifer Ruskin - Transportation Driver Training Class
Theresa Fewell - Transportation Driver Training Class
Jacquelyn Saxton - Transfer from Clerical Assistant to Secretary to Superintendent
X.A.2. Support Staff Resignation/Retirement/Termination
Description:  Patsy Barela - Hulet - Daycare Assistant Retirement
Christopher White - Junior High - High Needs Paraprofessional Resignation 
Reanna Chee - Hulet High Needs Paraprofessional Resignation
X.A.3. Certified Employment-Hiring
Description:  Dan Nielson - Retiree Work for Insurance
Connie McPherson - Retiree Work for Insurance
Virginia Lindsey - Retiree Work for Insurance
Noel Reimer - IW 4th Grade Teacher
X.A.4. Certified Resignation/Retirement/Termination
Description:  Ben Coppolo - HS - Resignation Head Chess Coach  
Elizabeth Davis - Park - Resignation First Grade Teacher 
Judy Soto- Contract expiration
X.A.5. Extra Duty
Description:  Sarah Meeks - HS Summer Enrichment
Kyle Gardner - HS Summer Enrichment
Steve Carbonneau - HS Summer Enrichment
Lelia Demuth - HS Summer Enrichment
Michael Burks - HS Summer Enrichment
Dwayne Hawk - HS Summer Enrichment
Carmelita Long - IW Summer School Para
Sarah Chee - IW Summer School Para
Erika Sam - IW Summer School Para
Walter Ray McLaws - Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Julia Fairbanks - PreK SPED Summer Child Find
Amanda Remos - PreK SPED Summer Child Find
Stephanie Bridegam - IW SPED ESY
Cindy McDaniel - Hulet STEM Garden ESSER Summer School
Stephanie Peters - Hulet STEM Garden ESSER Summer School
Jessica Paz - HS Assistant Girls Basketball Coach
X.A.6. Volunteers
Description:  Leslie Baldonado - HS Volleyball
Jose Quezada - HS Assistant Soccer Coach
X.B. Professional Leave
Description:  Dr. Koerperich, Dr. McKinnon, Mr. Fosburgh, Ms. Tomlin, Ms. Grau - Flagstaff, ASA Summer Conference 6/7-8/21. Estimated cost $1,525 + district vehicle. 
Shawn Tow and Casey Hancock - Flagstaff, Vendor Show - Bus Technology, June 23.  Estimated cost district vehicle.
X.C. Vouchers
X.C.1. Expense and Revolving Fund vouchers:
Description:  #2155      94,755.71
#2156    245,204.53
#2157    289,062.40
#2158        1,132.23
X.C.2. Payroll and Expense vouchers:
Description:    #27  $755,245.02
  #28  $1,399,860.64
  #29  $146,577.41   
Total  $2,301,683,07
X.C.3. Personnel Pay
Description:  Elizabeth Self - Park - AMEA professional development $500
Annual Leave Buy Back for 15 Employees - $21,500.85
HS Dual Enrollment - $5,945.00
X.D. Fundraisers
Description:  HS Spiritline                                 Kassy Grabowski                     
Bake Sale. Estimated earnings will be $325.00     5/17-21/21
Car Wash.  Estimated earnings will be $400.00     5/22/21 
T-shirt sales.  Estimated earnings will be $400.00.     5/29-6/11/21
Cornhole tournament.  Estimated earnings will be $500.00.     6/5/21
X.E. Gifts and Donations
X.F. Policy Adoptions
X.G. Superintendent Performance Pay- no action necessary
Description:  Recommendation:  Approve consent agenda items and expense vouchers in items A, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, B, C, 1, 2, 3, D, E, F, and G as presented.  Detailed information for all District expenditures may be obtained by contacting the School District business office located at 1000 North 8th Avenue, P.O. Box 640, Holbrook, AZ 86025.  Phone 1-928-524-6144.
XI. Administrative/Board/Staff Report
State budget report update
Summer projects
SY 21-22 planning
XII. Executive Session
Description:  The Governing Board may enter into executive session pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431.03. The Governing Board may vote to enter into executive session on any item on this agenda for which an executive session is allowable.

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