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February 18, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting of the Board of Education

Description:  Meeting is called to order with present board
1.1. Establish Quorum, and swear in newly elected board members along with Reorganization of the board.
Description:  Verbal roll call is taken and a quorum is established with 3 or more Board members present
1.2. Excused Absence
Description:  Chairman may excuse absent Board of Education members, per Board Bylaw 9121(a) which was approved at the 12-17-98 Board of Education meeting.  Board members may call in absences to the Chairman or Superintendent's Office; also, the Board Chair determines whether an absence is excused or unexcused.
Description:  This item is allowed under Robert's Rules of Order as parliamentary procedure to allow for items to be added which have come up since the preparation of the agenda.
  • Most items can be handled under - Hearing of Individuals and/or Groups or under - Items of Information and Discussion.  These can later be placed on the next special or regular meeting of the Board for further discussion or action.  This does not take Board action, as there is no real change of the agenda.  Also, your policy does not allow for Board action on added items [BP 9322(a)].
  • Certain items could be placed under specific non-action items such as Consent Agenda Acceptance of communications.
  • Items cannot be placed under Consent Agenda Approval, Other Action Items, or New Business for action.
This agenda item was prepared by the Superintendent and Board Chair under Policy BB 9322[a].
Attachments: (1)
Attachments: (1)
3.1. Metlakatla Education Association President John Hudson
3.2. Board of Education Student Rep. Report
3.3. Other: - Call to the audience
Description:  Please keep in mind that the 3 Minute Rule is in Effect
  1. Once recognized by the Board President you will have 3 minutes to speak, and will not have a second turn until everyone has had an opportunity to speak.
  2. On a call to the audience, the Board may listen to your commentary, but may not address the issue, or make any ruling on your area of interest.
  3. During a call to the audience, you may not call people names, or make accusations, or slander individuals or groups.  Please state your ideas without attacking anyone or the Board President will ask you to come to order and ask you to stop talking.
Thank you and we appreciate your participation.
4. Reports
4.1. Mary Donaldson, Elementary School Principal 
4.2. Shannon Hudson, Middle School Principal & Curriculum Report 
4.3. Roy Reynolds High School Principal 
4.4. Adam Krick Athletic & Tech 
4.5. M. Taw Lindsey, Superintendent 
5.1. Ashley Coila -Business Manager's Budget Expense Report
5.2. Board of Education Minutes Regular Meeting of the BOE 1.21.2020
5.3. Resignation Letters
6. ACTION ITEMS  The “Action Items” portion of the agenda is used for personnel and other issues that have been discussed in previous meetings and are now ready for Board of Education Action.  [i.e., policy readings, budget hearings, call for bids, etc.]
6.1. 1st Reading Adoption of BP 6114.4 Pandemic/Epidemic Emergencies 
6.2. 1st Reading BP 3300 Expenditures 
6.3. 1st Reading BP 3310 Purchasing Procedures 
6.4. 1st Reading BP 3311 Bids
6.5. Final Reading Article 0, Series 0000
Description:  BP 0100, BP 0410, BP 0420 Philosophy-Goals-Objectives and Comprehensive Plans 
Attachments: (3)
6.6. Final Reading Updated BP 3401-District Investment Policy 
Attachments: (1)
6.7. Tenured Certified Teachers
Description:  Kathy Anderson, Chelsea Cook, Jeannie Lindsey, Jennifer McCarty, Javan Cook, Shauna Martinez, Joshua Gifford, Sally Hayward, John Hudson, Adam Krick, Chelsea Martinez, Tony Scott
6.8. FY 21 Exempt Employees 
Description:  Cameron Benson, Roberta 'Anne' Clark, Charlene Jimenez, Brittany Hayward, Ashley Scott
6.9. FY 21 Administration 
Description:  Middle School Principal/Curriculum Director Shannon Hudson, Athletic Director/Administration Assistant Adam Krick  
6.10. Paraprofessional
Description:  Savannah Johnson-Duncan
6.11. Food Service 
Description:  Richelle Johnson
6.12. LCG Lantech work order
Description:  Planning site development project near and around CTE building 
Attachments: (1)
Description:  A Call For Adjournment
Attachments: (1)
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