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July 11, 2012 at 8:30 AM - Organizational/Special Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Roll Call of the Board of Education
III. Recognition of Visitors
IV. Approval of the Agenda
V. Correspondence
VI. Election of Officers
VI.1. President
VI.2. Vice President
VI.3. Treasurer
VI.4. Secretary
VII. Organization of the Board
VII.1. Establish Time, Place, Dates of Regular Meeting
VII.1.a. 8:30 a.m.
Helen L. Hamler Administrative Building, Montcalm Area Career Center, Seiter Education Center, MAISD Bus Garage
August 8, 2012
September 12, 2012
October 10, 2012
November 14, 2012
December 12, 2012
January 9, 2013
February 13, 2013
March 13, 2013
April 10, 2013
May 8, 2013
June 26, 2013
VIII. Authorization of Signatures
VIII.1. Board President
VIII.2. Dr. Scott Koenigsknecht
VIII.3. Ron Simon
IX. Designate Depository for District Funds
IX.1. Chemical Bank Montcalm
IX.2. Fifth Third Bank
X. Designate the Electronic Transfer Officer as per Board Policy
X.1. Associate Superintendent of Finance
XI. Designate School Attorneys
XI.1. Varnum, Riddering, Schmidt & Howlett (labor relations, employee contracts)
XI.2. Thrun, Maatsch & Nordberg (bonding, millages, etc.)
XI.3. LaPointe & Associates (special education)
XII. Designate Representative and Alternate to MASB Legislative Relations Liaison
XIII. Designate Representative and Alternate to Montcalm County School Board Association
XIV. Administrative Reports/Comments/Information Items
XIV.1. Career Technical Education Report – Celena Mills
XIV.1.a. Approval of Student Handbook and Staff Building Guidelines for the 2012-2013 School Year
XIV.2. Special Education Report – Katie Flynn
XIV.2.a. Food Service Vendor for 2012-2013 School year
XIV.3. General Education Report – Michelle Goodwin
XIV.4. Superintendent’s Report – Dr. Scott Koenigsknecht
XIV.4.a. Organizational Chart
XV. Consent Agenda
XV.1. Approval of the Budget Hearing and Regular Meeting Minutes held June 28, 2012
XVI. Approve/Disapprove Invoices for Payment
XVII. Approve/Disapprove Personnel Resignation/New Hires as presented by Superintendent
XVII.1. RESIGNATION:  Andrea Burns, hired as the new CTE English Language Arts Instructor withdrew on June 29, 2012
XVII.2. NEW HIRE:  Ashley Reisbig, CTE English Language Arts Instructor, effective August 23, 2012
XVII.3. NEW HIRE: Dee Evans, Transportation Director, effective July 23, 2012
XVIII. Approve/Disapprove the CTE Student Handbook and Staff Building Guidelines for the 2012-2013 School Year
XIX. Approve/Disapprove the Contract Renewal for Central Montcalm Public Schools as the Food Service Vendor for the 2012-2013 School Year
XX. Approve/Disapprove Job Title Changes to the MAISD Organizational Chart
XXI. Information and Discussion Items for Future Meetings
XXII. Adjournment

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