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May 9, 2012 at 8:30 AM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Roll Call of the Board of Education
III. Recognition of Visitors
III.1. Deb Koepke, Special Education Supervisor
IV. Public Participation
V. Approval of the Agenda
VI. Correspondence
VII. Administrative Reports/Comments/Information Items
VII.1. General Education Report – Michelle Goodwin
VII.2. Career Technical Education Report – Paula Fortino
VII.2.a. Out of State Travel
VII.2.b. Donations to the Welding Program and Health Sciences Program
VII.3. Special Education Report – Katie Flynn
VII.3.a. The Special Edition May 2012
VII.3.b. School Improvement Brochure
VII.4. Superintendent’s Report – Dr. Scott Koenigsknecht
VII.4.a. First Reading of New and Revised Polices:  1220; 1241; 1443; 3139; 3140; 3142; 5510; 7530.01; 7540.03; 7540.04; 8330; 8470 and 9700
VII.4.b. Contract for Associate Superintendent of CTE/MACC Principal
VII.4.c. CASair Lease
VIII. Consent Agenda
VIII.1. Approval of Regular Meeting Minutes held April 11, 2012
VIII.2. Approval of over-night conference requests for Leslie Bragdon, Marty Combs and Derek Cooley to Traverse City for June 27-29, 2012; Tom Staten to Traverse City for June 26-29, 2012; Colleen Norton, Derek Cooley, Kim Beardslee, Laura McGannon, Michele Ludtke and Cheri Cramer to Traverse City for June 18-20, 2012; Derek Cooley, Leslie Bragdon and Katie Flynn to Traverse City for August 12-15, 2012
VIII.3. Approval of Out-of-State Travel for Sid Ehlert to Salt Lake City, Utah for July 18-21, 2012
VIII.4. Approve Donation of 25 Welding Jackets valued at $1,000 to the Welding Program, 12 from Perry Hill and 13 from Lincoln Electric Company
VIII.5. Approve Donation of sheets, pillowcases, gowns and a robe valued at $100.00 to the Health Sciences Program from Sheridan Community Hospital
IX. Approve/Disapprove Personnel /Retirements as presented by Superintendent                     
IX.1. David Tiesworth, Special Education Teacher, Retirement effective June 30, 2012
IX.2. Sharon Yanke, Para Educator, Retirement, effective June 30, 2012
IX.3. Rosalee Hull, Transportation Supervisor, Retirement effective June 30, 2012
X. Approve/Disapprove Invoices for Payment
XI. Approve/Disapprove the 2012-2013 Contract for the Associate Superintendent of CTE/MACC Principal
XII. Approve/Disapprove entering into Executive Session for Contract Negotiations
XIII. Information and Discussion Items for Future Meetings
XIV. Adjournment

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