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May 17, 2012 at 7:30 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance
II. Roll Call
III. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings
III.D. Regular and Closed Minutes of the Regular  Board Meeting of Thursday April 19, 2012
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VII. Financial Reports
VII.H. Treasurer's Report
Attachments: (1)
VII.J. Approval of Bills and Payroll
Attachments: (4)
VII.O. All Other Financial Reports
VII.O.16. Comparison of Funds - March 2011 with March 2012
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VII.O.18. Monthly Financial Report
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VII.O.20. Other
XXI. Communication
XXI.V. Thank You from Diana Woods
XXIII. Recognition and Comments from Employees and Public
XXIII.X. Recognition of Recording Secretary
XXIII.Y. Recognition of ERMS Students
XXVI. Administrative Report
XXVI.AA. Superintendent's Report
XXVI.AA.28. Comparison of Projected Tax Rate and Actual Tax Rate for 2011
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XXVI.AA.30. Financial Update/Review
XXVI.AA.31. Graduations
XXVI.AF. Assistant Superintendent's Report
XXVI.AG. Administrative Reports
XXVI.AG.34. ERES - Suzanne Hahn
Attachments: (1)
XXVI.AG.36. ERES - Cris Edwards
XXVI.AG.37. ERMS-Andrew Thomann
Attachments: (1)
XXVI.AG.39. ERHS - Chris Simpson
Attachments: (1)
XXVI.AG.41. ERHS - Chad LeCrone
XXVI.AG.42. Special Education - Mick Whittler
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XLIV. Unfinished Business
XLV. New Business
XLV.AT. Approve CNA Agreement with Richland Memorial Hospital
XLV.AV. Review and Approve Hazardous Conditions with Regard to Transporation
Attachments: (1)
XLV.AX. Approve Changes in 2012-2013 Student Handbooks
LI. Policies for First Reading
LI.AZ. 2:200 School Board - Types of Meetings
Attachments: (1)
LI.BB. 2:250 Board of Education - Access To District's Public Records
Attachments: (1)
LI.BD. 2:260 Board of Education - Uniform Grievance Procedure
Attachments: (1)
LI.BF. 3:60 General School Administration - Administrative Responsibility of the Building Principal
LI.BH. 4:80 Operational Services - Accounting and Audits
Attachments: (1)
LI.BJ. 4:110 Operational Services - Transportation
Attachments: (1)
LI.BL. 5:10 General Personnel - Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Recruitment
Attachments: (1)
LI.BN. 5:30 General Personnel - Hiring Process and Criteria
Attachments: (1)
LI.BP. 5:190 Professional Personnel - Teacher Qualifications
Attachments: (1)
LI.BR. 5:200 Professional Personnel - Terms and Conditions of Employment and Dismissal
Attachments: (1)
LI.BT. 6:60 Instruction - Curriculum Content
Attachments: (1)
LI.BV. 6:150 Instruction - Home and Hospital Instruction
Attachments: (1)
LI.BX. 6:280 Instruction - Grading and Promotion
Attachments: (1)
LI.BZ. 7:20 Students - Harassment of Students Prohibited
Attachments: (1)
LI.CB. 7:100 Students Health, Eye and Dental Examinations, Immunizations, Birth Certificates and Exclusion
LI.CD. 7:190 Students - Student Discipline
Attachments: (1)
LI.CF. 7270: Students - Administering Medicines to Students
Attachments: (1)
LI.CH. 7:305 Students - Student Athlete Concussions and Head Injuries
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LXXXVIII. Executive Session
LXXXVIII.CK. To Consider Information Regarding Appointment, Employment or Dismissal of Individual Employees
LXXXVIII.CL. To Discuss Matters of Student Discipline
LXXXVIII.CM. To Consider  Matters of Negotiations
LXXXVIII.CN. To Consider Matters of Probable or Imminent Litigation
LXXXVIII.CO. To Discuss Matters of Closed Session Minutes
XCIV. Resignations for the Purpose of Retirement
XCIV.CQ. Business/Computer Teacher
XCVI. Other Resignations
XCVIII. Employment
XCVIII.CU. Reduction in Force
XCVIII.CV. Bus Mechanic
XCVIII.CX. Approve Volunteer Coaches
XCVIII.CZ. Re-assignment of Certified Employees
CV. Approve Leave of Absence
CV.DB. Family Leave for ERES Teacher
CV.DC. Family Leave for ERMS Teacher
CV.DD. Family Leave for ERHS Teacher
CIX. Approve Sick Day Reimbursement
CX. Closed Minutes
CX.DG. Perusal of Closed Session Minutes
CX.DN. Approve Destruction of Closed Session Audio Recording of the Regular Rescheduled Meeting of  November 16, 2010
CXX. Adjourn

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