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June 16, 2016 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order, Roll Call, Declaration of Quorum, and Moment of Silence
II. Public Comment, Open Forum
III. Information Items / Reports
III.A. Superintendent's Report
III.A.1. School Housing / Grounds  / Buildings
III.A.2. District Announcements / Information
Attachments: (1)
III.A.2.a. July Calendar
Attachments: (1)
III.A.2.b. Summer School
III.A.3. Board Training
Description:  August 8
III.A.3.a. Tax Rate & Budget Training  in August 6, 2016
III.A.3.b. ESC 19 Board Training Dates; July 16 or July 30
III.B. DCISD Appraisal Board Representative Report
IV. Information Items
Attachments: (1)
IV.A. 2016-2017 Substitute Handbook
IV.B. 2016-2017 Employee Handbook
IV.C. 2016-2017 Student Handbook
IV.D. Finance Reports
Attachments: (1)
IV.D.1. M&O Reserve Fund
Attachments: (2)
IV.D.2. Student Organization Fund
Attachments: (2)
IV.D.3. Check Register
Attachments: (1)
IV.D.4. First Public Statement
Attachments: (1)
IV.D.5. FROST Statement
Attachments: (1)
IV.E. Tax Reports
Attachments: (4)
V. Consent Agenda Items
V.A. Approval of Minutes: May 18, 2016
Attachments: (1)
V.B. Textbook Procedures Manual
Attachments: (1)
V.C. Alamagordo Municipal School District Agreement
Description:  Agreement for Services of transfer students from NM to DCISD
Attachments: (1)
V.D. Preliminary Tax Value for 2016
Attachments: (1)
VI. Board Agenda Items
VI.A. Consideration and Possible Action on Adopting Board Members Rules of Conduct
Description:  This was given to board members last month to review.  
Attachments: (1)
VI.B. Update Signature Cards with Sierra Blanca Bank- Pecos
VI.C. Consideration and Possible Action on TASB Advocacy Resolution to Support ESCs Funding
Attachments: (1)
VI.D. Consideration and Possible Action on 2016-2017 Student Code Of Conduct
Attachments: (2)
VI.E. Consideration and Possible Action on purchase, exchange, lease or value of real property [This item may be discussed in closed session pursuant to Section 551.072]
VI.F. Consideration and Possible Action on cost of living stipend
Description:  This stipend will only be paid to employees who are new to the district as of 2016-2017 school year and meet the following criteria: (1) Unable to live in school rental property due to unavailable housing, (2) They will rent housing in Dell City and must provide lease agreement, (3) Stipend will be paid in one lump sum in August 2017 paycheck.
VI.G. Personnel (Resignations, Assignments, Terminations)
VI.G.1. Professional Staff Resignations
VI.G.2. Professional Staff Employment Offers
VII. Comments from Board Members
VIII. Confirmation of Next Meeting Date- July 14, 2016 Regular 
IX. Adjournment
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