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January 14, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Regular Board of Education Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Reception of Guests and Public Communications
“A board meeting is a business meeting that is conducted in front of the public, but not a meeting of the public” (Illinois Association of School Boards, 2013). Those who wish to address the Board during the business meeting may do so during this portion of the meeting."
5. Approval of Bills for Payment - $ 46,178.68
6. Consent Agenda
6.1. Approval of December 10, 2020 Regular Meeting Minutes, December 10, 2020 Closed Meeting Minutes, December 16, 2020 Tax Levy Hearing, December 16, 2020 Special Meeting Minutes, December 16 Closed Meeting Minutes
6.2. Approval of Payroll                            
Education Fund                                 $ 286,939.08
Building Fund                                    $  21,902.40 
Transportation Fund                         $  11,965.18
Total                                                  $ 320,806.66 
6.3. Approve NES and NJSHS Activity Accounts
6.4. Approve Second Reading of Proposed Policy Updates
6.5. Accept Donations
Description:  Nothing to report at this time.
7. Consider a Motion to Approve Intergovernmental Agreement with the Effingham Regional Career Academy and Approve Letter of Support for Grant
8. Consider a Motion to Partner with R.I.S.E. to Submit USDA Grant
Description:  RISE and USDA Grant - We have an opportunity to participate in a grant program through the USDA that would provide some really high-end video conferencing equipment at about 15% of the cost to the district.  Our cost should be in the $8,500-$9,000 range for a static system valued at $59,200 retail.  A mobile system would cost us about $5300 out of pocket and has a retail value of $37,500.  We could purchase just one system or both. About 40 school districts in Illinois are participating including Altamont, Martinsville, Cowden-Herrick, Windsor, Oblong, Ramsey, St. Elmo, and Mt. Vernon High School. 
This equipment could be used in a variety of ways including dual credit offerings, advanced placement offerings, virtual field trips, etc.  However, I think we should look at it as more of an insurance policy.  I am concerned that we will run into a situation that we will have difficulty replacing a position one day (HS math, Spanish, science, English, etc.).  This equipment will give us the tools needed if we have to share a teacher with another district in order to provide our students with the class offerings they need.  As we progress in the process, I will keep you posted.  Right now, we are considering placing the equipment in the room where junior high health and Spanish classes are held as it is used less than half a day. 
9. Discussion of TIF Application and Facility Needs in the School District
Description:  See attached documents.
10. Information and Administrative Reports
10.1. Superintendent's Report
10.2. Elementary Principal's Report
10.3. Junior-Senior High Principal's Report
10.4. AD/Dean of Students' Report
11. Review Monthly Cash Flow Report
12. Closed Session for Exception 1, the employment compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees of the public body; Exception 2, Collective bargaining matters between the school board and its employees or their representatives, or deliberations concerning salary schedules for one or more classes of employees; Exception 11, Pending litigation
Description:  Exception 1:  We would like to discuss plans for the position held by Mr. Bear.  We have one internal applicant.  Her letter and resume are included.  I do want to be sure that we can find a replacement for 5th grade that is at least equal to the job Ms. Judd is doing there.  I am recommending that we search for the 5th-grade teacher.  If we are comfortable with a replacement, we can hire both positions at the same meeting.  Ms. Judd is not technically licensed for this position.  She would need to take classes to be middle level endorsed and would need additional classes to be licensed to teach technology.  I would propose that we come up with an MOU with the NTA to assist her in paying for these classes.

I checked with Dennis Weedman regarding the position Mary Sue Cardinal is holding.  He says will have to do a Reduction in Force resolution at the February or March meeting.  I have asked him to prepare the resolution and appropriate notices for Mrs. Cardinal to be acted upon at the February meeting.  The resolution will state that she is being returned to a paraprofessional position.

Kevin Haarman has formally requested to participate in the Tuition Reimbursement program.  His letter is included in the packet.

I will have a Letter of Retirement from Reeni Letizia by the Board meeting.

Jean Hunziker as speech substitute at $200 per day.
Abby Stevens - increase days to meet the needs of speech students.

Exception 2:  MOU for short-term substitute training with NTA .

I think we need to consider an MOU with the NTA regarding the COVID days we decided to provide.  I have been discussing this with Dennis Weedman.

13. Approve MOU's with the Neoga Teachers Association
Description:  In order to use substitutes for that have less than a Bachelor's Degree, we are required to come up with a training plan with our teacher union. The ROE is helping with this by providing the proper training. The MOU is attached.
14. Hire Personnel
Description:  Jean Hunziker as speech substitute at $200 per day.
Abby Stevens - increase days to meet the needs of speech students.
15. Accept Resignations
Description:  Retirement of Reeni Letizia effective at the end of the 2024-2025 School Year.
16. Approve Volunteers
17. Agenda Items for Future Meetings
18. Adjourn
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